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British Ambulances in the hands of terrorists: Western Aid and The White Helmets

In June 2017 one hundred British ambulances were sent to Idlib in Syria as part of a donation of decommissioned ambulance vehicles.
The Charity who organised this was Human Aid, it was called the… 1,881 more words


Conquest on the streets

The assumption held by non-Muslims when Muslims are seen to be performing public prayer, they are praying peacefully, even though most people do not understand the recitations. 982 more words


AMISOM forges a way forward to defeat Al Shabaab’s Asymmetric warfare

AMISOM has called for intensified collaboration between forces in Somalia and most importantly capacity building of Somali National Security forces to effectively counter Al Shabaab. 221 more words

Life after 'Jihad brides' lose their husbands is nothing short of torture, rape and execution

Dorcas Ndombolo Kilingo, 40, and her four children are being held captive by Al Shabaab terrorists in Somalia. Ndombolo is among the so-called Jihadi brides who are being subjected to rape, torture, and forced marriage after the death of their terrorist husbands. 812 more words