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Rap-a-rella: The Mc's Pain-intro

The MC talked about his relationship with God

Like he had found a buddy,

Saying, God is my homey brother,

Big Ted when I’m in bed… 21 more words


Black and white

My mind The way it sees

The world


Dealing with it all

I’ve come to learn

Is not like most
I don’t know how … 89 more words


I’ll wander tomorrow,
the next day,
today –
never to where I want to be
but the risks of that road
are not mine to take… 29 more words

Poetic Drivel


Something on my knee
Red dots on the ceiling roam
“Ladybug season”


I traveled through valleys and deserts
In search for you love
I questioned every circle of Hell
And explored the heavens above

But my efforts came to no avail… 20 more words


What words must I say
To gain your time of day
I’ve dreamt of it many nights
We kiss under New Year lights
Months pass with happiness… 59 more words


Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You’re trying too hard kid. Alright, look this way.

What you do is close your eyes and think of the thing you’ve… 80 more words