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Review: Animonda Carny Kangaroo Wet Cat Food

It’s so boring having the same flavours over and over again – there’s only so much chicken or duck a cat can have. Female Human spotted some KANGAROO (!!!!!) cat food on Zoo Plus’s website. 209 more words


Roos And Emus, Oh MY!!

These guys hang out at Victoria’s (Australia) Wild Action Zoo.

Emu Chicks Edi and Eli are just a few days old- and here they are with buddy Reuben The Kangaroo. 63 more words

Kangaroo ~ Article for Kids


Many of God’s magnificent creatures are excellent at sports, but did you know that if they had an Olympic Games for animals, kangaroos would outclass most of them, taking home many gold medals in long jump, high jump, boxing and karate. 1,862 more words

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Why Are All These Kangaroos Staring At Me?

This is so creepy! Even though nothing bad happens. No one in this video is harmed by a kangaroo. It’s just a little bit unnerving. I’m pretty sure I would freak out if any kind of creature stared my down, heck even humans! 129 more words


What can kangaroos tell us about the human race?

Our local paper ran a front page story last week about kangaroos. Not so unusual in Australia, after all there are more kangaroos on this sunburned land than people, so they say. 326 more words


VIDEO: Kangaroos Make Casual Bike Ride Really Creepy

Never really thought of these animals as frightening but this video is really off putting. Its like they were all doing something evil and this guy just stumbled upon them. I would have turned around.