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Colors of Fall

This week’s post include some photos that display the beauty of Fall.



Pupmkin everything

Photo by Pixabay on

Enjoy, until next time . . .


"An interest of mine..."

Writing fiction is rarely easy to do. If it were, there would never be an unwritten or unfinished novel out there. So, of course, writing is a challenge… and sometimes it does feel far more challenging than it does at other times: 777 more words


Images from the 142nd annual Deerfield Fair

Anyone who went to the Deerfield Fair this year probably thought the same thing I did. Is this thing worth sitting in hours of traffic for? 87 more words


"Who Do You Think You Are?"

The Mrs. and I ended up somehow conversing lightheartedly the other day about nationality. She is English and Irish. I am, well, it is more complex… 1,142 more words


Tri-Haiku II (Seagull)

In a summer sky
Wings spread wide to swoop and soar
Seagull flying by 27 more words


The weekend before last

Mega relatable meme, throwback to Colombia and Morocco. Solo drinking in Alphabet City and a beach wedding