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Cosmas Curry?! / Luck Be In The Air Tonight?! / Gangsta Rap Coloring Book?!

From Julie: Cosmas Curry?!

From Janina: If you didn’t get “Luck Be In The Air Tonight” on this WHEEL OF FORTUNE puzzle, the Internet has probably ruined you. 6 more words


Lakeside Great Wall

Early this month we had a short break and decided last minute to join a trip to The Great Wall. We have been very busy and really haven’t done any tourist sightseeing stuff in a long while. 431 more words


Worm 🐛 's Eye View of an Airplane

In this case, I was the ‘worm’ 🙄 and this here is my eye-view. A Qatar Airways Cargo plane, BTW, as it flew overhead.

Sketches And Photographs

A Bird Flanked by Birds

An Indian Roller (Blue Jay) rests, while its friends (?), a couple of Rose-ringed Parakeets flank it! One of the parakeets, you will notice, is sharpening its beak on the lightning arrester. 30 more words

Sketches And Photographs