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My Rock Playlist

Here is my rock playlist :) Hope you enjoy listening to some songs in that. xoxo


Throwback Thursday!

I thought I should dedicate this Throwback Thursday to My Chemical Romance, as the band’s The Black Parade album celebrates its 10-year anniversary in three days. 74 more words


Chapter 12

Pigshit knew he had to put the meeting with Mitchell out of his mind. Worry about it later. Deal with it later. He cranked up… 357 more words


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Seven (Deadly?) Songs to Add to Your Halloween Playlist

Halloween is nigh!

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Song Quote of the Day: 10/15

“Generation Nothing, nothing but a dead scene/Product of a white dream/I am not the singer that you wanted, but a dancer/I refuse to answer/Talk about the past, sir/Wrote it for the ones who want to get away.”

– My Chemical Romance, “Sing”

My Chemical Romance - Na na na (Na na na na na na na na na)

Look alive, sunshine
One-oh-nine in the sky
But the pigs won’t quit
You’re here with me: Doctor Death-Defy
I’ll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter… 433 more words

My Chemical Romance