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God of War 3 remastered for PS4

When I read this news I was really excited!! But then I got sad because I dont have a PS4 :( but still those are really good news for all those… 267 more words

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Pile of Shame Part 1

I own a lot of video games. My Steam library is embarrassing, my backlog on the PS3 is pretty large, and I am sure if I looked around, I probably have stuff on the Gamecube I needed to finish. 1,188 more words

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Feeling - Frustrated, Fulfilled and Friendly today after a long day at work :(

After a great session at @crossfit1664 on Sunday, I woke up Monday to the realisation that I ached all over and had promised to attend a Body Combat session at @andoverleisure 😬….but it was fine 👍🏼…..the session seemed to act well as a stretching session for me as I have very little coordination and therefore could not keep up with the pace of the class 😨😂 …. 361 more words

Train heroic day 1

Day one of week 3 in the train heroic programme……feeling Fit, Fantastic and Focused …

I have just restarted the train heroic programme and already don’t know why I stopped following it before. 262 more words


5 Reasons Everyone Must Buy God of War III Re-mastered

From my original listing at The Average Gamer (check out the site!)

God of War III, released for PS3 in 2010, is a thing of beauty. 684 more words