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Vegan eats..

My friends also surprised when I shared with them, I don’t face any challenges to eat all festive food even though I am a vegan. I know how to modify the recipe and transform it to vegan version. 96 more words


Happy hour at Pasar TTDI

Last day of Ramadan today.  Having done, in the days past, most of my marketing and cooking, I decided to visit the pasar/market just to observe the activity and the market regulars needling themselves amidst the crowds to buy the necessary items to do their final cooking preps for Hari Raya tomorrow. 271 more words

Malaysian Dishes

Menikmati Lemang To'ki di Bentong-Pahang

Dalam perjalanan pulang selepas mengikuti LDB International 2018 di Lurah Bilut, Ab mengajak saya untuk mampir makan siang di rumah makan yang sangat populer di Bentong, Pahang. 368 more words