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Reasons for Illuminati Symbolism - 2015

What exactly are the goals when the Illuminati put their symbols in plain sight? In this video we will examine the most common reasons for esoteric symbolism in the mainstream media. 16 more words

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Throwback Post: Revealing the Satanic agenda on the cover of The Economist.

While the symbolism on the 2017 cover of the Economist may seem confusing or even random, it’s anything but. The elite’s plan to war with God is center stage on this cover. 548 more words


Maurice Joly Plagiarized "Protocols of Zion" (not vice-versa)

July 17, 2017

(image: Maurice Joly 1821-1879, was a Jew named Joseph Levy with a history of plagiarism.)

The assumption is that since Protocols appeared some 40 years after Dialogue,  938 more words


R. Kelly Accused of Having a Sex Cult

R Kelly Accused of Having a Sex Cult

R Kelly Accusations

Singer Robert “R” Kelly is in the news again over sex related issues. He is now accused of housing sex slaves in a house. 85 more words


Thoughts on Mike's Post

This doesn’t surprise me at all. It confirms the investigations of L A Marzulli for one.  I just watched (re watched too) the True Legends 2 (The Unholy See), and True Legends 3 (Holocaust of Giants) with the latter being part of the Unearthing the Cloud Eaters investigation now released in book form (of the Unearthing …. 249 more words

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Protocols 16-24: Events Confirm their Authenticity

July 12, 2017

(Is it a coincidence that these professors look Jewish and are reading Marx?)


There is a direct link between the plans outlined over a 100 years ago in… 1,649 more words


Protocols 12-15: Freemasonry Serves the Elders

July 11, 2017

“The goyim enter the lodges in the hope of getting a nibble from the public pie…These tigers in appearance have the souls of sheep and the wind blows freely through their heads.”  Protocol 15… 1,159 more words