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Frantically searching for answers

To questions not yet asked

Waiting for a bite on the line

I haven’t even yet cast

Urgently grasping for minutes… 33 more words


To my St.Martins Summer

We were always ahead in time.

We were there in my dreams that I had after watching that movie.
A dream that I dont remember that much.  196 more words


Muscles weaved between

tendons, skin, last month’s pizza

& cheese cake giggles.


Agosto 22

Dapat ba akong nandito?
Tatlong buwan ko nang tanong
Atat nang lumaya,
Wala nang saknong-saknong

Dapat ba akong nandito?
Bakit parati akong humihingi ng tulong? 9 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

‘Play the game.’ I see what you

did there. Writing rules for the many,

creating consequence for those unwilling to

listen. Moderation for the few, the handpicked. 43 more words



Dear head of mine, will you ever not cause me pain?

Will you ever let me think rationally? Will you ever let me be sane? 125 more words


One more minute becomes one more hour
Cause one of your smiles is like a blooming flower
The hours soar and I still hunger for more… 151 more words