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10 things you may not know or have known about Kratos

We all known this character many years in the making. We know most things, but there is a lot more than you were unaware of. Let me reveal in my own way… 494 more words

God Of War

New God of War is the Franchise's "Most Brutal" Entry

God of War is returning in glorious fashion thanks to Sony Santa Monica’s overhaul of the PlayStation classic. While the latest entry isn’t technically a reboot, a new and improved version of Kratos will be on display. 242 more words


Daughters and Sons (God of War IV)

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time then you know that I’m a huge God of War fan. At one point it would have been accurate to even call me a fanboy because I thought… 1,593 more words

Video Games

Jason Momoa is Interested in Portraying a Video Game Badass

Jason Momoa, everyone’s favorite bearded Hawaiian actor, is going to be quite busy when it comes to his career of playing badass characters onscreen. 456 more words


Portage Pass

While the tiny town of Whittier, Alaska is only 60ish miles from downtown Anchorage, it requires a paid pass through the longest highway tunnel in North America. 154 more words

Mario goes Christian Bale

It’s the first day of filming for Super Mario Galaxy 2 and tensions are high on set… Yes it’s like filming a movie. Get over it. 885 more words


Kratos gets old and has a beard! In Sony’s upcoming ‘God of war’ video game he’s visibly aged and so NECA has announced a new figure which fits his new appearance. 103 more words