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I’m not quite sure if I wanna talk about this, somehow I find what was in my head is a bit disturbing, and I think I have only mentioned it once with P., but not all of it. 254 more words

UPDATE on my life

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I said in my resolutions that i’ll try to write more blog posts this years but it seems I’m doing the exact opposite. 158 more words


Powerful Poetry!

Don’t say “Smile!” Don’t say “Forgive!” It is not your ADVICE TO GIVE! My peace Will come from The depths of me In the ways I NEED.

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When dealing with others who are toxic

Do not expect to receive something from someone who doesn’t have what you want.

This quote has been running through my mind all day today.  The things you have to tell yourself after dealing with a particularly toxic member of my family.  798 more words


So What Do You Want To Be?

‘What do you want to do with your life?’

‘What are you gonna do with your life?’

‘When are you going to sort your life out?’ 1,199 more words


30 Day Music Challenge! (for stress reliever)

So, I’ve been stressing out lately because of some scholarships applications and such. Man, all of those things are giving me headaches.

Actually, I’ve been planning to do this since like 2 weeks before but I held myself in because of SPM results day. 527 more words


A Short Update

So, here I am yet again… chronically late when it comes to writing. I had the best of intentions of writing at least once a month this year, but that got shot up pretty early. 641 more words