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QingMing Part 2

Somewhat a continuation from an earlier post : QingMing

Having to drive 18-20 hours in 2 days is no joke.. but the best thing about going for the trip is of course, getting to eat Malaysian food! 191 more words


Lemang for lunch..

I was craving for lemang for several months.

Lemang is glutinous rice cooked in a hollow bamboo lined with banana leaves. Although you can find lemang in Singapore, they don’t taste the same as the ones found in Malaysia. 186 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Selamat Hari Raya 2015 🎉

Assalamualaikum 😊

1 Syawal

Raya aku bermula pukul 6 pagi macam tu , aku bangun pagi lepastu perut aku sakit sangat dia macam tak boleh tidur semua . 500 more words


Don’t Feast on Calories (too much)!

In just two days, the arrival of the month of Syawal will arrive at our doorstep. This means endless invitations to open houses with various selections of delightful dishes, cookies and drinks. 177 more words