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Premature writing

Around a year before my entry as a polygamy blogger, I made a pages-long book about marriage. The book was titled as ‘Islamic Matrimonial Revolution’ and written to advocate for polygamy from a Muslim point of view. 14 more words


To marry or not to marry a Palestinian

Before becoming a pagan activist for traditional polygamy rights, I wanted marriage with a 3-4 years younger female college student that was born to Palestinian parents in the U.S and knew me from attending McLean High School.  32 more words


The Politics of American Religious Identity: The Seating of Senator Reed Smoot, Mormon Apostle

A turning point for the LDS church and American religious liberty is recorded and analyzed in Kathleen Flakes’ The Politics of American Religious Identity and was the 4 years of public scrutiny of Apostle/Senator Reed Smoot and more importantly the LDS church. 1,071 more words

Book Review

What business startups teach us about marriage

In light of the Supreme Court ruling, I think it is time to discuss about how marriage is the domestic equivalent of business partnerships.

If that is so, then we need to decide which types of partnerships (domestic versions fo S-Corp, LLC, Partnership) we are going to be comfortable with as a society, as the Church, as parents, and as lovers. 795 more words


USA: following its judgment on same--sex "marriages", the Supreme Court will have no argument to prohibit polygamy

Just a few days after the Supreme Court’s abusive decision on same-sex “marriage” for the next step in the deconstruction of marriage and family has been taken. 556 more words


The Telegraph: Sharia marriage in the UK is not toxic - polygamous men are

In 2012, I was working on a documentary for the BBC on polygamy in Britain. Researching such a sensitive topic was no easy task. Contrary to the hype, polygamy is not socially acceptable in Muslim communities. 1,034 more words


Threesome Liberation

Defenders of traditional marriage have lost, alas. Rather than just sulk, I suggest that conservatives, especially those from Utah, respond by promoting legalization of polygamous marriage. 120 more words

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