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Trump Doctrine: President Trump Meets With The Amir of Qatar Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani...

The effectiveness of the Trump Doctrine is never more visible than when President Trump meets with a recipient, in this case Qatar, and is able to assume the role of good cop negotiator in common cause. 431 more words



Michael Adebolajo is a Nigerian but with a British passport, 436 more words

Problemi Generali

Second London "Bucket Bomb" Suspect Arrested Was Syrian Refugee...

The second suspect arrested in the London ‘bucket bomb’ attempt highlights the reality of the multi-year concern about unvetted refugees and the potential for importing terrorism. 211 more words

What really is the point of the English Defence League?

The English Defence League has issued a statement about the recent Parsons Green attack.

Let’s skip their narration of events and the by-now weary platitudes from the Counterjewhad movement and go straight to their recommendations for action. 731 more words

President Trump Right Again - London "Bucket Bomber" Detained by Police Two Weeks Ago...

Yesterday President Trump took heat from U.S. and international media for calling the attempted London bomber a terrorist, identifying the “loser” and saying he was “in the sights” of law enforcement: 534 more words

Roots of “JIHAD” Part X - Wrap Up

After we have learned the Qur’anic injunctions with regards to “combative Jihad,” now it’s time to learn the orders and rules which Prophet Muhammad placed for Muslims when they fight their enemies in order to differentiate between true combative Jihad, and any other kind of fighting. 1,662 more words



💬 Al-‘Allâmah Ibnu Utsaimin rahimahullahu berkata :
أن في نشرك للعلم نشرًا لدين الله عزَّ وجلَّ فتكون من المجاهدين في سبيل الله، لأنك تفتح القلوب بالعلم، كما يفتح المجاهد البلاد بالسلاح والإيمان…. 97 more words