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Aku merenungkan secara seksama jihad melawan hawa nafsu, ternyata ia merupakan jihad terbesar. Aku melihat sejumlah ulama dan kaum sufi tak memahmi maknanya, karena sebagian orang dari mereka berusaha untuk tidak menuruti keinginannya, walau Cuma sedikit, dan ini merupakan sebuah kesalahan bila dititik dari dua segi. 291 more words

Somali Attacks Ohio Restaurant with Machete. When You Hear the Restaurant's Name, You'll Know Why

A man with a machete attacked an Ohio restaurant on Thursday. Several people were injured before the attacker was killed by police.

From CNN: 167 more words


The American Dream Vanishes

I am an American!  An American just like you, who landed here from distant shores, or, for some of you, a son or daughter of those who did.  362 more words

UK counter-terrorism laws 'harming aid efforts of Islamic charities'

Source: The Guardian

Two former international development secretaries have called for an inquiry into the way in which UK counter-terrorism laws are hampering the humanitarian work of Islamic charities, including some of the few British charities capable of operating inside… 559 more words


Somali Muslim With Machete Hacks Four Victims In An Ohio Restaurant - Motive?

Here’s a very neatly sanitized CBS report, which excludes the words Islam, Muslim and jihad from its content. Surprised?  Also absent is any allusion to the fact that the restaurant where the… 571 more words


Twitter Sued for Knowingly Permitting 70,000 ISIS Accounts

NBC News reported that Tamara Fields, the widow of slain federal contractor Lloyd Carl Fields Jr., is suing Twitter for knowingly allowing ISIS to use 70,000 accounts on its network, which abetted her husband’s murder. 58 more words


Must Watch Video of CAIR’s Awad: “Islam and U.S. are ‘Twins’ with Common Values”

According to Founder and Executive Director of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), Nihad Awad, Islam and the U.S. are “twins linked by common values.” 73 more words