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Our Minds

Our minds are simply interpreters of that which we try to understand. It is then, this understanding that we create and believe in. Whether correct or not, it will become the way, our path, our life. 104 more words


The Verdict - world changer in one word

Nineteen days since I found my lump and seven days since the hospital found the other lump, and I was back at the hospital hoping it would soon be the last visit. 923 more words


Sunday grace

We made our decision; the destination is determined. We begin here and are determined to go there.

The plan is the plan. We made it and begin the process of working it.  220 more words

Sunday Grace

Year 3 week 38

17th – 23rd September 2018

Last year Matt had a health condition that meant he couldn’t drive. He would have these black outs and no one could explain what they were – not even the doctors. 372 more words


The Beginning Of An Unfamiliar Season

Can anything beat the sound of that 5:55 a.m. alarm going off? The pain from previous practices culminating in unison, as you struggle to get out of bed – … 1,084 more words

First Hospital Visit


Wednesday finally came round – twelve days after finding the lump.

I got the bus to the hospital. That was how relaxed we had become about the situation. 607 more words


Episode 10 - The Predator

Well, here we are, episode 10. Did you think we’d make it this far? Neither did we. For our tenth episode, we decided to go big. 118 more words