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Empathizing With The Gods: My Appreciation For Storytelling In Gaming

The original God of War (2005) game, developed by Santa Monica Studios, was a masterpiece. It brought gamers a new story about revenge, betrayal, and absolute rage, while featuring a phenomenal live orchestra soundtrack, breathtaking graphics, and stunning presentation for its time. 773 more words

Personal Video Game Experience (story)

Kratos the Giant

This summer has been an interesting one for sure. Without my constant shadow following me around I’ve been a bit lost and not my usual self. 298 more words

NECA God of War III Ultimate Kratos Unboxing

I don’t just like cutesy things like Funko Pops, you know. I like all kinds of things, and man…this is one of the coolest things Jason and I have in our collection right here. :D

Tracey Lynn Tobin Writer

God of War is here!

You have no idea, absolutely zero, how excited I am about this. I legitimately got goosebumps as I watched this and proceeded to watch Youtube gameplay videos of the last three God of Wars. 122 more words


Every journey starts with one steps

Just as in any of the awe inspiring fantasy stories and sci-fi books I have ever read started with one simple step. One little direction that the main character never knew would lead to a world much larger and a story much more important than they could ever imagine. 459 more words

An Interview With Cosplayer Mori Cosplays

Hi Readers!

It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Mori Cosplays! Although she’s a relative newbie to the internet cosplay scene; she’s not a newbie to the world of cosplay and this shows by the awesome outfit that inspired me to contact her to appear on the site! 950 more words

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