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Kaaba - Different Perspectives

Dr. Archana Verma

Fig.1 Drawing of the Kaaba as it looked in 1911

Last Hajj month one of my friend’s family went to Makkah for Haj. 2,393 more words


Masuk Kaabah pada tahun 1998

Masuk Kaabah pada tahun 1998


Pada tahun 1997 saya telah berpindah ke Jeddah untuk bertugas sebagai Naib-Presiden di Islamic Development Bank (IDB), se buah institusi kewangan pembangunan antarabangsa. 978 more words

Hamara Markaz

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

Yeh mazmoon kaabah se mutaalliq hai. 23 more words


Visiting The Masjid-E-Nabwi (Prophet's Mosque) And Acts Of Worship

A pioneer goes to city Madina previously or in the wake of performing Hajj with the niyyat (goal) of visiting the Masjid-e-Nabwi (Prophet’s mosque) and asking in it. 557 more words


Description of Hajj an excerpt from ”ميمية” by Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah (`rahimahullah)

At the Ka’bah

ولمَّا رأتْ أبصارُهُم بيتَهُ الذي = قلوبُ الوَرَى شوقًا إليهِ تَضَرَّمُ
كأنهمُ لمْ يَنْصَبُوا قطُّ قبْلهُ = لأنَّ شَقاهُمْ قد ترحَّلَ عنْهُمُو 143 more words

Dhul Hijjah

Doing Good Deeds In The Light Of Islam

Close your eyes and consider all the great demonstrations and deeds you have done, by giving somebody some assistance or made somebody glad or gave him or her grin. 459 more words


Umrah Obligations

Umrah is acquired from I’timaar which implies appearance. As indicated by Islam “Umrah’ implies,

  • Visitation of Kaabah,
  • Performing Tawaf around it,
  • Sa’iy amongst Safa and Marwah seven times,
  • 524 more words