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Season to Taste

Author: Natalie Young

What do you do after you have murdered your husband in your garden with a spade? There is no spoiling happening here. The fact that you know the Lizzie Prain has bludgeoned her husband is a given. 450 more words


Book Review: Hold Me by Susan Mallery

Hold Me is the perfect romantic read that readers will never want to stop reading. Both main characters struggle with the issue of letting their feelings fall where they may and just take whatever happens to them. 245 more words

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Dune by Frank herbert

Science fiction is not my usual genre and I had some serious doubts when I first picked Dune up in 2012, the first time I read it.   584 more words

Cavaria: The Great Disaster- Chapter 8: The river crossing

The golden wheat from the farms opposite the river contrasted with the light green fields before. Since the group of fresh battalions had travelled out of their bases it was the same story: green grass, golden fields of wheat and on the horizon dense forests, surprisingly green for autumn. 5,384 more words


February Favourites

Did you guys know that I also make videos?  They come out slightly more regularly than my novels…


Kindle Singles and the Future of the Novella

I like novellas, and I really hate that they get a bad wrap. Just because something is short and to-the-point doesn’t make it any less complex or interesting. 458 more words

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