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Central Canada Comic Con 2017

Ok so just a little bit late as due to time management skills starting to Suck big time. And well it was A nice clamer but not without its negative moments . 201 more words

Ramblings By Perry

5 Things You Should Know About High School Basketball.

High School Basketball is fast paced yet still untouched (mostly) by the ego laden showboating and peacocking seen in college and pro ball these days. Still, if you’re going to watch more than one high school basketball game there are some (albeit mostly satirical) things you need to know: 389 more words


Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow was the perfect starting place in Scotland. It’s architecture is both imposing and beautiful. I noticed how 19th-century Victorian architecture themes dominated the city, from the Glasgow City Chambers, the main building of the University of Glasgow, and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. 199 more words

Multimedia Production

The Perfect Adventure

The city of Belfast is the capital and largest city in Northern Ireland, and the second largest city on the island of Ireland. I believe Belfast offers some of Ireland’s best cultural, coastal, and political attractions. 294 more words

Multimedia Production


Paste Thai restaurant per some websites is one of the best in Bangkok…….


It’s so close to the office too so why not try it? 231 more words


Tuesday Food!

This Tuesday is technically the office Monday (“It’s president’s daaaayyyy!” said a buzzed friend in the Cabella’s parking lot at 1 pm last President’s Day. Totally acceptable because it was a holiday.) Mondays call for LARGE coffees.

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