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This week’s theme has been purpose. It’s been coming up through school assignments and through my daily thoughts so I’ve gotten time to think about it more than I already do. 623 more words


This applies to any and every thing.
Someone almost succeeded in making me feel bad for being myself the other day. They would have succeeded had I not known who I am. 341 more words


Is it all about the journey, or the destination? 

I write this as I’m currently 34,000 feet in the air, 6 hours into a 13 hour flight with 3,553 miles to go until we reach our destination. 635 more words

Signs of purification, change and transformation

The signs remain strong, and if anything, they might have become more frequent, but haven’t let up in any way. These days, there is never a doubt and nothing is left to coincidence. 522 more words


PART I - My Struggle with Depression and Alcohol Abuse.

You say that I’m paranoid

But I’m pretty sure the world is out to get me

It’s not like I make the choice

To let my mind stay so fucking messy… 1,543 more words


Listen To The Things You Can't Hear

I just love the power and strength A.A. Milne puts into Pooh Bear’s words. They are so simplistic, but yet so profound.

God does the same thing. 680 more words



Recently I stumbled upon a quote from an anonymous individual that is meant to inspire positive thoughts but instead it made me very inquisitive.

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way” 728 more words