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“Eddy Messiah Wesonyiwe Bobi Wine Ne Kyaggulanyi Family”

Eddy Messiah in the middle of H.E Bobi Wine (Left) and Eddy Mutwe,
Body Guard of Bobi Wine (Right) … 332 more words

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Unfinished, are Surinam’s elections

Again, a no to EU taxations

The Sun shines as in Nice, Madrid

So, global warming hasn’t slid



George Floyd and Minneapolis

“High tensions in U.S. as ethnic clashes continue; security forces fire on crowds on backdrop of 100,000 dead, right-wing terrorism, and rampant street executions of minorities.

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South America Becomes "Epicentre" Of COVID-19 Pandemic - WHO

The World Health Organisation’s director for the Americas has warned that the coronavirus epidemic is accelerating in the region and it’s expected that Brazil’s death toll will reach 125,000 by early August. 295 more words

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WHO Suspends Testing For Trump-Endorsed COVID-19 Drug

Testing for the drug that Donald Trump has touted as an effective treatment for coronavirus and claims to be taking, hydroxychloroquine, has been brought to a halt over fears that it may be dangerous. 388 more words

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I just wonder ~ has anybody

Missed this one topic, everybody

Has on their lips?

Corona fear, grief, tips



COVID-19 Can Help Tackle The Ecological Crisis And Begin A Green Recovery

While the world is absorbed with the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing ecological crisis is intensifying. Confronting environmental threats through green recovery strategies can ease immediate health and economic concerns and prevent future threats. 1,685 more words

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