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Employers Beware – SEC Charges Company for Stifling Whistleblower Activity

Employers conducting internal investigations often have employees sign agreements requiring them to acknowledge the confidential nature of employee interviews. Less common are agreements that prohibit employees from discussing the interview with anyone outside the company on the pain of possible termination for such disclosure. 206 more words


Bakti sosial KBROTHHERHOOD - April 2012

Bakti sosial KBROTHHERHOOD – Khitanan Masal 2012 – April  2012

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Sebuah club para pengendara motor di PT. KBR, yang secara routin mengadakan kegiatan-kegiatan Touring ke beberapa tempat wisata. 85 more words


Hello world!

Hello one and all,

This is the blog to that will be reviewing a new DJ, MC, Artist or Band every week with links to their music and any gigs coming up in the south east of England. 243 more words


The DOG Theme

KBR’s theme for February is DOG. This was my submission. It didn’t make the cut so I thought I’d put it on here. I’ll be honest, it’s not my best work. 518 more words

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BG Group and KBR signs global alliance

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BG Group has signed a global alliance with KBR that will enhance the company’s capacity to deliver commercially attractive oil and gas projects around the world. 287 more words

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Here's Why America Is Broken: $1.5 Trillion Spent For Useless Plane

Now that the holidays are over and I no longer have to quarrel with my crazy conservative relatives, I’ve had time to reflect on some of their outrageous, FOX-fed lies and wild misconceptions. 751 more words

Private Military Companies

Private military companies are essentially armies that are controlled by no one but their shareholders and whoever pays them the most. They’re not about to go anywhere, either—on the contrary, as capitalism marches on, there are more and more of these private armies running around the globe.