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Review - God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Ghost of Sparta is the sixth game in the God of War series, and the second portable incarnation, once again developed by Ready at Dawn who, 521 more words


Is There More to Kratos’s Son Than Meets the Eye?

We’ve seen 2 trailers for the upcoming God of War game, and of course they both look fantastic.

We know that Kratos is now somewhere in Scandinavian territory, we know he has a son, and we know that his previously god-like power has diminished since we saw him take down the gods of Olympus. 768 more words


A Brief Analysis On The New Features Of God Of War

Sony’s E3 conference was a massive hit due to its exclusive games. One such exclusive that stood out from the rest, was God Of War. Its announcement trailer raised many an eyebrow in awe and surprise, as a result of the addition of new elements to the game. 580 more words

Everything You Need To Know

The U.S. Air Force is Ready to Try Disposable Drones - $2 Million Each

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❝ The U.S. Air Force’s latest unmanned aerial vehicle is small, stealthy and cheap enough to be essentially disposable. The Low-Cost Attritable Aircraft, or LCAA, could radically change the way the world’s leading air arm wages war.

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E3 and me: God of War

Sony’s Conference is always the highlight of E3 for me.  I’ve talked at length about my preference for Sony consoles and software.  I really like what Sony does in the video game space (with its Playstation brand).   374 more words


God Of War Director, On Kratos’ Beard: 'It Smells Of Pine And Dead Trolls'


The newest God of War hopes to give Kratos some much-needed depth by focusing on character dynamics and new mechanics. Also new: Kratos’ massive, manly beard. 580 more words


God of War Returns to E3

From – Kratos returns to E3 as Sony revealed a new gameplay trailer for the next installment in the God of War franchise. While the footage was new, we definitely witnessed Kratos true to form by slaying countless monsters with a monkey on his back. 8 more words