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A Grandfathers Heart

He can’t wait to see your nose
He can’t wait to count your toes…

Butterfly kisses waiting for you
The same given to another
Her mother… 106 more words


Love Banana (to be sung in a calypso style to the tune of Galway Bay)

Be sure to write your love songs on bananas
cos kiwis dont go easy on your pen
and if you make a mistake with your feelings… 9 more words



Need some water

Feel in deep

Swim into

Water waves

Morning heat

Erase with

Cold water tub

Author's Corner


It’s so easy, isn’t it?
Putting people in frames
and saying that
we know the face
behind the mask?

Why do we constantly
forget that there… 11 more words


Star Studded Sky

You went

Told me

That you
Just didn’t

Love her

But now

Showing me

That you

Not long

You just
Went and… 517 more words


Agni (sharmishtha basu) Talks about Movie and Music 19.3.18 Casablanca

I know, I know what you are about to say, most probably, if you are my generation or earlier, “Show me some one who does not loves Casablanca.” 282 more words

Sharmishtha Basu

Tanka 18058

Dare not blame the stars,
Hydrogen and helium,
Warming existence,
Blame romanticized notions ,
False leads of forever love
~ Eugenio Saenz Jr.