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Shed a Light


Dress: Le fil casse @TheArcade

Shoes: Breathe @TheArcade


Garter: Le fil casse @TheArcade

Arm Harness: Pixicat


Hair: Lamb @TheArcade

Head: Fiore

Body: … 37 more words

Vacation Home.

Build: tarte. church greenhouse – Luxe Box – June
Curtains: ionic : Translucent curtain [A]
Beaded Curtain: dust bunny . wood beaded curtain
Rug: 7, … 144 more words



I’m glad the sun is out…unlike the other day. Recently, I’ve been watching a show called, Mulawin vs. Ravena. It’s a Filipino fantasy series about avian creatures at war with each other. 108 more words

Second Life

In Your Eyes

In your eyes
The resolution of all the fruitless searches
In your eyes
I see the light and the heat
In your eyes
Oh, I want to be that complete…

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Second Life

Sup My Beaches?

I was recently accepted as a blogger for Aisling and Voluptas Virtualis and this is my first official post for them. You’ll remember previously I had said I wasn’t applying anywhere else to be a blogger, and that is true. 499 more words

HDPE cap Bambu Putih Susu. Uk. Jumbo

Uk. 40×65 tebal. sangat cocok untuk kantong baju atau sayur dll. Bisa juga untuk kantong sampah. Kwalitas terjamin

Rp 29.000/bks

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561- the smell of ash and incense

Mahogany Hutch RARE – Plastik *coming soon to Arcade
Shimma Cloches – Plastik *coming soon to Arcade
Swivel Hourglass – Plastik *coming soon to Arcade… 209 more words