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Heaven Help Us by My Chemical Romance: Lyrical Analysis

Before I begin describing this song, I think it’s for the best if you listen to it once. Blast it on your speakers or wear headphones – whichever you prefer. 1,369 more words


A Better Son

You can disdain the band’s high-school-goth lyricism or snicker at their emo-extremist wardrobe but you can’t deny that My Chemical Romance had a flair for the (often needlessly) dramatic. 305 more words


Special Review #78 - 'The Black Parade' - My Chemical Romance

The Black Parade
Album by My Chemical Romance
Released October 23 2006
Power Pop / Pop Rock / Alt Rock
Produced by Rob Cavallo / MCR… 1,680 more words


My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

We get more into this album on Episode 97 of the Pod. So, check that out on any podcast app.

This is the third album by My Chemical Romance, and was released in 2006. 337 more words


Music: Song of the Day.

So everyday I am slowly introducing my favourite bands and songs to you. Today I introduce my favourite band of all time.

Today’s choice is “Helena” by My Chemical Romance. 66 more words


So it's been a while (RIP, oops)

Hi if you’re reading this!

First of all, I should probably reintroduce myself: I’m Francesca, I started The Webways back in 2012 as an MCR fansite sharing fan art and projects and the like. 174 more words

My Chemical Romance

Prince George, Tomorrow's My Chemical Romance Fashion Icon :

Not being much of a Royalist in recent years (as a youngster I adored Diana and I remember entering pavement drawing contests to celebrate anniversaries and loving getting commemorative mugs, so I’m not anti, more just *shrug* and well, i remember that photo of you Harry DRESSED AS A NAZI. 84 more words