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Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

Despite every doubts and lies you threw in my face, I still worry about you. I worry the most at night because I know that if you are not fighting your inner demons or the ones in the room across yours, what salts your wound most is the uncertainty and dubiousness between right/wrong and yes/no. 324 more words

Midnight Thoughts


Darling, don’t be so cruel

as to tease me with that
that you can’t give…

don’t you know how lies
rob lust of its laughter? 17 more words


The Royal Mews

Moving along the crowded sidewalk, I saw the sign for the Royal Mews in London, England. With my curiosity aroused, I bought a ticket to enter. 233 more words


True Love

O, beauty ever so youthful
of a self-giving heart

Warm and honest…

reminding the world that true
love gives itself completely

for the sake of the other.



Maunya Mbilung

Saya dengar ungkapan karêpé Mbilung (maunya Mbilung) sejak kecil untuk menanggapi keinginan seseorang yang mustahil direalisasikan. Mbilung adalah saudara Togog, tokoh pewayangan, yang mengabdi raja-raja jahat, tetapi punya misi untuk menjadi kritikus bagi mereka, dan sampai akhir ia gagal. 346 more words

Daily Reflection

These are my confessions. 

Despite the lowest of life I have encountered, the one hardest thing I had to do is to forget about the man who forgot me. I don’t think I ever can though. 621 more words

Midnight Thoughts

Song of death

We are addicted to tell the tale of our misery,
We are so broken that we need magic and mystery,
We need a man by the name of God, 101 more words