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Refutation: Why Polygamy Should Be Illegal

Many wonder why Polygamy is legal in some states, some people wonder why Polygamy is even legal at all. There many people all around the world who are against polygamy, so I am here to explain why polygamy should not be legal as a whole. 335 more words


Polygamy Culture

There’s “rape culture,” and then there’s “polygamy culture.”

Most people understand that “rape culture” is a term that identifies ways a society blames female victims for the inappropriate (and often criminal) behavior of men. 775 more words


#TaxDay 2018: For Ye Were Strangers

The foreigner who resides with you must be to you like a native citizen among you; so you must love him as yourself, because you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.

849 more words
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The Romantic Vs The Free Spirit

Its a slip like ice, you fall too deep and you fall for life.

Love is a blessing to most but to others it seems like a curse. 259 more words


Other people’s lives - Boat-based Anna Smith's bus stops in Vancouver, Canada

Anna Smith, this blog’s occasional Canadian correspondent, lives on a boat in Vancouver. I have just received this missive from her…

I have finally arrived home just now and my boat is bouncing and rocking in a stormlet. 1,235 more words


The Polygamy Parable

We are as sycophants to each other
Wanting only for ourselves,
Each draining the other in our egoist quest for pleasure.

Our parasitical needs know no bounds… 48 more words


I don't count!

“I don’t count”, he said, “for I have many”; when I asked how many children he had.
“and I don’t count my wives either”, he added. 88 more words