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The Black Parade is DEAD! Long Live My Chemical Romance.

It’s one of those things in my life I’ll never forget. I was going through a bit of a rough patch when it happened.

I went to quite the working class school, where a lot of my peers were so stereotypical you could easily slot them into labelled boxes and be done with it. 1,572 more words



Well, hello everybody. I’m Samantha, but I go by Sam. Born on May 4th, but without the force (you get a cookie if you get this reference). 222 more words


Honoring My Disenchantment

You’re just a sad song with nothin’ to say
About a life-long wait for a hospital stay
Well, if you think that I’m wrong,
This never meant nothing to ya…

711 more words

I let bands break my heart more than any guy ever could...

No one wants to see their favorite band break up, but I seem to have this deadly curse that’s meant I’ve gone through it four times. 831 more words


Cultural Assumptions on My Chemical Romance

We all have those songs we just can’t shake off from high school, I can strongly say My Chemical Romance was at the top of the top on my books. 402 more words

#StudySaturday- Goal Setting

Let’s face it, we aren’t motivated people. Motivation is hard to find. This edition of #StudySaturday is all about setting these goals.

1- Set Reasonable Goals… 403 more words


That One Emo Kid: A Gerard Way Photo Compilation

I really, really like Gerard Way. If I had the opportunity to meet anyone, it would be a tie-in between Gerard and Tyler Joseph. I don’t even know how I’d choose. 89 more words