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Get bouncing with your very own crochet Kangaroo tail

As well as being perfect for practicing your Kangaroo bouncing, this crochet Kangaroo tail blanket has a very handy pouch. Perfect for keeping your treasures in while wearing it. 37 more words



“Legend says that the kangaroo was blessed with a pouch to take care of its baby when it proved to be the most kind-hearted animal on the continent. 38 more words


Sub tennants

We have the usual assortment of wildlife at our new place: all sorts of birds like magpies, peewees, kites, wagtails and more and of course various lizards and geckos and their prey, innumerable insects; but the first ones to greet us in the yard after we picked up the keys were kangaroos. 172 more words

New Place

New Term. New Country. G'Day!

So… Sydney is gorgeous! I am surprisingly at home here and it’s just been ten days that College has started.

It’s a new term. We started on a high with ‘High Impact Teams.’ What an awesome subject. 592 more words


P is for Pig

Dingos don’t consider themselves afraid of anything, but when dawn’s early light revealed an army of razorback pigs, each with a warrior mouse upon its back, charging at them, they yelped and ran. 867 more words

Short Story

N is for Net

“Oh Bernard, I have a terrible feeling about Androcles. He should have gotten here days ago.”

“Now, now, Miss Bianca, I’m sure he’s fine. He probably just got tied up with something.” 1,326 more words

Short Story

Kangaroo's Underoos

Once I met a kangaroo
When I went down under.
This little charming chap
Was quite the local wonder. 250 more words