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Black Friday in Paris: On the Unthinkable of Islamic Terrorism and the Self-Referential West

[This is the English translation of a post originally written in Spanish and published on this blog a few days after the terrorist attacks on the Bataclan theater in Paris, in November of 2015. 5,228 more words


Broadcaster Censors Video of Muslim Woman in Full Burka Warning of ‘Retaliation’ Against Islamophobia

Channel 4 buries interview with individual in Manchester wearing hand grenade clothing

A video of a Muslim woman in a full Islamic veil emblazoned with a hand grenade and a machine gun warning of retaliation against Islamophobia after the Manchester terror attack was buried by UK broadcaster Channel 4. 95 more words

Trump’s ‘Islam Speech’ Invited The Muslim World To A Renaissance

President Trump understands the most direct path to change is to work in people’s self-interest, to cater to advancement through mutual gain — a strategy that also won him the election. 195 more words

Islamophobia is Only a Phobia if there is Nothing to Fear - How Do We Know Islam is a Religion of Peace? 

Let’s start the discussion we should have had long ago.

Is Islam a religion of peace? Yes or no


How do we know? What is the basis for our conclusion? 19 more words


Manchester Bomber, Salman Abedi, Linked to Libyan ISIS - "Libyan Dawn"...

The Manchester Bomber is one of Hillary Clinton’s Libyan “Rebels”

Islamic State fighters landed in Libya back in November of 2014, and began work establishing training camps in the Libyan city of Derna before launching a terror offensive which included an attack… 661 more words

Suicide Bombing In Jakarta

One police officer was killed and others wounded in two separate suicide bombings in Jakarta, Indonesia (link).


All the Hoopla Over Ariana Grande

I have seen a lot of memes and nastiness going on around Ariana Grande since Monday night’s attack in Manchester, England, and I have to put in my two cents for what it’s worth. 1,132 more words