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How Does Katy Perry Prefer Her Men...Down There.

Katy Perry is in the new issue of Glamour magazine and among talking about her music, her always changing hair color and more…she also talked about what kind of man grooming she likes on her man. 15 more words


Katy Perry Likes Her Men To Trim Their Pubic Hair: 'I'm Not Into That F--kboy Look'

Men who are looking to date Katy Perry, listen up. The ‘Roar’ singer opened up about her favorite grooming look on a man and it’s trimmed pubic hair! 349 more words

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Cultural (in)sensitivity: wearing a salwar kameez

One of my friends is marrying a Pakistani-Australian Muslim man in a couple of weeks. I’m not completely clear on all the different events that occur as part of an Islamic wedding (this is the first I’ll attend) but I know that I don’t go to the actual wedding ceremony itself. 929 more words

This Prada dress is EVERYWHERE - literally!

Pick up any fashion magazine today and there is something you are almost guaranteed to see. It’s not the gorgeous new Chanel and Louis Vuitton campaigns, it’s a dress – THE dress. 97 more words

Gigi Hadid

Cubicle Crush, Part III

Originally written in September of 2010…

Alex was surprised at how deserted the interstate seemed to be. He was only surprised because of how close to Christmas they now were. 534 more words

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Scream Queens Perfectly Shades Taylor Swift

We’re sure you’ve been keeping up with this premiere seasons best new show: Scream Queens. 243 more words


Interview with Amato Haute Couture

Amato Haute Couture is an international fashion sensation with an immense international celebrity following base. They have unwavering star clients such as, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Cher, and the list just goes one.  1,199 more words

Amato Couture