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The Synod - Week 1 in a Nutshell

Day 1:
It seemed like a good start: Cardinal Peter Erdo had no intention of being side-lined again (after what happened at last year’s synod). He tried to set the tone for this year’s synod – he began the proceedings by arguing against the ideas proposed last year. 469 more words

Errors And Truth

"The 19th Wife" - An insider's view of the conjugal tyranny of celestial marriages.

The 19th Wife
By David Ebershoff
Last read: 12 Sept 2015
The lives of two victims of polygamy are woven together despite being separated by 125 years in their respective struggles. 730 more words


Considering Guns and the Gospel

The recent tragedies, or perhaps seemingly endless series of gun tragedies, have caused many to re-consider their own view on guns. I ran across a statement that the Bible has no “theology of guns” and therefore we should be willing to view the 2nd Amendment as contrary to Scripture. 1,222 more words

My mother pressured me into marriage, now I regret it.

When I was 27 I started to feel judged by friends and family about my single status. My mum was prying into my love life. A couple times she tried to hook me up with her friends single sons , year after year I began to feel like a lost cause, like an abandoned project. 337 more words


Interpreting Scripture Through a Tainted Lens

No one is without bias when reading and interpreting Scripture. We all come from different cultures, backgrounds, and denominations. Some of us have learned certain biblical teachings since childhood and have held onto them with deep conviction. 1,998 more words


E-book Sale!

From October 10th through the 17th the Kindle version of Evaluating Western Christianity’s Interpretation of Biblical Polygamy will be available for just .99 cents! It’s also available for free with Kindle Unlimited. 31 more words


Phoney Maroney ~ FairMormon's New Scapegoat

Phoney maroney,
Pony before the cart. …

Gentlemen mark your opponents
Fire into your own ranks.
Pick the weakest as strategic
Move. Square off. To…

6,096 more words
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