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Kecanthol Apa

Pernahkah Anda tes DNA yang ada hubungannya dengan kemalasan untuk berubah? Kalau belum, tak perlu juga sih, karena itu hasilnya hampir bisa dipastikan positif kok. 469 more words

Daily Reflection

Divinity In Black

Question the fire in my eyes, I’ve sired the passion

For the divine answer arrives in time with extras

Surmised right, if came light from lips of nothingness… 139 more words


No More Saints

See yourself a fun house mirror, stranger the nearer

The plump goes thinner, the reflections of demons?

Claim the rank of superior, but deep fears bred the fuhrer… 160 more words


Harus Dimulai!

Adakalanya kita hanya harus memulai.

Aku sampai pada titik dimana aku dibuat harus memulai. Kalau saja aku dibiarkan sendiri, aku mungkin takkan punya cukup alasan (dan/atau keberanian) untuk memulai eksplorasi ini. 409 more words

Cerita Tentang Ilalang

A Devil Of Yours

I was told that I was the devil, and my horns grew inverted

My charms were a serpent’s, lulling with hissing of perversion

I was told there were leathery wings that clung to my very being… 155 more words


Catching Hell's Blues

Crumbling pretty facades to where bitterness’ll reside, marble statues in a wedding chapel’s yard

Venus de Milo in moss, you try to grasp so hard for moments destined to leave your entirety in scars… 131 more words


Sizing The Eternal

What is beauty to a blind man

Sound in the heart of silence

Words when you can’t command them

Cornucopias amidst the tasteless

Amidst the madness of desire, rewired… 110 more words