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Poetry Vault: "City of Angels" (06/01/16)

“City of Angels” (06/01/16. North Hollywood, CA.)
Do you ever feel that you’re being used?You search and dig and pray for clues

And hope to god they see you’re something more… 92 more words


Of men and land

Once I wrote a poem, and called it “to all the men I’ve slept with”. It wasn’t the sort of poem you might think. It was about leaving the city and going North, as far North as you can go in this country, to stand on a green cliff and look at the sea. 1,040 more words


They Surprised Me!

Last night turned out so nice! Dan took me out to eat at this really nice place, then made us go back home even though I really didn’t want to because I wanted to go out (which made me a bit annoyed), but when I got back everyone was here with American flags and everything!😭 Made me so happy! 66 more words



Who did this

How we catch up

My favourite Friends Atm

I pity the children who didn’t get to experience life w/o internet or Unknown callers and tacky awesome clothes in the 90s… 41 more words


Reader, I married a Christmas tree

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if you put together fifteen people in their early twenties from all over the world in a cosmopolis like Paris, things will eventually become either strange or reality television-worthy. 687 more words