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Double Standards And How They Screw Both Genders Over

A couple years ago, I took a trip to New Orleans. While I was there, I frequented many bars on Bourbon Street, as many people do when they visit the Big Easy. 1,565 more words

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Talaq, Halala, Polygamy and Women...Wtf?

Gender equality has been a much debated and trolled topic since the modern era started. I come across the scene in the movie ‘Hum dil de chuke sanam’, in which Salman Khan gets shirtless, showing the example of a task which can’t be done by females (actually that can be done, but if we’ll do that, then the male dominated world would accuse us to PROVOKE them!). 580 more words

Monogamy May Be Going Extinct (Too Soon)

A big part of being a romance/erotica writer is finding new ways to explore romantic and sexual love in novel ways. Let’s face it. There are only stories you can tell about love at first sight. 1,631 more words

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Focus on Redemption

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem


“Why did you tell them?” I asked, my voice riddled with cooped up frustration that I couldn’t fully explain.

“Aasiya!” Muhammed said, his face immediately changing from expressionless to slightly embarrassed. 2,080 more words

Polygamy is 'IN'

Just got the news about a friend of mine getting divorce. So I was wondering with all the infidelity cases, maybe polygamy is really making a breakthrough in our era. 71 more words

The Reason

I’m freshly divorced. So freshly divorced that the ink hasn’t dried on the separation agreement. I won’t go into too many details because this blog is about my life post-divorce, except to say that it was mostly amicable and we both won. 120 more words


Polygamy - equal treatment ?

My (senior) wife came across the following story on ‘social media’ and could not refrain from reading it to me:

”  Haji Ali had two wives. 201 more words

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