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The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden is a magical story of life, mystery, healing, growth, transformation and love. The story is a beautiful metaphor for so many aspects of our lives and hearts as both individuals and as a couple. 291 more words

Love Poems


Her skin was pale. Her breasts had waited long for another’s touch; though, her legs didn’t. It was impatient of the pace, and it was tired of being lecherous under her tight pants. 295 more words


From Gifts from the Sea

A great book for reflection about relationships is Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s “Gift from the Sea”. This essay taken from the book, was a reading at Jennifer and Matt’s wedding in September. 275 more words

Love Poems

Old Shoes

I can’t seem to find my shoes. Worn and tired, they’ve traveled me through years of your unrequited memories. Where I found my serenity, you found the pain that molded your bitter entirety. 111 more words


The Gift of Sharp Blades on My Back

No city is big enough
to hide away from you
With every turn I take
I see your shadow lingering
Yet every time I come near… 352 more words


Craters like the moon. 

If I were to describe you in the simplest of words, you would most probably be like the phases of the moon.

You would disappear altogether on some days; and on others, all I could see are crescents. 74 more words


Remembering you,

I remember when you told me that for someone like yourself, love was irrelevant. I remember you saying it with a calm tone, zoning off into the sparkling stars of that July night. 509 more words