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CB&W - Black And White Cat - Photography

It helps to have a black and white cat to start with.

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In The Early Morning Quiet

“Good, I like that. What a struggle. I think maybe I’ve finally got that…”

“If I might say, sir, I know I am not the novelist, and I wish not to intrude, but I have my deep concerns about your plans, that if such is practicable…” 568 more words


Photo: Peace in the Storm

There are times when a break is needed but you just can’t “find” the time.  I learned recently when a break is needed, it’s exactly what you get. 173 more words


Baker Creek Seed Festival (another year!)

Well, I was thinking it had been a while since I’d done a picture post. And looking back in my post archives, lookie here I had a draft with pictures already in it that I just hadn’t posted yet. 129 more words