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[BlogTour] Giveaway Winner - Bad Romance by Equita Millianda

Selamat Hari Minggu.

Hayooo, sudah pada nungguin pengumuman giveaway Bad Romance pastinya, kan? Hehehe. Maaf ya nunggu lama, saya baru sempat nge-post hari ini. :) 302 more words


Book Review | The Road by Cormac McCarthy

It’s been a while since I actually sat down and read this book. I did so the first (and last) time for a University class, and I wasn’t too disappointed, but it didn’t do much in way of impressing me either. 519 more words


Book Review: 'We Were on a Break' by Lindsey Kelk

I’ve always been an ardent reader of Lindsey Kelk’s. From the first of the ‘I Heart’ series, I’ve stuck along. ‘About a Girl’ even made it to my favourite reads that formed a sort of a refuge from a crazy life. 510 more words


Review : Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

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This book healed my wounded heart. 671 more words


'Disclaimer' Review

‘Disclaimer’ was a brilliant novel. One thing that Renee Knight did really well in her novel was create such amazing suspense, and kept it going for the entire novel. 478 more words