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On Hijab, Tolerance and Choice

Hola! Okay, so I am not going to apologize for the fact that my last blog post was back in January. I have finally accepted that I am a crazy workaholic who will always put work before anything else and that this blog will most probably never be consistent. 772 more words


Story Time with Paria: Episode Two

Behold! a story from the Sevynthe Grayde

That worst of all grades, a time of great Darkness and Despair in a young person’s life, particularly when they decide to wear hijab to school for the first time, and most particularly when they are the only Muslim person in a school of 900 white baptists, 99 white Catholics and 1 white kid who claims to be a satanist but really he just likes cutting his hair diagonally and listening to MCR. 244 more words

Story Time

What it means to be a ‘free hair’ in a predominantly Muslim society

This is an edited version of a conference and seminar paper presented at the National University of Singapore in March 2016 and Australian National University in April 2016: 2,024 more words


Zigzag turban hijab style.

Zigzag turban hijab style.

Two plain maxi hijab is used, red and black.

Make the hijab look more interesting by adding your favourite head piece, earring will also work. 67 more words

Style And Fashion

Our Engagement

Salah satu syarat pernikahan adalah lamaran. Karena jika sudah lamaran, ke depannya akan lebih jelas dalam persiapannya. Jadi lebih enak juga buat booking-booking vendornya.

Nah, biasanya kan lamaran dulu baru nentuin tanggal dan baru cari vendor, ya… Tapi kalau aku lamarannya justru ditengah-tengah persiapannya. 407 more words

Hijab Style

Minister Yaacob reminded us all again why he is the Minister-in-Charge for Muslim Affairs.

To all those who has ever called him Jaacob Abraham . . . .

Throughout history, Muslims in every society have been developing their own way of applying the principles of Islam within the lived realities of their time. 614 more words


South-Asia meets West!

Welcome back once again,

I get overly excited about transition seasons. I am so excited about this year’s trend, super hijabafied (hijab friendly). It’s almost like South-Asian tops with jeans. 70 more words