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John Brennan is completely unqualified to be Director of Central Intelligence

Jihad Watch, by Michael J. Del Rosso, October 26 2016:

Robert Spencer wrote this yesterday:

Is it widely known that there is a top intelligence official in the Obama Administration’s CIA who has converted to Islam?

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Counter Jihad Report

Jeg sto i ingenmannsland

Jeg sto i ingenmannsland mens de fyrte løs fra hver sin front. Hvert skudd ble løst med en hensikt om å se hvem som kunne kue meg først. 1,056 more words


Party auf dem Pulverfass – Leben im Libanon | Islam zerstört das Land

Eine explodierende Bombe gehört im Libanon fast schon zum Alltag. Viele Libanesen wollen sich deshalb ihren Alltag nicht zerstören lassen. Die “Weltspiegel”-Reportage zeigt, wie das Leben in diesem Land voller Extreme aussieht.

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1 Against 1000 !

You can never find such dangerous tactics and brave heroism put in practice except by Muslims.

This was during the initial battle against Jabalah bin al Ayham who was leading 60,000 Christian Arabs in Yarmouk against 30,000 Muslims under the leadership of Abu Ubaydah bin Jarrah. 255 more words


Swedish PM visiting Saudiarabia

Stefan Löfven, the primeminister of Sweden, now visiting Saudiarabia. He seems to see Saudiarabia as friends and that is totaly insane. Flogging, hangings, stoning and beheadings seem to be ok. 43 more words

Reamde: Neil Stephenson

Neil Stephenson must have heard the joke: a priest, rabbi and a minister walk into a bar…

Except in Stephenson’s universe it’s an Ethiopian girl, Russian mercenary, Hungarian computer hacker, Chinese gamer, Idaho survivalists, Muslim jihadists, pot smugglers, game developers, MI6 and CIA spies and Russian mafia who all stumble into a terrorist plot. 48 more words

American Government Brings In Muslim Man As A Refugee, He Comes Into Texas And Then Begins Planning To Blow Up Malls In Houston

By Theodore Shoebat

The American government brought in an Iraqi refugee, Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, into Texas. He then recently got arrested for planning to blow up two malls in Houston. 262 more words