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Hijjepinophobia: How Hijaab Pins Can KILL You

Hijjepinophobia (Hij-jeh-pin-oh-fob-iah): the inherited or acquired fatal fear of sharp long metal objects that are often used to hold a Muslimah’s head garment (otherwise known as ‘hijaab’) in place. 1,833 more words


White Night Gold Dawn # 1


Tonight is menthol cool with a plastic-pearl touch. I draw the loaded brush over my fingernail. It leaves a track of mint white in its wake. 722 more words


Hijabs and Modesty

By: Nermine Mohamed, Writing Intern 2015

I never like to talk about why I wear “Hijab”, even back in my own country, although it was not a big deal as I belonged to the majority. 960 more words

Wisdom Love ...and Lint

Recognise Your Demons.

We’ve all gotten to a point where we’ve sat on our bed, hands in our lap, creases in our foreheads, and we’ve asked “Why me? 340 more words


Cantiknya Fashion Hijab Ala Seleb Hijabers Indonesia

Pesona hijab di Indonesia memang tak akan lekang oleh waktu. Sangat banyak bermunculan desainer-desainer muda yang terjun di fashion hijab indonesia. Di Indonesia sendiri sudah dipelopori oleh desainer Dian pelangi, yang dari awalnya memang ingin mengangkat dan ingin membuat fashion hijab Indonesia menjadi lebih berkembang . 728 more words

Fashion Hijab

Hijabs Oppress Women! Unless It's For Fashion.....

We’re all aware of how Islam oppresses women and makes them prisoners in their own clothing.

I mean, there’s definitely no other religion where women dress like that. 367 more words

White& Denim

So, I feel like I want to add more detail into these posts, instead of just writing where the pieces are from and what season they’re for, because 1) COME ON. 157 more words

Michael Kors