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Kites "αετός" - good all year around

Today if you plan on joining the multitudes headed for the countryside to fly kites, you will need a very very light one. There simply ain’t enough wind. 230 more words

Geography - Land And Sea

Postcards from Galway

All photos by P.J. McKenna

Just a quick post to share some photos. These were all taken by my husband P.J around our home town of Galway. 29 more words

County Galway

Miscellaneous Birds and Some More Words on Aperture (Three Photographs)

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A Flicker, Green Heron and a House Finch. All of these were taken at apertures between F5.6 and F8 with a 200-500mm lens on an APC cropped sensor. 226 more words


Here we go again 

After #StormDoris it’s #StormEwan now 🙄.

It has been raining since yesterday night but at least the winds haven’t been bad so far (touch wood) and my wheelie bins haven’t made any attempts at their escape (touch wood again).


What I ate in Moscow! White Rabbit a top 50 restaurant in the world!

I am not shitting you when I am saying this restaurant called White Rabbit is a top 50 in the entire world. I am not making this up! 331 more words


Look Who's Back!

Springing up like new again, just in time for autumn, is this lovely flower, Nerine Bowdenii. Hooray!

It appears so suddenly, that it takes you by surprise: one day nothing, the next day there it is! 62 more words


Giekie Gorge(ous)

We travelled to Fitzroy Crossing, in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, far to the north. The roads are suitable for front wheel drive and there is many an experience to be had in this lovely area. 320 more words