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// Short Getaway to the Island of Gods //

It has been a while since I visited Bali. It was 4 years ago since I came to the Island of Gods and it had changed a lot. 283 more words


To my future patients

You(and your illnesses) rile me up! By pacifying and treating you, I do what is necessary and get what’s due to you….

Like a rakṣahoma in a atharvavediya śāntikarma where one pacify rakṣas so that they will be happy and leave you alone,and also gets rewards from the devas for doing the śānti,I too will be a doctor in this way.


Heritage - Aihole- Pattadakal - India


Pattadakal, also spelled Paṭṭadakallu, is a UNESCO inscribed World Heritage site featuring 7th and 8th-century Hindu (Shaivism) and Jain temples.[2] It is a village and an important tourist centre in the state of Karnataka and is located on the left bank of the Malaprabha River in Bagalakote.

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India: Persecution News Update

The links below are to articles reporting on persecution news from India (the most recent are at the top).

For more visit:
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Heritage - Mahabalipuram - India

Mamallapuram(Mahabalipuram) is a town in Kancheepuram district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is an ancient sea port ruled by Pallavas ruled during 7th century. 126 more words


Whether God is common to all

There is but one law or fundamental rule and that is the manifestation of God in the human body. It does not know any distinction of cast or creed, any time or place; all that is indispensably required is the human body and God’s mercy. 285 more words


Hindu Festival of Kukur Tihar, Celebrating Friendship with Dogs

The festival takes place mostly in Nepal in modern days, but it is dedicated to celebrating human-dog friendship.

Just a few pics.