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I love oatmeal the combo of berries and oatmeal is just perfect!

Try it :)


“This porridge is too hot to eat!” said Father Bear.

Jenny Giles

Gluten-free Porridge

Have been toying with the idea of making a gluten-free porridge for a while now, it seems to be all the rage. I simply used the grains I had in my pantry (lets face it, it’s a small cupboard… dreams). 185 more words

Dairy Free

Caffe Nero @ London Gatwick Airport

由于要转机,所以在London Gatwick Airport停留一个晚上。隔天早餐到North Terminal机场位于BLOC Hotel附近的咖啡店 Caffe Nero 吃了道地的早餐。由于持有10%折扣卷,所以没有考虑太多就选择了这家咖啡店。 15 more words


Lunch: Healthy mixed grain Porridge

Little J never like porridge when he start solid so I never got the chance to cook porridge for him! It is the most easy meal to prepare! 281 more words

Tham Jia Boy

How To Add Volume To Your Oats

Over the years, I’ve experimented quite a bit with porridge (or oatmeal, for you transatlantic neighbours) and have come across a handful of ways to bulk up your bowl without actually having to add any more oats than you normally would. 230 more words


Television magazine: TV comedy stronger than ever?

“The thing about comedy is that everybody is a comedy expert,” says Phil Clarke, Head of Comedy at Channel 4. “Everyone knows what makes them laugh.” 1,668 more words