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Sabran Ya Nafsi

Title: sabran ya nafsī
Munshid: Unknown ; Naif al-Shahran ; Abu Usayd
Year: 2009

Original Version

Naif al-Shahran (2012), in support of the Syrian Revolution… 142 more words

English Translations

Hamas Attempting to Orchestrate Terror Campaign with West Bank Factions

Breitbart, by Aaron Klein and Ali Waked, July 25, 2017:

TEL AVIV — Hamas has held meetings over the past few days with the leaders of the main Palestinian factions in an attempt to escalate clashes with Israeli troops that have been ongoing in the West Bank, a senior official in one of the Palestinian jihadist organizations active in the Gaza Strip told Breitbart Jerusalem. 495 more words

Penyakit Wahn dan Penguasa Arab

​Ummat Islam banyak, sangat banyak. Dari segi materi cukup kaya, dari segi militer lumayan kuat. Kenapa takut kepada yahudi zionis yang secuil dan pengecut itu. Jawabannya sudah diungkap oleh Rasulullah shallallahu alaihi wasallam sejak dahulu. 97 more words


Err, um, well,

I don’t call cutting through the media bullshit to extract a wisdom tooth out of a cranky donkey “supporting the Islamic invasion”. No, I call it This site has a following because time and time again I say stuff you never hear anywhere else that ends up being right And THAT is why the headline starts with HA HA HA, it was not because I was happy about what happened, it was because I made CNN and other hoax news outlets look like crap. 349 more words


America 2017 = France 1789

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via,

We are looking more and more like France on the eve of its revolution in 1789. Our classes are distributed differently, but the inequity is just as sharp. 649 more words


Four German ISIS Women are Currently Begging to Return Home

After Iraqi and Syrian forces have led multiple successful campaigns against ISIS, most notably in Raqqa and Mosul, member of the terror group flee in drag (queen costumes) or are caught. 165 more words


When Muslim Terrorists Wear Minnesota Police Uniforms

Haji Habib of the Muslim Terror Front in America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry once again wades into the Mockingbird propaganda of the murder of Australian Justine Damond in Minneapolis Minnesota, USA, by a black Somalian terrorist named Mohamed Noor, as Noor has lawyered up, Governor Mark Dayton after threatening White Minnesotans with removal, and Mayor Betsty Hodges fleeing from Black Minnesota protesters so none of these liberals or the liberal media is talking, so the Truth must be pieced together before this murder event was created in Minnesota creating an international incident of Donald Trump’s America  being the blood bath, of an Obama African Muslim shooting an Australian (We do not know the liberal leaders name of Australia because no one cares.) 2,281 more words