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What you sow is what you reap

What you sow is what you reap (#ProsePoetry #poetry #poem)

What you sow is what you reap
And karma ain’t a bitch
What you sow is what you reap… 159 more words


from Something Great by M.Clark

During a very tender and intimate family wedding ceremony, in a town park in Charlestown, RI, Ron and Kim shared their wedding vows. What follows is the reading they used during their ceremony. 246 more words

Wedding Vows And Ceremonies


Staring into the mirror, she saw her reflection. Long, soft, ginger colored hair hung about a long, pale face with sunken, dull, lifeless green eyes. She did not like the skeleton staring back at her. 341 more words


Hope... Let's hope!

When I sit dejected, feeling lost, there is something people tell me which leaves me wondering.

When I see someone depressed or deserted, I try to tell the other person the same things. 348 more words


#PPL_Challenge Day 20 - Bikin bangga teman-temanmu

Hi readers. Seperti biasa. Refleksi yang hari jumat itu biasanya berbobot. Jadi tadi ada pembicara, Jendral TNI bernama Gatot Nurmayanto. Anak-anak suka ketuker, “Gua tadi bilang mama, sekolah bakal kedatengan Gatot Subroto.” “Gatot Subroto kan nama jalan?!” “Gatot yang itu udah mati.” Ya begitulah anak SMA, paling pejabat negara yang mereka ingat namanya cuma Jokowi, Ahok, dan John Cena. 250 more words

Pengalaman Pribadi


Madness is the light, humanity the prism, and emotions are the colors.

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Une Comédie, La Vie.

La vie est une comédie

C’est ce qu’on dit

C’est ce qu’on voit

Avec la foi

Comme ça on doit vivre la vie

La vie est compliqué 276 more words