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An Imam Ghazali perspective for modern times - how to teach and nurture faith in our children.

Knowledge is not sought simply for intrinsic merit but has a higher primary purpose which is to achieve right guidance. Aqidah (creed) is the Arabic word for a set of religious beliefs; the ultimate aim of which is to seek closeness to Allah by way of iman (faith). 2,719 more words

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What I'm Reading in November (2017)

I read quite a few books last month so I decided I needed a break this month and put a pause on some of the books I wanted to read. 475 more words

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Imam Ghazali on the Dangers of Studying Philosophy

Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (1058-1111 CE):

Munkidh min al-Dalal ( Deliverance from Error), c. 1100 CE

In view of this danger the reading of philosophic writings so full of vain and delusive utopias should be forbidden, just as the slippery banks of a river are forbidden to one who knows not how to swim. 323 more words


Adab, Ilmu dan Amal

Banyak orang berilmu tapi tak beradab, tak beramal. Ada yang beramal tanpa ilmu, pun tak beradab. Ada yang beradab, punya ilmu tapi tak beramal. Ada pula yang berilmu dan beramal tapi tak beradab. 879 more words


Benefits of reciting Surah Yaseen

Imaam Nawawi says, “One should be especially observant in reciting Surat Ya Sin (36), Surat al Waqia (56) and Surat al Mulk.(67)”

Imam Ghazali explained that… 394 more words

Quranic Healings

Can we rely on Spiritual Experiences and Miracles as a Basis of Faith?-Imam Ghazali Answers

Struck with the contradictions which I encountered in endeavoring to disentangle the truth and falsehood of these opinions, I was led to make the following reflection: “The search after truth being the aim which I propose to myself, I ought in the first place to ascertain what are the bases of certitude.” In the next place I recognized that certitude is the clear and complete knowledge of things, such knowledge as leaves no room for doubt nor possibility of error and conjecture, so that there remains no room in the mind for error to find an entrance. 144 more words


Asma Allah, Du'a jameelah, Imam Ghazali, and music in Islam

Dear Readers,

Assalamu alaikum! (peace be with you all)

Continuing on the musical tradition in Islam, a topic I posted before on here where the Quran is recited musically, and  1,561 more words