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I can’t be polygamous. I’m lucky if I like one person.

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Why are Male Polygamists Acceptable?

Recently, I’ve been spending my Sundays watching TLC. In case you are not familiar with their line-up, here it is:

Sister Wives – One man with four wives. 464 more words


Christian Men Can Marry More Than One Wife, No Bible Verse Is Against Polygamy – Pastor

Rev Vincent Mulwa, a theologian and G.O of Christ Pilgrim Restoration Centre, Kenya, has come out to challenge the widely-held Christian doctrine that men should only marry one wife. 697 more words

Religion & Spirituality

Remote Clinic in the Wild West-of Kenya

I spent the day attending patients in the remote clinic in Ochuna. It is a much smaller site than Matoso, and is not open for emergencies or deliveries. 604 more words

In Kenya

Seeking Sister Wife 1x4 "13 is Enough!"

It’s Valentines Day so I thought what better way to celebrate than watch three polygamous families try and navigate their interpersonal relationships. Because nothing says love like watching women pretend everything is fine. 2,386 more words


Canada closes the door on polygamous immigrants

Agence France Presse | Published — Friday 7 November 2014


OTTAWA: Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has unveiled plans to ban entry to migrants who practice polygamy and what he termed “barbaric cultural practices.” 220 more words



by Carmina Masoliver

If you’ve seen Rosie Wilby on stage, or come across some of her recent articles, you may be aware of her exploration of monogamy and non-monogamy in relationships. 1,085 more words