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I’m a busy person and I’m sick of you today
Just because I don’t respond to you in two minutes
Doesn’t mean I won’t respond…

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“Good things come,” I said,

“In small packages,” hugging her again.

“Like haiku, And you.”

Suicide Wrapped in the Scent of White Florals By Rachael Gay

Suicide Wrapped in the Scent of White Florals

My skeletal hand forever reaches forth.
It holds fast to the railroad spike,
rescued from the tracks… 177 more words


Away From Here

Worlds beaken me,

a outcast of all don’t you see,

I am sitting on the outside looking in,

I am never connecting, never in.

Although I walk with others, 143 more words

The Arts

The Currency of Words

And those gathered asked many questions
thinking that as he was a poet
he would surely give them comfort

He ignored them until at length… 191 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘You’re trying too hard kid. Alright, look this way.

What you do is close your eyes and think of the thing you’ve… 80 more words