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Israel holding 58 Palestinian women 'under dire conditions'

The Israeli regime is holding at least 58 Palestinian women, including 10 minors, “under dire conditions” in its jails, the Prisoners and Freed Prisoners Committee says. 6 more words


The US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as the purest expression of terrorism

The US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan constitute terrorism in its purest expression. The idea that all terrorists are Muslim is refuted when one sees at the systematic, practically daily bombing of these two countries by the US army. 287 more words

Death in fire

I won’t get tired, I’m here to do the right thing. I can’t set in my home, and stay quite while innocent people are killed around the world, I will fight with all of my power. 73 more words


BRiefLy on mY undersTaNding of MusLim MaRriage

i WaNT To geT maRried soon buT, onLy under IsLaMic LaW as I undersTaNd it. I’ve beeN researching This somewhaT recenTLy and mosTLy haVe Kum Tu Tha KunkLusioN ThaT iF iT haPpens foR Me and mine iT ALLaH WiLLing WiLL b someThing of a CoMMon LaW AgreemenT beTWeen my sPousE(s) aNd mYseLf. 168 more words

On The Way