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Letting Go

When exactly is it time to let go? When it hurts too bad to move on? When you don’t care anymore? Letting go of something or someone is terrifying. 195 more words



It’s supposed to be easy right? Love, that is. You’re not supposed to have to fight tooth and nail to keep a relationship right? Or is that the exact meaning of love? 89 more words


The Art of Getting By

Let’s be honest. We are all just getting by. No one is really satisfied with where they are at. Even if you don’t have a monetary care in the world, you’re still just getting by with what you got. 57 more words



And you.

You would look at me like I am a freak,

I’m different,

I’m weird.

You ponder as to how a seemingly sane person like me could have these thoughts. 113 more words


Guilt Trip

How stupid of me

To think that time was on my side

But then that hope was crush

Once the news opened my eyes

How stupid of me… 188 more words


Heavy Mental Stuff

Trying to organise my thoughts is like trying to collect every single firefly in the world inside a small jar. I hear strange sounds like my pulse in my ears and whooshing like wind in my head or crackling like cracking a glowstick at two in the morning. 282 more words



I’m not going to let my deepest thoughts cage me

I’m not going to let your words tie me down

I’m not going to let the lies around me succumb me… 87 more words