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Note: This article is for the novice (you), by the novice (me) and of the novice (us). I will try to give a skeleton only (for simplicity) and for detailed discourse would like to direct you to… 1,150 more words

Quraan O Sunnat


Selama hayat hanya membayangkan Kaabah; atau melihatnya di TV atau foto dan poster. Hati tergamam ketika pertama kali melihat Kaabah di depan mata. 86 more words

TV Alhijrah

Matahari Akan Berada Tegak Diatas Kaabah Jumaat Ini

CAIRO, 26 Mei –  Orang Islami di Mekah bakal menyaksikan fenomena unik pada tengahhari Jumaat ini apabila matahari akan berada betul-betul tegak di atas Kaabah. 26 more words

The Strange Dreams, Post Umrah

I told G the strange dreams I had since we came back from umrah. Usually it will involve either one of these:


Birds on the Kaabah

In my two weeks in Mekah and Madinah, I prayed for many things. I prayed for Allah’s barakah and rahmah in this life and the hereafter, I prayed for the long life of my family members, that our sins be forgiven, that our ibadah be accepted and for my family and I to be rewarded with Jannah. 191 more words