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2018 Indochina Overland plan: Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

This Indochina overland plan comprises 4 countries, and yet to be finalized.  Based on quick research, I garner all stop points and international border crossings in one place just to get concise ideas regarding dos/don’ts, time, travel requirements and places. 247 more words


Perlis Travels: Harum Manis - The Sweetest Mangoes Ever!? + Cheap Shopping @ Padang Besar / Rock Melon Plantation

Hey guys!

We’re in Perlis for work – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun. :D

After filming wrapped up at the palace, we were taken on a tour of sights around the state. 384 more words


Work Trip To Perlis - Interviewing the Royal Fam

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates – currently on holiday in Manila :D

I’m taking some time off from exploring the city (it’s been raining like crazy the past few days) – so here’s my recent experience traveling to the northern Malaysian state of Perlis for work. 536 more words


Review: Blackwood Cafe & Chocolate, Kangar, Perlis

Big city girl that I am, I admit I was a bit on my high horse when I went to Perlis, expecting this boring, quaint little town where shops close at 8 and everyone goes to sleep at 10. 421 more words


Perlis Travels: Jambatan Tuanku Syed Putra, Kuala Perlis

We live in a glorious age, where information is readily available through this thing called Google.

So I was stumped when I couldn’t find ANY… 245 more words


7 Things To Do In Perlis, Malaysia's Smallest State

I think a lot of Malaysians living in the Klang Valley have never ventured beyond the confines of our little bubble, other than to the usual Penang/Ipoh/Melaka tourist spots. 1,068 more words


Freak Of The Week

At the pace things are moving in the country, citizens who turn off their smartphone for an hour, risk missing an earth-shattering moment in Malaysian history. 710 more words