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My First Trip to Australia: Toowoomba

So we landed at the Brisbane airport at night and then had to drive to my uncle’s house. He lives in Toowoomba which is a town on a mountain that apparently started during the mining boom. 666 more words


Aussie Xmas - Melbourne

The bulk of our time in Aus was spent in beautiful Melbourne in Giulian’s childhood home. We were there for nearly two weeks, with a short camping trip in Echuca in the middle. 712 more words

Aussie Roadtripping: Australia Part 2

I’m sitting in a little cafe in Boston today.  It’s cold here… really, really cold with at least a foot of snow on the ground outside.   676 more words


Australia to kill more than a million kangaroos this year. At least 1.5 million were killed in 2015

More than a million kangaroos are expected to be killed in Australia this year as the country launches a mass cull of the creatures in an effort to protect endangered grasslands and wildlife. 457 more words


Driving in Australia

I can’t tell you how to do these things, these are things that you will learn only from doing them yourself!

This is what I’ve learned from driving in Australia: 36 more words