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Những thứ mình thật sự học được qua cuộc nói chuyện dài gần 5 tiếng đồng hồ sáng nay. 469 more words


Taboo #8 – Ill Health

We can look at the top ten causes of death in men and women and focus on the preventable, however there is more to life than death so not only should we focus on quantity of life and what kills us but on what affects our quality of life whilst we are alive! 1,398 more words


Never Forget Why

When I started making music, It was mainly a outlet for my passion of writing. It was the best way for me to express myself in the most honest way I can think of. 492 more words


Relax first, then act

We are generally stressed and when we have something important to do we become more tense. We assume that being tense will help us perform better.

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What Are We Fighting

I see all this fighting on social media lately and I’m reminded of this passage; be aware of who the real Enemy is can we?

Agape Love,



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Why You Shouldn't Rush Your Healing Journey

Trying to rush the healing process is like driving a car without a license. You know that you will eventually get caught but you continue anyway. 365 more words


#RandomTALK Aloha! Finally, saya balik lagi ke dunia blog setelah berbulan-bulan hiatus wok. Hiatus-nya saya kali ini bukan tanpa alasan atau karena alasan klasik kayak dulu-dulu : … 574 more words