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Raiden (MK) vs Kratos

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Raiden is a tough thunder god, but Kratos has taken on many deities in the past. Some of them were debatably more impressive than Raiden. 61 more words


Video: God of War I - II - Ascension - III hikayeleri

Bu yazıyı biraz sevinçle yazıyorum çünkü PS4 sipariş ettim ve yanında ‘God of War 3 Remastered’ ve ‘Witcher 3’ü de unutmadım. Uzun yıllar PlayStation’a verilen paraya acıdım ama sonra, yaşamak için para kazandığımız aklıma geldi. 197 more words

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Smexy Cosplayer - Leobane Cosplay [Kratos]

It’s been a while but I’m back, talking about hot and smexy cosplayer!

This is time I’m gonna talk about Leobane Cosplay as Kratos from God Of War. 199 more words



Line work/drawing for a thigh tattoo, inspired by the God of War video game.


God Of War 3: Remastered Review: unnecessary violence gets an unnecessary upgrade

Developer: Sony Santa Monica
Publisher: Sony
Platform: Playstation 4 (Exclusive)

From Cloud’s last battle with Sephiroth in Square’s Final Fantasy VII, to John Marston’s final stand-off against unbeatable odds in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption, to sending a psychotic, sarcastic Glados to the moon in Valve’s beloved Portal 2, there is no question that video game history is chock full of unforgettable, climatic moments (just to name a few). 899 more words


Effortless Kratos vs Scorpian wallpaper super big size mousepad

The textural aspect of flock wallpaper provides another design element, but it is also less durable than vinyl. Despite being washable, scrubbing this wallpaper may remove or damage the flocks on the surface. 259 more words