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Rye Porridge Onion Bread

  I was in the mood for a nice pastrami on rye with melted cheese and a good sour pickle.  I was going to just make my Jewish deli rye formula, but I remembered I had not made a rye porridge bread bread yet, so why not combine the two and hope for the best! 850 more words

Sour Dough Breads

Oven Baked Porridge with Stone Fruit + Pecans

Sweet and juicy peaches, plums and apricots are some of the many joys of summer. This porridge is sweet and creamy because the fruit literally melts into the oatmeal. 352 more words


Chocolate porridge

I’m very excited to post about my current favourite breakfast, something I heavily regret having not tried before.

I’ve posted previously about my beloved porridge ritual, and some of my favourite combinations and toppings; but something I’d yet to try was a simple addition of cocoa powder to my oats. 138 more words



Przepełniona (i pechowa) – BUT HEY! przepiękna, stąd musicie wybaczyć tyle zdjęć – owsianka z plasterkami banana, gorącą gruszką i ciepłymi malinami z pestkami słonecznika, miodem oraz jogurtem naturalnym. 14 more words


A Bounty Inspired Breakfast

Basically pudding for morning time! Chocolate rice milk based quick oats, extra rice milk stirred in after three minutes in the microwave to thin it a little bit, and organic coconut chips on top. 56 more words

Food & Fitness

Baked Oats

So as mentioned in my last post (crikey 4 weeks ago!!) I’m trying to lose some weight, I came across a great breakfast recipe – Baked Oats. 154 more words

Chia Pudding Oatmeal Porridge

I couldn’t decide whether to have oats or chia pudding for breakfast this morning, so I decided to mix the two together – best decision ever! 99 more words