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Dear Friends, Strangers and Cyberspacers,

I noticed that I’ve been quite bad at updating this beautiful blog. I’ve always believed that it’s a joint effort between myself and the interviewees, … 184 more words


Letters: Winter chill ushers in humour; and other topics

Re: A farewell to February, you cold and miserable month, Feb. 28.

Bruce Deachman’s article states the suffering we’ve been through this past month due to the continual extreme cold. 253 more words


To the girl who laughed at me whilst getting my photograph taken...

This photo…

It was at the One Fine Day Wedding Fair, while my sister was taking a photo of me in my Diana Kotb shirt. Me, who hates being photographed, who is totally awkward at ‘posing’ (see above) and is also in the PBB stage. 600 more words


Day 13 #40daysofhijab

I have completed Day 13 and it was great. Most of the day was “normal”, but this evening I was able to hang out with three friends that I had previously worked with at the local Islamic school. 722 more words

2# Thats what I think: Hijab outfit

Hey love’s,
Its time for another:
Thats what I think!
Jeey but this time in the version hijab/hadscarf outfit!

Hijab outfit, I  gonna look to the hijab how its combined with the hijab and stuff. 277 more words


Tips Memilih Baju Sesuai Bentuk Tubuh untuk Hijabers

Sekarang ini hijab menjadi tren di kalangan masyarakat, seiring berkembanganya tren hijab masyarakatpun harus pas memilih baju yang akan dikenakan denga hijabnya tersebut. Jika selama ini Anda bingung untuk memilih model baju atau kerudung yang pas dengan bentuk tubuh, tips-tips yang dilansir dari buku “Jangan Jadi Muslimah Nyebelin” karya Asma Nadia ini akan sangat membantu Anda. 360 more words


Words From A Canadian Born Muslim Mother

As a Canadian born Muslim mother, I inform my daughter that she should embrace her Canadian nationality, and she does. Furthermore, I teach my daughter to celebrate the diversity that exists within our multicultural country and to appreciate the beauty of individuality that exists amongst Canadians, and she does.  907 more words