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It's Called "Writer's Block" for a Reason

I once thought having writer’s block meant having to refill my creative well. I thought it meant that I was stuck on a project because I had nothing to move forward with and that I would have to do anything necessary to find the next spark that would move the writing forward. 225 more words

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My Eighth Win

I have joined the winners’ circle! My story is only just now getting started, however. My characters have sought the advice of a wise older character and are armed with the knowledge they need to begin their quest. 147 more words


Family Life: Akhil Sharma

Akhil Sharma was my third Ubud Festival writer (so apparently the festivals work) and he rocked.  Family life is a touching immigrant story written with humor and wit.  107 more words

Book Reviews

a wedding invitation

the base of the glass jar was wide, perhaps four inches across at both ends and made a round end as it travelled up towards the long neck, a gentle circular spout opened up with a trail of white smoke escaping the tip. 12,046 more words


Chapter 6 - What Lies Between Two Worlds

July, 1953.

Dana? Dana? Come here please… Right away.

Yes mother, here I come.

Dana, did you remember to wring out the wash and hang it out to dry? 1,803 more words


Chapter 1: Moonshine Apartments

Clara Williams’ sturdy legs touched the ground as she stood up to face her residence for a year: Moonshine Apartments. The place looked stunning, if not unnecessarily stunning. 4,012 more words


Shane by Jack Schaefer

Does Shane die at the end?  This question was the subject of passionate debate in the faculty room last week.  The school year is almost over.  722 more words

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