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God of War (2005)

God of War was originally released on the PS2 in 2005. It was re-released on the PS3 four years later, as part of the God of War Collection… 460 more words

God Of War

Episode 5 - Special Post

Hello guys! This is my first special post.

This time we are going to talk about All Stars Battle Royal.

In this game we have to battle other PlayStation bests. 101 more words


Agalloch Continues To Shine, Racks Up Second Raze

In spite of doing the lion’s share of sieging and siege breaking, Tuna leader and TUF co-founder Agalloch continues to have the troops and tactics to succeed in the Death/TUF-Tuna war. 232 more words


Kratos Under Siege By Agalloch Again as Xanthia Targeted For Second Time

More doubling down on siege targets continue in the Death/TUF-Tuna war as Agalloch is once again leading the TUF-Tuna coalition against Kratos’ city of Xanthia. The Herald is reporting on the touch-down of the recent siege: 125 more words


Agalloch on Fire! Head Tuna Siege Breaks 5th Death Siege

Tuna leader and TUF co-founder Agalloch has served as a one-man wrecking crew against Death’s siege attempts, racking up his fifth siege break in a war that is only six days old. 139 more words


Kratos Sieges Agalloch's City of Megadeth in Second Round of Fighting; Gwen Saved Again By Timely Break

The Death/TUF-Tuna war is moving so quickly that some cities are already experiencing their second round of sieges. After Gwen’s city of “going to stand my ground” was re-sieged by Death earlier, the Pawanallpa alliance once again has targeted one of Agalloch’s cities. 134 more words


Tuna Strikes First Blood With Raze Amid Flurry of Siege Breaks

A flurry of siege breaks over the weekend by Death and TUF-Tuna were overshadowed by Agalloch, who racked up the first official raze in the explosive, new Pawanallpa war. 156 more words