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Terror in Paris

The World has been in a stage of near constant conflict in recent history.  In the 1930’s and 40’s it was with Germany and Japan.  The Cold War dominated geopolitics for almost 50 years after World War II ended.  407 more words


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It’s the Current Year, Why Does America’s Cold War Cartel Still Exist?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is an alliance of Anglo and European democracies plus the Muslim nation of Turkey that was initially established after WWII to contain the Soviet Union, which dissolved on December 26, 1991. 1,178 more words

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Thousands of Syrian refugee children left in legal limbo

ZAWERGOSK, Iraq (AP) — Aria is stateless. Like thousands of other children born to Syrian refugees living in Iraq, the 10-month-old girl is beginning her life in legal limbo. 647 more words

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The West fights ISIS? Have a “SWIFT” Look!

November 29, 2015

by Stefan Heue

“Master! The pain is great. / I called the ghosts / I will now not get rid of.”
(J.W. von Goethe: “The wizard’s trainee”, 1827) 1,235 more words


State Releases Another Batch of Hillary Clinton Emails

The State Department today released the largest batch of emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server to date 7,800 pages. Some 66 percent of the 52,000 pages of email she turned over to the government are now available for review and the State Department is on pace to have all of the documents released by January 2016, as ordered by a federal court. 565 more words

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Desperate Cameron orders the RAF to raid Duxford Air Museum to get war planes for Syrian conflict

Desperate Cameron orders the RAF to raid Duxford Air Museum to get war planes for Syrian conflict

The Royal Air Force (RAF) lacks the warplanes to extend combat operations into Syria, even if Prime Minister David Cameron was to force and win a vote to do so in the wake of the Paris massacre, according to a military aviation expert. 489 more words

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