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Step-Step Memulai Pemutihan Gigi

Terdapat banyak faktor yang membuat gigi kehilangan warna putih alaminya. Apabila anda suka sekali dengan minuman misalnya kopi, teh atau mungkin anggur merah, maka gigi anda akan cepat berubah warna dari waktu ke waktu. 536 more words

公寓生活記趣·Apartment Anecdote

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to read this interesting extract from 《公寓生活記趣》(Apartment Anecdote, first published in 1943) by the famous Chinese modern writer 張愛玲 (Eileen Chang, 1920-1995). 393 more words


Prosedur Dan Persiapan Proses Pemutihan Gigi

Ada banyak faktor yang menyebabkan gigi kehilangan warna putih alaminya. Jika anda penyuka minuman seperti kopi, teh atau bahkan anggur merah, maka gigi anda akan cepat berubah warna dari waktu ke waktu. 517 more words

Pemutih Gigi

An edited portion of the following essay by Bob Marley was read during one of our wedding ceremonies a few weeks ago. The couple took lines they felt right for themselves and their relationship and crafted a reading for their wedding ceremony which worked perfectly for them.

623 more words
Wedding Vows And Ceremonies


She was strong…
She was independent…
She was a lady who ruled every aspect of her life.

But sometimes,
In the deepest corner of her heart… 41 more words


Raja Of The Warp

I’m in a moment where my soles grab hold of the world as it rapidly whirls, the scene brightens then blurs

This metropolis warps upwards in a well-lit hurl, structures slowly disintegrate where streaks dare fare… 107 more words