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Top officials warn of possible terrorist threats to city

Top officials warn of possible terrorist threats to city

Chief executive, police commissioner say city should not take Muslim extremist dangers lightly as leaflets with IS logo circulate… 664 more words

Hong Kong

Can we please stop assuming that all British teenage girls going to join ISIS are 'victims'?

ISIS are the most brutal, tyrannical, genocidal, oppressive, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, pernicious group of people currently on the face of the earth. Boko Haram in Nigeria are the only other group that could challenge them for that title – though we don’t hear nearly as much about them because our media seems to be thoroughly indifferent to Africa and obsessed with the Middle East. 995 more words


U.S. Airstrikes in Tikrit Aid Iranian Shiite Militias While Their Commanders Remain On Global Terrorist List....

We noted yesterday how General David Petraeus recently warned the Iranian Militias were a greater threat than the Sunni ISIS fighters they oppose. Fighting to aid the Shiite Militia is -for all intents and purposes- direct aid to agenda of Iran. 437 more words

World of ISIS: World Leaders Pledge to Fight Terrorism with New Jihadist Online Multiplayer Game

World leaders gathered in Brussels on Sunday have unveiled a new, groundbreaking strategy in the global war against terrorism. As the militant group known as the Islamic State is dragging large areas across the MENA region into unprecedented chaos, the international community has developed a new online multiplayer video game called World of ISIS, meant to deter jihad candidates from joining the terrorist organization. 425 more words

Obama Declares War on Israel

by Bassam Tawil

Many Arabs and Muslims are rubbing their hands in joy as they watch U.S. President Barack Obama declare war on Israel after the victory of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party in last week’s general election. 1,070 more words


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Its looking more and more like Obama wants to be the next Muslim Caliphate; the only real issue is, is he Sunni or Shea?.

ISIS is an Islamic Fourth Reich - V. S. Naipal

The Nobel Prize-winning author V.S. Naipaul has warned that Islamic State are the most potent threat to the world since the Nazis.

In a hard-hitting article in the Mail on Sunday, the revered novelist brands the extremist Muslim organisation as the Fourth Reich, saying it is comparable to Adolf Hitler’s regime in its fanaticism and barbarity. 2,337 more words