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One Year!

We made it!!!  My personal goal was to make it a year with breastfeeding!  And that year also coincides with the end of the school year sooooo no more teachers,  no more books,  no more pumping in my windowless office.   827 more words

Single Mom By Choice

Just Left of Main Street: Disney and Dahl

Many of you will be familiar with the name Roald Dahl. Dahl was a British novelist, short story writer, poet and screenwriter. His works include… 735 more words


#39 - Fear of MMR

We’ve come across reports on autism-linked MMR vaccination jabs and we deliberately delayed this jab. It’s now 4 months later than the prescribed time of jab and we’ve plucked up enough courage to let her go for it. 227 more words


Former CDC Director Julie Gerberding sells Merck Stock for $2.3 Million

corporations own the regulators. regulators inform doctors as to what is safe and healthy.  politicians set laws based on what the regulators tell them is safe and effective. 7 more words


More evidence: No link between Vaccines and ASD

A new peer-reviewed article provides more evidence about the lack of connection between vaccines and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“In this large sample of privately insured children with older siblings, receipt of the MMR vaccine was not associated with increased risk of ASD, regardless of whether older siblings had ASD. 25 more words

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