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Brother/Sister Short Story (Title TBD)


“Get out, loser!” I scream and pound on the bathroom door. For God’s sake, he’s been in there for like half an hour. What could he be doing? 3,742 more words


86. People are leaving the castle 

Now that Facebook is up and running again, people seem to be in a lot more contact. It’s really nice to be able to see how people are getting on, and interesting to see how different people are embracing the end of this terrible event.  488 more words

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Stew Stunes


So, I’ve been locked out of my website! It was a technical glitch that I couldn’t get them to fix for me. I had to do Kung Fu, Yoga, and gymnastics to find my way back to you, which means the old page disappeared into the ether, lost forever! 248 more words


The Woman in Black, by Susan Hill

In Brief: On the east coast of Victorian England, a young solicitor gets well and truly haunted. 436 more words

Big Mother 40 and Render Harmless by Marc Liebman

After I finished reading Cherubs-2, Marc Liebman’s book that was billed as the third in a series with Lt. Josh Haman as the main character, I looked up other books in the series, which I swiftly realized were written and published earlier than the third book. 183 more words


Forty Years of Star Wars

It is not easy for me to accept how much time has passed since the release of the first Star Wars movie, 25 May 1977, forty years ago. 1,208 more words