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Reading List 2015

Untuk hidup yang lebih berwarna, mari membaca karya-karya yang luar biasa!


  1. ULYSSES by James Joyce
  2. THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald…
  3. 638 more words

Writing Update #2

I realize that lately I’ve mainly been doing writing ‘updates,’ so sorry for that, but hopefully soon I’ll be actually making some progress on here XD… 131 more words



“Do you know who began the first war?”


“No,” Sascha said tenderly, “We did.”

“Why…” Cohnal struggled to find his voice. “Why would we do that?” 35 more words


In the Clouds [character test -001]

The radio sings with a rasp, tuned just one click from a clear signal. Halfheartedly, he directs the smoke from his lips out the small opening of the car window. 309 more words

Creative Writing

Why do we read stories?

When do we stop reading stories? A friend of mine told me that she used to read lots of novels, and stories from different types and cultures but she stopped when she got married. 219 more words


The Sixth Man - Episode 111

Andre, Finally

“You are our brother,” Berta said, “and Rene and Claude are your brothers.”

“Come in, come in,” Danni grabbed Charles arm and pulled him up the steps to the house and led him into the kitchen. 675 more words


A Book I Want To Write

Title Options – The Wonderer; Following the Storm; Living Life Blindly;

Core Idea –

Without notice a girl sets out on a journey of her own wondering her way through random situations. 69 more words