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Today was my first time making and having porridge for breakfast. After some online research I decided that I would be cooking mine on the hob with milk and I would add Goji berries and frozen berries at the end. 323 more words


Today was very exciting! I woke early and made myself a bowl of porridge for breakfast with some dried Goji berries and frozen berries – it was absolutely delicious. 117 more words

Home… 11. May 2016

 Porridge with butter

 Ritter Sport Honey Salt Almonds chocolate

 Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream

 Vegetable stew with sour cream

Sour Cream

Healthy and Trendy in Dublin - by Daniela

I would have never guessed that almost at every turn in Dublin, one can find a healthy salad bar, a juice shop or local organic coffee. 356 more words


Recipe: Overnight Oats

This was one of my favorite Slimming World recipes from the start. I love cake and nothing more that a sweet breakfast and was afraid it would be something that I would miss but alas the oats appeared and I have never looked back! 231 more words

Weight Loss

Spiced apple porridge

Before I moved to the UK, I used to despise porridge with a passion. Gloopy, boring, cloyingly sweet – ugh. I couldn’t be bothered with it when we had so many other interesting breakfast staples like dosa (crispy rice crepes), idly (steamed rice dumplings) and sambar (lentil curry). 301 more words

Food Journalism

Eminent Frog Porridge Seafood Restaurant

Pugs was coughing his lungs out for a few weeks and so we couldn’t go stuff our faces too much. As he started to recover, we decided to have frog porridge. 147 more words