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Train Station

I went to sit on a bench,
At the train station
With a lot of people,
Nei wanted to go elsewhere.

Tele tele to a deserted place, 47 more words

Travel of the Wind

The wind travels everywhere;
Egypt, Greece, Sumeria, anywhere.
I wish I had the knowledge from
The wind in its best song…

Tribute to the Lady - Part 2

Woman of divine light,
Goddess with infernal might.
Beauty and wisdom at all,
If you need Her, just call.

Tribute to the Lady

Cloaked in splendid white light,
Was the Lady, was my soul.
And when the truth approached,
I escaped, and left the dream.

Poem 2



A feeling not quite right

There’s something missing

The light, the light

It calls and hounds and

Follows me through

Making sure I don’t forget you. 36 more words


Once Upon A Time In Makati

Hindi na ako magigising ng maagaaaaaaaaa.
Kasi tapos na ang summer OJT ko sa Makati! Yehey! Parang kahapon lang nangayayat ako dahil sa parito paroon kakahanap ng mapapasukan. 1,168 more words