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Olympic Athletes' Village In Rio Has Been Deemed "Uninhabitable"

Just when you thought things in Rio couldn’t get any worse…

Not only do the athletes have to deal with Zika and a super bacteria, but now it seems that… 119 more words


As Jumpy As A Wired Kangaroo

by Lillian Csernica on July 24, 2016

I really don’t like it when people sneak up on me. I have enough anxiety issues as it is. 562 more words


The Last Continent--Terry Pratchett

I vastly prefer the entries in the Discworld series that focus on the witches, but I’m reading the entire series because 1) they’re generally hilarious and 2) I’m a completionist by nature. 338 more words


Maria Island camping trip

It was our first evening on Maria and we had been at the mess hall in Darlington, making dinner and playing table tennis. As we got closer to our tents we saw a possum sitting outside Mo’s tent, munching on a bit of bread. 2,399 more words


"You don’t win friends with salad, you don’t win friends with salad"

Those of us who were watching too much TV in the 90’s may remember Bart and Homer parading around their living room singing these lines which have since become quite a soundbite, particularly with you men out there! 748 more words