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Kangaroo Wood Lacquer Spray

Colours Available:

9611 Peruvian Mahogany
9612 American Walnut
9613 Indian Rosewood
9614 Maroon
9615 Burmese Teak
9616 Pitchpine
9619 Black
9620 Yellow
9621 Dark Nyatoh
9622 Ebony

Spray Paint

Kangaroo Products

Kimtone Polyurethane Stained Varnish, Kimber-O Wood Dye, Kimlac Wood Lacquer Spray, Kangaroo Brand Lacquer Clear 722, Kangaroo Brand Lacquer Clear 422, Shellac Oil. Shellac pieces


Touching Base

I find that I have a compelling urge to do things that remind me of my past life in Sydney when I’m there. This trip one of the (many) things I was compelled to do was Wildlife World. 349 more words


Improving Lines

Practice makes perfect.

So I have put in time to improve the lines I draw digitally. I’ll be sharing a couple of sketches I did for this. 11 more words


Sunrise surprise

As the sun rose through the morning mist as I conquered a grueling ascent deep within the wilderness of NSW’s Blue Mountains, this proud and majestic male roo hopped into my line of sight. 39 more words


A typical autumn walk

Here is a slideshow of my walk with Vika this morning. I took 119 photos with the Nikon D3000 DSLR. I’m showing you seventeen.
If you want to see any of the images larger, 182 more words



Kangaroo Cull – Australia

Several nature preserves around the Australian Capital Territory will be closed from late afternoon until dawn through Aug. 1 so as many as 2,000 eastern gray kangaroos can be killed. 41 more words