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Have you ever heard about the Love of a SWAN?

They always mate for their lifetime. They spent their entire life in search of a perfect life partner. 45 more words



“Are you an Introvert ?”, ¬†she asked.
Her eyes constantly staring back at him.
She paused…
He replied…

“I am too scared of being around people, 41 more words



As she started drifting away from the bank with the flow of the water, her hand stretched out to the forest.

Her eyes were still fixed in the direction of the forest as her body was gradually being pushed away from it, in all its physical sense. 14 more words



The flow of the river kept pushing her wet body away from the forest.

As the cold water hugged her body, she was reminded of the warm embrace of the forest. 15 more words


The Brackets

She loved caring for people.( She loved it when someone cared about her)

She loved going an extra inch out of her comfort zone to make someone smile.(She loved it when someone did that for her) 43 more words

Love And Romance

The Damsel

She tells me things that no soul will ever dare to tell anyone; her darkest fears, her deepest secrets, her inundated childhood memories, memories that she graveyards for everyone, she digs it out for me. 97 more words

Love And Romance