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Pesona Anggota Survive Lombok Wetan-2016

31 satu kepala dengan 31 kepribadian yang berbeda-beda di satukan dalam satu kondisi yang sama dalam lingkungan yang sama dan dengan segala keterbatasan yang sama.


fashion likes and dislikes

I am old enough to remember the 1960’s  and the debate then about the Bikini, mind you I was a kid then but nonetheless I paid attention to what was going on around me. 1,278 more words

To my brothers in Islam

It is a blessing when a man sees a woman who is covered and he feels awkward because of what she is wearing.

His reaction shows that his… 29 more words


Lazy Outfit

Dihari minggu ini alhamdulillah saya masih diberi kesempatan untuk mencari nafkah (kerja lembur). Kerja dihari minggu sebenarnya gak perlu berpakaian formal. Asal rapi dan sopan sudah cukup. 100 more words


The Patriarchal Oppression That is The Hijab

by Ana Kahar*

     I am a girl who was raised conservatively. My family believes in the mainstream interpretation of Islam. I used to be very conservative and rigid when it comes to religion, but I wished there were more neutral discussions on the differences of views in the world included in our education syllabus. 1,420 more words


Berhijab dengan Bismillah & 15.000

Assalamualaikum / Peace be Upon You,

Long time no see, gimana, gimana, gimana …. Sudah berhijab kah ?

Alhamdulillah, beberapa kerabat yang saya kenal kini sudah mulai berhijab, walaupun belum dengan jilbab yang menutup keseluruhan dadanya, tapi mereka sedang dan masih berusaha untuk memperbaiki diri menjadi muslimah yang lebih baik. 304 more words


Hijab (Veil)

Dear sisters,
Why do you hate me?
Why are you rejecting me?!
Don’t you know?
I am your protector from evil glances of strangers
I am your defender against eager eyes of men… 87 more words

Daily Life