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Under Pressure - My Chemical Romance & The Used

About time we had a week of wacky cover version again? OK. For the record. The Queen and David Bowie song is, in my opinion. Perhaps one of the top ten greatest pop singles of all time. 223 more words

Ticketmaster introducing 'verified fans' system in Ireland: effective or just more of the same?

Yesterday the news of Ticketmaster’s new ‘verified fan’ system coming to Ireland was all over the internet. The company brought this system into play in 2016 as a response to the difficulties that fans have been facing when trying to buy gig tickets – over loaded servers, ticket touters and programmes designed to gobble up tickets as soon as they go on sale. 761 more words


Embracing a new journey

One of my current works in progress is what I believe is referred to as tween fiction. I say believe, it’s just until I started writing, I had never thought of writing for the tween market, I am not sure I had even considered it existed, but of course it does. 419 more words

The Black Parade Certified 3X Platinum

It’s a proud day for Rock as the classic My Chemical Romance record, ‘The Black Parade’ has been certified 3x Multi-platinum by the RIAA.

This means the record has sold over 3 million copies since it’s release! 15 more words


A non-exhaustive list of the fashion choices I made as a wannabe emo. 

My emo years were formative. By that I mean I hadn’t formed yet. I was desperately awaiting these much fabled boobs to appear (still waiting mother nature so like hurry up plz), I was still in braces, I was somehow gangly and chubby at the same time. 956 more words



I just wanted to show a youtuber who posts covers and original songs. Her name is Emma, and her youtube channel is emmanoodle. She uses ukuleles and pianos. 54 more words

I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

Sometimes I enter this state. It’s a state of nearly no emotion. Maybe a hint of sadness. I feel nothing. It doesn’t visit often and when it does, it doesn’t stay long. 16 more words