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Mega Dads 2D 11-3: Toddler of War

This week on 2D, Adam does battle with a toddler’s rage.



Hello readers!  ROMP is here and yep, you know I had to get there as soon as I could!  I fell in love with Dead Dollz… 110 more words


10 Most Anticipated Games of 2017

2016 witnessed the launch of some incredible games like Battlefield 1, Watch Dogs, Uncharted 4 & many more but 2017 looks even more promising. While we expect a few new games in 2017  which will make the most of the fresh hardware offered by Microsoft’s Project Scorpio and the Nintendo Switch, there’s still plenty to crave for even if you own the current-generation consoles or a gaming PC. 901 more words


Byron Ice Caves

I have been jonesing to get to the Byron Glacier ice caves at the bottom of the glacier since I learned of their existence. However, a massive boulder field stands between the end of the definitive trail and the caves themselves, which makes for very slow progress during the thawed months. 139 more words

God of War 4 - Gameplay Trailer

Woh, totally missed the boat on this one, somehow. I only stumbled across it when I read this article about possible delays to… God of War 4… 14 more words


Black Friday

Just a few weekends ago I woke to an ice fishing hut engulfing my living room. It was a sight to be seen. That weekend I was out on the ice for my first time and (up until I got violently sick) having a blast. 124 more words