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The Porridge Project

In January last year, I wrote a Facebook post telling our friends about the people attending the HIV clinics at Kasambya Health Centre. Many of these people were walking for miles in the heat to collect drugs which they were too weak  and too hungry to take by the time they received them. 225 more words


My morning at the Rude Health Porridge Champs

A morning of tasting some of the best porridge in the UK? Sounds like the ideal start to a Thursday, doesn’t it? It certainly was for me (even it I did end up missing my lecture…) 925 more words

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How to start your day...better

We all know it. Waking up in the morning on a workday might be hasty. You are lucky to leave you flat in time carrying your handbag with all necessities. 597 more words


Pimp Your Porridge

Porridge, or oatmeal, is a great go-to breakfast as it’s super convenient, cheap and will keep you full for a good few hours thanks to the slow-release of energy from the oats. 272 more words


Koko Quinoa Porridge

So we are in the midst of lurgey season so what better than a great comfort food recipe as an alternative to traditional oats. Try out this Koko Quinoa Porridge as a great addition to duvet day… 238 more words

The Baking BodyBuilder

Perfect Pinhead Porridge and Plum Compote

This week has seen our household knocked down by colds. Nothing actually serious, but instead that dreary, endless low-level poorliness that struggles to justify time off or desertion of duties. 954 more words