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Apple and Peanut Butter Porridge

I 100% would class myself as a porridge hater, the texture is just grim.

I have, however, been eating it fairly regularly because it’s super quick and easy to make, is very sustaining for long revision days and when you add 5 tbsp of peanut butter to it, the texture becomes more like pudding – tip for porridge beginners. 223 more words


Nombu Kanji (Rice & Greengram porridge with Coconut Milk)

Ramadan Kareem everyone! May you all have the best one!Here its second day of Ramadan today….Alhamdulillah so far it went well!Nombu Kanji (‘Nombu’ means fasting and ‘Kanji’ means porridge, in my mother tongue – Malayalam) is one of the comforting and unavoidable dish to make during Ramadan. 324 more words


Dates and Oats Porridge

Dates are well known as one of the superfoods. The benefits of dates include relief from constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems, anemia, diarrhea, abdominal cancer, and many other conditions. 326 more words



Quite busy this week so I earned a few pennies. You couldn’t earn a living doing this driving work because it is very poorly paid. I think of it as a pleasant pastime with the bonus of a bit of pin money. 844 more words


...with breakfasts

Breakfasts can be so boring so make sure you liven them up with some interesting recipes. Here’s my faves.

Quick Breakfasts

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POETRY - Sadia Pineda Hameed

Image: Helen Frankenthaler – Around the Clock with Red, 1983

Sadia Pineda Hameed is a third year English Literature student at Cardiff University whose interests include Deconstructionism, post-modern poetry, and exploring subjectivity through film and literature. She also edits Lumin.



Good evening!

I finished college early today, went home and had a bit of a cook-off in the kitchen. I promise there will be recipes coming up on the blog, I just need to find the perfect combinations for you guys. 77 more words