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Who Made the Fucking Rules?


A.M.J. Estévez-Visscher

Get it? Who decided who can fuck whom? Seems like a fair question. Is it we, the people? Or is there an agenda here? 532 more words



I have fought long and hard with myself over this, and I’ve yet to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Maybe it’s the fact I grew up reading books where love came in many forms, where stories were set in an era where polyamory was the norm, so I never questioned that one could love many and really mean it. 515 more words


Polygamy, my stance and knowledge.


involves marriage with more than one spouse. When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, it is called polygyny…

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Life As We Know It

ymf book review: carol lynn pearson's "the ghost of eternal polygamy"

My first experience with the doctrine of polygamy came when I was in 6th grade. I was quite the book nerd, and I took it upon myself to read through my mom’s… 1,019 more words

There's probably more than one person out there for you.

Disclaimer. This whole piece is a concept. It’s a thought exercise I roll around in my head. I’m not going to leave my wife. I’m not going to cheat on my wife. 1,177 more words


Polygamy vs Polyandry

What makes Polygamy more acceptable in society than Polyandry?Polygamy refers to the practice of a man having more than one wife AKA a plural marriage. Polyandry on the other hand refers to the practice of one wife having multiple husbands.  258 more words