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If You Hate David Duke, It Actually Proves He's Right

By Carl-John X Veraja

Most people are familiar with the phrase “consider the source”, but have they? And why should they?

Dr. David Duke, a former Louisiana state representative, author, and unofficial diplomat speaking… 2,546 more words

Godawful Horrifying News


By Cooter Jackson, Editor-In-Chief

MUD LAKE, NV- Greetings, fans of the truth. Cooter here. I’ve just returned from a pilgrimage to the foul, ulcerated heart of our so-called government, posing as a normal tourist while I witnessed the grim machinery of totalitarianism that is Washington, DC. 1,113 more words

The James Casbolt (Michael Prince) controversy and TV interview

I recently watched an interesting interview of alleged: MK-ULTRA, Jesuit and Illuminati assassin, James Casbolt, by well known TV host, Richard Hall. Before Richard interviewed Casbolt, he said that there are four possible scenarios for Casbolt’s testimony. 741 more words


Illuminati Silver - Silver prices are going to fall further

Telling You the Truth about Silver
Silver prices are going to fall further, based on fundamentals, regardless of whether price manipulation is occurring.
Too many people with vested interests are suggesting that the price of silver will sky-rocket any time soon. This we refute categorically…