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The rise of Abdul Aziz

They roared back to the Red Sea when the Ottoman Empire collapsed amid the chaos of World War I. The al-Sauds were led this time by their extraordinary commander…

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Notes On History

Andalusia, Extremism, and Current GCC Crisis

Marcus Cicero famously said: “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.” Upon contemplation of this quote, one really does realize the importance of history, for our present and our future. 1,177 more words




Ketika memutuskan untuk menjadi perantara, saya berjanji kepada Allah untuk selalu menjaga hati. Bukan hanya hati sendiri, tapi juga hati-hati yang terlibat dalam sebuah proses. 358 more words



Video ini merupakan potongan dari kajian Ust. Khalid Basalamah dengan judul Ust Khalid Basalamah,MA pada channel Maa HaaDzaa

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The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood

As Syrian President Bashar Assad grows more and more isolated, his regime’s arch-nemesis – the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun) – is gearing for a comeback. Fortunately for the brotherhood, powerful politicians in Lebanon are ready to lend a helping hand against their former patron. 2,436 more words

Terror Related

Seven Renegades You Must Know

Since at least early 1994 Indian security forces have armed and trained local auxiliary forces made up of surrendered or captured militants to assist in counterinsurgency operations. 1,205 more words


Mindmap: Prodak Ikhwan Fosti Anafarma

Oleh: Tim Ikhwan baru-baru ini Fosti Anafarma telah menjalankan suatu Prodak atau Program Dakwah  dari Divisi Ikhwan. Program dakwahnya yaitu Mindmap, Apa sih Mindmap? 319 more words