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En forside til en engelsk skriftlig aflevering, da jeg gik på seminaret. Opgaven var at skrive om kultur og at lære om kultur. Til dette lavede jeg og min medstuderende en brochure over Australien.

Blyanter og farveblyanter.

G A M L E - S A G E R

Kangaroo Kade

Title: Kangaroo Kade Hardy

Kade is a 2 metres tall Half-Kangaroo, Half-Man and a Full Fledged Raver! He dons a Hardcore Italia Singlet & Minus Militia sports shorts. 37 more words

Old School Illustrations

Chinese Lantern Festival - Kangaroo with Baby Joey

A cute display of a kangaroo with baby in pouch at the Chinese Lantern Festival 7 more words


So, I guess that the wedding craziness has ended. Oh and the summer craziness. Don’t forget about the first month of school craziness. It’s back to normal in our household, which means I should get back to writing. 859 more words


Animals of Australia

When I think of Australia I immediately think of the kangaroo. The kangaroo, a marsupial is originally from Australia. Marsupials have pouches.  The baby kangaroo or… 589 more words


Mapo Tofu “ish” - Quick and Easy

Mapo Tofu is one of the popular Chinese dishes in Japan. The dish contains Tofu and meat (normally beef or pork mince) quickly simmered in a spicy sauce. 660 more words


People Are Freaking Out Over This 6'5'' Jacked Kangaroo

How does a kangaroo get in this good a shape?

27-year-old Jackson Vincent was hiking near  Margaret River area’s Boodjidup Creek in Australia when he happened a gigantic, 6’5” completely jacked kangaroo.   319 more words