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#bigbinkshow Man Walks Kangaroo in The Hood

#bigbinkshow – Where they do this at?  This dude is actually walking through the hood with a damn Kangaroo and then he put a leash on him.   19 more words

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WTH!! Man Walks Kangaroo In Detroit [VIDEO]

Ok, now you can say you’ve seen it all!! A man was caught on video in Detroit trying to walk a Kangaroo…yes a KANGAROO!! So many questions. 104 more words

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Man Runs Down Detroit Street With Kangaroo On A Leash [VIDEO]

(CBS Detroit) Wacky things are known to happen in Detroit, and the sights aren’t always run of the mill.

But this is new: A woman just posted a video of man running down a Detroit street with a kangaroo on a leash. 372 more words


Kangaroo - At Sea & Diggers

Latest installment of the ongoing love saga. Mad love, holy love, one love.
From a poet to a muse, from a muse to a poet. 37 more words