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I love porridge. I used to eat hot or cold oat meal for breakfast everyday, but apparently that was contributing to my migraines and fatigue. Now I eat a rice porridge that I have cobbled together from lots of information I have found online and what tastes good to me. 313 more words


Creamy Almond Porridge with Pomegranate Seeds and Apple

There is a porridge passion in our kitchen, not only my boyfriend is a fan (might be his English roots ;-) ) but I think it is the best breakfast to have in winter as well.

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Quick Recipe: Apple Porridge for a Chilly Autumn Morning

Well, it’s certainly getting cold around here lately. Yesterday, we had sleet and rain all day. By the time I got home, I was soaked through and chilled to the bone. 280 more words



Sticky sweetness bound together

By oats in the morning drizzle

Grey days poured away with the milk

As the sugar clumps in my mouth.

Waking up before daybreak… 65 more words


And another one...

Peter Vaughan, of Porridge (Genial Harry Grout), Citizen Smith (Shirley’s dad) and Brazil (the Minister) has died at the age of 93, demonstrating that the terrible sweep of 2016 is not going to ebb away. 143 more words


Peter Vaughan, star of Porridge and Game of Thrones, dies aged 93 | Television & radio | The Guardian

The character actor Peter Vaughan, known for his role as Grouty in the TV sitcom Porridge and more recently as Maester Aemon in Game of Thrones… 44 more words


In Memoriam: Peter Vaughan 1923-2016

In a year that’s seen more than its fair share of celebrity deaths, 2016 added another to the list this morning as noted actor Peter Vaughan passed away this morning.  233 more words

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