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To: All Donald Trump Supporters; Subject: You Suck

Dear Donald Trump Supporter,

Thank you for providing the rest of the world with some entertainment. You guys are literally the brightest part of our day. 140 more words


The Illuminati and a Decidedly Darwinian Approach to Survival: My Best Ideas Come to Me in the Sandwich Spread Section of the Bread, Crackers and Cookie Aisle

And then it hits me. Again.

You often hear so much talk of the “Illuminati” and their “New World Order”. Sure, the Rothschild family and their ilk have the money and the power and the media and, well, everything else, and now they want your guns. 78 more words


Hollywood Illuminati Symbolism Exposed

Hollywood Illuminati Symbolism Exposed by f100001470403899

This was Bruce Montalvo’s debut documentary film. Filmed, directed, narrated and written by Bruce Montalvo in Los Angeles 2012. 29 more words

Bruce Montalvo

An Exercise in Conspiracy Pt. 2: WDBJ Virginia Shooting

I typically stay away from current events and things in the media b/c I prefer to focus on the “gestalt,” something that can be applied to any and all events no matter what they are.   409 more words