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Visiting The Masjid-E-Nabwi (Prophet's Mosque) And Acts Of Worship

A pioneer goes to city Madina previously or in the wake of performing Hajj with the niyyat (goal) of visiting the Masjid-e-Nabwi (Prophet’s mosque) and asking in it. 557 more words


Description of Hajj an excerpt from ”ميمية” by Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah (`rahimahullah)

At the Ka’bah

ولمَّا رأتْ أبصارُهُم بيتَهُ الذي = قلوبُ الوَرَى شوقًا إليهِ تَضَرَّمُ
كأنهمُ لمْ يَنْصَبُوا قطُّ قبْلهُ = لأنَّ شَقاهُمْ قد ترحَّلَ عنْهُمُو 143 more words

Dhul Hijjah

Doing Good Deeds In The Light Of Islam

Close your eyes and consider all the great demonstrations and deeds you have done, by giving somebody some assistance or made somebody glad or gave him or her grin. 459 more words


Umrah Obligations

Umrah is acquired from I’timaar which implies appearance. As indicated by Islam “Umrah’ implies,

  • Visitation of Kaabah,
  • Performing Tawaf around it,
  • Sa’iy amongst Safa and Marwah seven times,
  • 524 more words

Hotel Review: Swissôtel Makkah

We left Madinah with mixed feelings. It was time to say goodbye to the mosque, which despite all the inconveniences, we had grown to love, to find ourselves content and at peace in. 1,174 more words

Travel Tips

Performing Umrah for the first time

March, 2018

To be honest, it was a spontaneous booking. We thought it was time we did it. So about 2 months before we went, we trawled through to find the best deals in Makkah and Madina, did all the visa requirements and were finally on our way. 383 more words



Pembesaran kemudahan frasarana di kota Mekah turut melibatkan projek pembesaran saluran telaga zam-zam.

Dilaporkan oleh Khaleej Times, Saudi Arabia, projek ubahsuai dan pembesaran telaga zam-zam telah diluluskan oleh Raja Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, penjaga Haramain. 137 more words