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Family, firsts and "so fingered"

First week done in Aus-traaa-lia! And it’s been amazing. I’ve been staying in Geelong (about an hour south-west-ish of Melbourne) for the past week with family. 549 more words

Dog Stands Up to Humongous Kangaroo Stopping Traffic

Traffic in Melbourne, Australia, came to a halt on Monday morning when a kangaroo and a dog engaged in a mid-road showdown.

Video shows the animals facing off as drivers honk their horns and attempt to get their vehicles around the fight. 17 more words


Better Late than Never

Alas, after three weeks of being here, I’ve decided to start my blog.

Currently I’m in Australia through CIS Abroad.  I’m studying at Bond University, and because of a scholarship I won, am going to keep a blog of my time here of what I see, what I’m doing, how school is going, and just generally, what it’s like living in a foreign country. 560 more words




Kangaroos are marsupials that are native to Australia. They use hopping as their means of getting around. They can travel comfortably at the speed of 12 to 16 mph, but can reach up to 43 mph. 67 more words

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