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Whoever decided that this ballistic vest training video was a good idea needs to take a break from making decisions

File this one under “god awful decisions that fortunately didn’t end up much worse.”

I don’t care if you’re wearing 10 of those vests, standing that close to the business end of a gun and letting someone shoot you will never, ever fall inside the realm of good ideas. 57 more words


This gunslinger shot his way into the record books by nailing 13 clay pigeons in less than 2 seconds

We think it would be impressive to shoot one clay pigeon in less than two seconds, but apparently we’re under achievers. Back in 2012, world record holder Raniero Testa set the record for most clay pigeons shot before they hit the ground, going a perfect 12 for 12 in 2.36 seconds. 68 more words


Kenangan adalah masa silam yang terkadang kelam

Kenangan adalah masa silam yang terkadang dirindukan

Kenangan hanyalah sebatas impian, asa dan kenyataan yang telah terlewatkan

Kenangan hanyalah dapat dikenang untuk pembelajaran…

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The Wake Up: No Justice For Tyre King, Kaepernick's Jersey To Hit The Smithsonian, Trump's (Awkward) Foreign Tour

Big News

Colin Kaepernick is on his way to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History. According to USA TODAY Sports, San Francisco 49ers consultant and sociologist Harry Edwards donated some of the quarterback’s items to the museum after it opened last year. 576 more words

The Front

Kangen Cirebon Jeh!

Kangen Cirebon

Akhir-akhir ini saya lagi kangen sama Cirebon, apalagi sama kulinernya. Saya dan keluarga kecil saya pernah tinggal di Cirebon, kurang lebih selama satu tahun. 511 more words

Silly putty may seem like a useless mound of goo, but it can do some serious damage when fired out of a shotgun

Silly putty gets a bad rap as a virtually useless and impractical mound of goo that’s really only good for lifting comic strips and print off of newspapers. 188 more words


Karimun Java Documenter

Video ini merupakan hasil dokumentasi saat berlibur ke Karimun Jawa. Didalam video tersebut berisi tentang keseruan karyawan tempat saya berkerja.