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Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders Alpheus Cutler Intro

Alpheus Cutler Intro

February 29, 1784 – June 10, 1864

“It is no exaggeration to say that Cutler, next to the apostles, was one of Mormonism’s most important leaders during this period.” – Journal of Mormon History, “ 230 more words


Lawyer fees too high, judge slashes them in FLDS land case

SALT LAKE CITY — A judge has slashed attorney’s fees in the ongoing land battle involving the Fundamentalist LDS Church.

In an order filed last week, 3rd District Court Judge Denise Lindberg cut the fees of lawyers representing the court-appointed accountant who oversees the United Effort Plan Trust. 216 more words


Farewell to Monogamy....

Every little girl basically grows up sharing the same dream. To meet a man, get married, and have children. This is the ideal goal for most young women. 479 more words

The First Polygamy (Genesis 4:17-24)

Cain, the first murderer of the humankind.
‘Cause there were only four people; Adam,
Eve, Abel and Cain when Cain killed Abel.
So calling Cain the first fratricide would be… 169 more words

Women In The Bible



Freedom of moral speech under a universal secular morality


Freedom to assemble as long as it is not association with an active criminal human and/or group of humans… 423 more words

Common Sense

Polygamy a sistahs perspective, Ase

What this sistah is saying, makes sense to me, there’s absolutely no proper training for men & women about this, if you gonna do it, do it right. 75 more words


Arranged Marriages: Yea or Nay?

Wikipedia definition: Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. 774 more words