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Levy statements in sectional title schemes

By Dr Carryn Melissa Durham

I was inspired to write this article after reading a recent post on the Paddocks Facebook page.

The questions which arise from this post are : 748 more words


Harico GT-488 136-174 / 400-480

This to me looks very Baofeng’ish and I’m told this is a special version for Harico as it comes with higher power output than normally. Information shows 5w VHF and 4w UHF with the usual frequency range of 136-174 and 400-480mhz and comes with the usual FM radio from 76-108Mhz and can be programmed by CHIRP I’m told. 92 more words


Physical Activity in the Very Young Child

Worldwide, the prevalence of overweight people continues to rise. Especially, the increase in overweight children is of great concern. In 2000, 10% of all children aged 5-17 were overweight, a total of 155 million. 338 more words

Medical Rehabilitation

How long IS 3 years?

How long is 3 years?

Three years ago this month my life began the first step of a 360 degree turn.

I was spiritually lost, depressed, medicating, financially broke and desperate to break the cycle of mere existence, but with no ideas how. 2,006 more words

Tips on how to calm down

First things first, let me just say that you should NEVER tell an anxious, upset or angry person to calm down. It’s basically the sure-fire way of ensuring that the opposite of calm occurs. 273 more words


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Day 5

Today was a pretty short day. Joe and I got to try the traction machines once more, with me for my lumbar spine, and Joe for his cervical spine. 381 more words