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22 outfits with bra-top!

Hello honeys!
The weather is getting nicer and nicer and i already want to peel off layers of clothing. The sun shines bright so it’s time for us to choose lighter outfits and finaly show some skin! 35 more words

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Mohawk it be

I just cannot remain with the same style for over a fortnight. I had some fun with hubby and he says : No you are not capable of wearing a Mohawk haircut! 7 more words



We’ll see if he consistently puts out good music after his stardom or he just becomes a fad. Song is for sure a banger, can’t even h8. 20 more words


Download Look At Me Now Mp3

Download look at me now mp3

Keep Your Private Videos Private. Now you can securely control who has access to your videos. Now securely control who can access to your videos. 523 more words

Download Jewelry Look At Me Mp3

Download jewelry look at me mp3

Jewelry – Look at me, Jewelry(쥬얼리) – 룩앳미 Look At Me. 3gp Jewelry Look At Me Now video Download, Download music record » AREY AREY HAPPY DAYS HAPPY DAYS ROCK JILL JILL JINGA O MY FRIEND YA KUNDENDU YE CHEEKATI Download Instructions » To download an MP3 (Look At Me) (Full ver.) Download Single File: Jewelry – Look At Me (HD 1080p) Jewelry – Look At Me (HD 1080p Youtube) Name Jewelry.-..迷你专辑.(MP3).rar. 472 more words

Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra - "Earphone & Headphone in My Head - Play 0" / ◕‿◕

Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra – “Earphone & Headphone in My Head – Play 0”

Also known as 蓮沼執太フィル. Their (only) album is on iTunes, it’s called “Time Plays – And So Do We”. 17 more words


Zara new season

The tulle pieces Zara has at the moment are just so beautiful and pretty. They have different prints but with this one , I fell in love with the colours and how you can dress it up and down. 7 more words