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Mid-Week Jazz Show

Here is music that is as timeless as Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff. I’ll play this forever. Miles Davis – So What.


Mother's Day, Part Seven (Excerpt XXIII)

1-9-4-3.[1] Four storeys left to climb. Not a single pistachio left. My shooting days are over. Prodigality was a problem for me even in my youth. 4,709 more words


Don't Judge (Nothing Special Book 4) by A.E. Via

Basic Premise

Narcotics cop Michaels screws up a bust and his informant goes missing. Hotshot bounty hunter Judge is brought in to help find the missing man. 187 more words


February - Us

While I began this novel in February, I only finished it last night. It definitely did not grab my attention, although once I began reading it again last night I couldn’t put it down. 291 more words


Through War, United #7

Through War, United is not currently available for purchase.

“She is still asleep!”

Elsie was jolted awake by a terrible cry. In her dizziness she could not make sense of the wet mass that clung to her, which kept her from rising. 833 more words


In the Distance (In the Kitchen Book 3) by Nikka Michaels

Basic Premise

Older guy with commitment issues (Trevor) meets young culinary student who spreads himself too thin by working too much, volunteering too much, and going to school (Tyler). 316 more words


Louisa Locke - Maids of Misfortune (2009)

When I bought this, I had originally thought it was a non-fiction book about the lives of domestic maids living in Victorian San Francisco. Instead I found myself reading a, quite sloppy, murder mystery set in Victorian San Francisco. 252 more words