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Cathy O'Brien: Ex-MK Ultra/Project Monarch Mind Control Victim

If you’ve read about MK Ultra and project Monarch then you’ve most likely heard of Cathy O’Brien. She goes into detail about her alleged ordeal in the below videos…~TS… 83 more words

Pyschological Operations

Bill Cosby Loses His Illuminati Membership, Parking Rights

By Steve Marx
Illuminati Correspondent

Comedian Bill Cosby is still dealing with the fallout of the rape scandal. Apart from losing several endorsement deals and having his NBC show axed, Cosby is now getting kicked out of the Illuminati, the secret group that runs entertainment, business and politics. 142 more words


EuroTrip 2.3.1 - Rome Part 2

The second part of my tour of Rome was away from the main sites and focussed on the important locations from Angels & Demons. I wanted to see how accurate Dan Brown’s descriptions were and and it allowed me to visit some parts of Rome I never would have thought to look into otherwise. 1,049 more words