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Tips-Tips Belajar

Ok hari ni aku nk cerita pasal tips belajar ~ orang selalu tanye aku ape tips belajar aku & jawapannye adalah ENTAH… sebab cara aku belajar same je mcm budak2 sekolah yg lain. 1,426 more words

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How to select appropriate traces profiles

When using the accelerator, there are sometimes error situations that cannot be easily resolved using interfaces such as Accelerator Studio or the configuration console. At this time a customer opens a PMR (Problem Management Record) which is used for communication between the customer and the support. 318 more words

Open Letter from the PMR to Poroshenko in Response to His offer to Help Integrate Them into Moldova


We, Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) citizens, were quite surprised by the manifested concern for the restoration of historic state borders from P A Poroshenko… 187 more words


The B-PMR (Business Partnership for Market Readiness) is an IETA strategic initiative

The B-PMR aims to support and share the development of good business practices in the operation and/or design of market based instruments to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in new jurisdictions that are developing emissions trading and carbon pricing policies. 81 more words


Dynascan DB-M14 Dual Band Radio

159 Euro for a dual band mobile radio with a commercial radio receive from 88-108MHz then along comes this model from Dynascan. 10w power, 199 memory channels and more importantly if the radio is unlocked then it has the 6.25KHz step that you need for the PMR mode (illegal so don’t use it and don’t be naughty… 102 more words

Amateur Radio

SG Lewis x "Warm"

Rarely do you get a track title that fits so perfectly with the nature of the song it’s describing. Yet, as the case with SG Lewis‘ newest offering, it seems hard to think of a more suitable name than “Warm”. 83 more words


New on PMR Beat Club; SG Lewis//

Something keeping us Warm over here in LA on a rare cloudy day is the new track from SG Lewis, downbeat but still uplifting.

SG Lewis – ‘Warm’