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There is no such thing as traditional marriage

Churches love to preach about marriage, in its “traditional” sense. I know I have heard my grandmother lecture me a few times about how marriage is supposed to be. 469 more words


The “Wittenberg Door Incident” 500 Years Later…

(Preached at Alma United Church & Melville United Church on October 29, 2017)

I should know better than to take suggestions from Marion about what I should preach. 2,363 more words

Day 98 1 Kings 10-11

Perhaps Solomon was wise because he was surrounded by so many women: “700 wives, princesses, and 300 concubines” (11:3). God is angered because Solomon honours their beliefs. 37 more words

Old Testament

Hagar & Sarai

Scripture: Genesis 16

Title: Sarai & Hagar


  • Introduction
  • Hagar and Sarai
  • Hagar and the angel
  • Conclusion


Over the past few weeks we have been working our way through the story of Abram, in Genesis… 3,780 more words

2014 Sermons

One day in the not too distant future…. — Protect Marriage NZ

NZ MPs welcome Australian marriage equality vote for polygamy / group marriagePress Release: Cross Party Parliamentary Rainbow NetworkOriginal media release is HERE – our small amendments underlinedThe New Zealand Cross Party Rainbow Parliamentary Network has welcomed the results of the Australian postal survey on marriage equality.

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Mlaja, and incapabilities.

“Mlaja died today.”

I forgot the other words in Kim’s note as my mind caught a glimpse of Mlaja – suavely watching me from across the compound, and I felt again how I’d felt then – Trying to be respectful so that he would allow me to interact with his two youngest wives. 564 more words


The Mystery of Marriage

As this world increasingly grows in its depravity, the institution of marriage is mocked, despised, and distorted. In contrast to this, the Christian must boldly define Biblical marriage and honour and exalt this vital institution. 1,581 more words

Jesus Christ