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America Submits to the Jihadist's Veto, Tonight at 11 p.m. ET (8 p.m. PT)

With some notable exceptions, most of those in the media and in government are submitting to the “Jihadist’s Veto” — i.e., they are caving in to threats of physical violence instead of exercising their rights to freedom of expression. 211 more words

Don't Let It Go...Unheard

Review: Timbuktu

2015 is proving to be a great year for creatively named animals in cinema. First Noah Baumbach gave us the diamond idea of naming twin kittens Good Cop and Bad Cop in… 945 more words


SHOCK VIDEO: Widespread Support for Sharia and Blasphemy Laws…in Minneapolis

by Patrick Poole

Going back to 2007, I’ve reported on the growing problem of terror recruitment in the Twin Cities, particularly in the Somali community there. 322 more words


12 Melbourne women try to flee Australia to join ISIS

At least five young women from Australia have successfully joined the Islamic State and are among over a dozen similar cases from Melbourne most of whom have a “romanticised” view of the dreaded militants and want to become ‘jihadi brides’, police said on Friday. 50 more words


Wow ! Carly Fiorina Absolutely NAILS Her Response About Dealing With ISIS....

This is the second time Carly Fiorina absolutely nailed a succinct answer to a complex foreign policy issue.  Within her response she cuts right to the heart of the problem the rest of the MSM and professional political class don’t want to admit exists.

The Story of Nigeria's Elections (2015)

There have been a few remarkable elections this year. In Alberta (once considered Canada’s most conservative province, where people practically worshipped at the altar of the oil well), the left-of-center New Democrat Party did the inconceivable: it won a majority of the seats in a provincial election. 2,732 more words