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Maple brown rice porridge

I have a tonne of brown rice in my cupboard and I just don’t seem to get through it since I tend to eat quinoa more because it’s quicker. 140 more words


Superwoman Porridge 

TGIF! Buzzing because once it hits 5pm it’s snacks and drink time at the office (which I have painfully been avoiding for the past few months on my health kick) BUT it’s the indication it’s the weeeeekend! 98 more words

Don't throw stones at glass houses. Only aim them at Catholics.

John woke up. Today, he decided, was the day. Today he’d ride that diplodocus.

He ate his porridge. Hmm, a little cold, he thought. It’s true it was cold, so John popped his bowl in the microwave and waited – I don’t know – a minute in a half? 262 more words

Coconut chai buckwheat porridge

Inspired by Porridge Cafe‘s philosophy of ‘no grain left behind’, I’ve been branching out from oats of late and dabbling in other seeds and cereals. 475 more words


What Are the Benefits of Eating Porridge

Appetite Regulation

Whole grains and whole-grain derivatives have a high amount of dietary fiber. This substance helps fill you up, which prevents you from overeating. If you do not overeat, you will maintain or even lose weight. 406 more words


Goodmorning, it's breakfast time!

Starting the day with a dairy free coconut and vanilla porridge.

Place 150ml of rice milk, 150ml of water and 1 cup oats into a pan then bring to the boil. 30 more words


Sweet Potato Porridge

When trying to decide which recipe I should post first, I concluded I would lead with my most popular recipe to date – Sweet Potato Porridge… 114 more words