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Spiced pear porridge


  • 1 small pear, skin on, cored and diced
  • ½ tsp mixed spice
  • teaspoon butter
  • 25g rolled oats
  • 175ml choice of oat/almond or rice milk…
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Paleo Porridge

Cutting out oats felt a bit strange for me when I first adopted more of a paleo approach, they are supposed to be so good for you. 559 more words

Full up

Good evening!

Today i have been craving Almond butter 😳. I therefore purchased a jar and ate some with a spoon at my desk at work. 253 more words

Autumn Is Here

Autumn is here, well in the north of the globe at least. So it is all the more important to eat well, not just for ones physical but also ones mind. 266 more words

Spiced Apple Oatmeal

Fall weather means (or almost) sweater weather.  :)
However…it also means lots of heart-warming fall flavours aka cinnamon, nutmeg, apples, pumpkin, spice and everything nice! 227 more words


September already


I reckon this is what separates the women from the girls when it comes to blog writing: whether after two months you still post! With my track record, it looks like I am still a Mädchen in that sense. 869 more words

Pumpkin & Millet Porridge

Pumpkin is almost the symbol of autumn. Too bad, there is only summer in Singapore all the year round.

It’s a very easy porridge. In the pot, put pumpkin slices, millet and enough water. 60 more words