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How come most of the brothers we hear going on about polygamy being their right, and it being part of the sunnah cannot even establish the sunnah over their own chin and cheeks and grow a beard? 135 more words


A Rebuttal to Dr. Stephen Kim’s “Divorce and Remarriage”

While many Christian’s believe that adultery is the only reason that God allows for divorce few Christians take the position that Dr. Stephen Kim does in advocating for people to divorce their second spouse and either attempt to reconcile with their first spouse or remain celibate while their first spouse still lives. 4,172 more words


Matchmaking at its worst

So my friend who is a Muslim matchmaker has been trying to introduce me to a Muslim man for marriage. He suggested a man to me last week with immigration problems. 259 more words


Stillness Exercises

Today, is a day I can’t sit still. I tried!

Mr. Therapist, I tried to sit and we did have a good chat.  You got to read some of what I have written in the last two weeks, whoo hoo.  71 more words



By Dr. Stephen Kim

“He must not take many wives, or his heart will be led astray.” (Deut 17:17)

Can a Christian man marry multiple wives? 1,264 more words

Feds raid Utah polygamous family's businesses

SOUTH SALT LAKE — Federal agents raided numerous businesses tied to the Kingston polygamous group, seizing boxes of financial records.

Sources tell FOX 13 the investigation is targeting the group’s vast business interests. 600 more words