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PM&R (W3D5)

Sadly, our time in the Rehabilitation Department has come to an end! We spent our morning learning about different myofascial release techniques from Dr. Wong. Since we covered several techniques in OMM already (e.g. 300 more words

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Day 4

Today was a short one since the PTs would be too busy with patients. In the morning, Joe and I both got to try out Short Wave therapy, which uses electromagnetic waves running through two coils to produce heat in the tissues between the coils, with the aim to alleviate pain and joint stiffness. 240 more words

PM&R (W3D4)

Today was all about sports medicine! Because Drs. Wong and Chen don’t see many athletes at Taipei Hospital, we became their guinea pigs for the day… I suppose I needed the workout anyways! 274 more words

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Day 3

Today Linda introduced use to Vertebral Traction. Joe received Lumbar Traction and I received Cervical Traction. The machines straddles either your hips or your head, and slowly elongates your spine. 335 more words

PM&R (W3D3)

Every morning, Dr. Wong (another physical therapist) has been teaching us about a different treatment modality. After yesterday’s interesting experience with silver spike point electrotherapy, I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive walking into the Rehabilitation Department. 287 more words

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Day 2

Today the PT department had its hands packed. Walking around the floor felt like we were back in the Shiling Night Market, but the food stands were replaced with exercise machines, and the customers replaced with patients. 543 more words

PM&R (W3D2)

The morning of PM&R Day 2 was all about kinesiology taping! Although I’ve used athletic tape for bouldering, I was surprised at how different this modality was in both form and function.  387 more words