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The Hijab 

The day I decided to wear the hijab full time was probably the worst day to begin. I had been Muslim for about 3 years now, completed college and started my first job as a personal trainer. 308 more words


People around me

Lately I got asked a lot what were my experiences after the new president came.
Well in this post I’m going to tell you what I’ve been through. 553 more words


Cara Menggunakan Jilbab Untuk Berbagai Acara

Kia tahu bahwa jilbab mejadi pelengka untuk kita bisa menutup aurat sehingga aurat kita tidak terlihat orang lain. Jika melihat di pasar mall ataupub toko online mudah kita jumpai berbagai macam atau jenis model jilbab yang cantik menarik dan indah yang biasanya di pakai oleh anak muda ataupun ibu ibu. 230 more words


Hijab Kekinian

“Udah pakai hijab bagus, tapi kok bentuk muka gini-gini aja ya. Malah nggak proporsional.” 636 more words


Naz Smyth on Hijab: To Ban or Not to Ban

As early as 2010, France has been in litigation over banning face coverings, wrote Naz Smyth. That year, a law passed that face covering headgear such as masks, balaclavas, niqabs, and burkas were banned from the streets of France. 809 more words


How to plan a vacation for Gulf?

It is important to know the country before visiting, as you might have to face some challenges, which you would have never faced before. Every country follows different rules and terms regarding living, and it is important to adapt to the local rules and terms while enjoying the stay. 265 more words