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Exciting News // Going Down Under!

G’day lovelies!

This is a bit of a different post for you all, because I have some exciting (and slightly terrifying) news for you all! I was going to do a little chatty video…and I still might…but I wanted to actually get it all down in writing first because I’m just a little bit excited by it all! 472 more words


Almost a re-run at The Writer's Room.

Almost a re-run, well I’ve put pics in of subjects from last week but you must admit they’re even better. First we have a view of what I think are the most beautiful private gardens I’ve seen in a long while. 352 more words

Dreaming in a Concrete Jungle

The Big Apple, the City that never sleeps, NYC. Whatever people choose to call it, New York really does need to be seen to be believed. 1,076 more words

More Australia

We’ve managed to stay busy between beach, park, and shops. A couple nights ago we went to the sand sculpture contest at Surfer’s Paradise. I’m not the biggest fan of that area, it’s like walking around the dirtier part of Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki. 276 more words

Hands Off Parenting from Rita Rudner

A thought about parenting   from Rita Rudner  former SNL Celebrity

Envy the kangaroo.  That pouch setup is extraordinary: the baby crawls out of the womb when it is about two inches long, get into the pouch, and proceeds to mature.   24 more words

Drugs & Didgeridoos.

DAY 124.

It was a pre-dawn exit from my Fitzroy palace to make the early trip along the famous Great Ocean Road. I left Fitzroy with a heavy heart as I’d become quite fond of the eccentricity, the totally bonkers inhabitants and incredible ice cream. 1,725 more words