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He was my FriOTra, my friend on Train.

I remembe how we first met. I was travelling back to my college after my vacations. When I boarded the train, he was already sitting there, and there was a couple on the opposite seat, who looked like they were newly wedded. 619 more words


Day 117 - Seeing The Good Ones

Ketika sedang merasa lagi buang-buang waktu, setiap harinya seperti melakukan berbagai macam usaha yang sepertinya percuma,

Jangan kuatir, selama ada yang harus lo kerjakan setiap hari. 1,057 more words


Kompor Ilahi

Ini masih berkenaan dengan kitab fiksi nan suci. Ceritanya guru dari Nazareth itu berjalan di atas air saat murid-muridnya berjuang melawan badai. Untuk membaca teks bacaan hari ini, tidak relevanlah mengambil ancang-ancang pertanyaan apakah guru dari Nazareth itu benar-benar berjalan di atas air. 454 more words

Daily Reflection

Blurry Lines

As lines become blurry,
Scenes shift seamlessly
From out of primordial darkness,
Scribed pages divine in luminosity

The transition to transcendence,
Where corners offer cornucopias… 85 more words


Fire of My Loins.

My body has always been a canvas for you to paint yourself all over;
Smothering sadness, throttling lust, thrusting anger, overwhelming me with hedonistic means. 172 more words


Day 111 - An Enjoyable Process

Siapa yang waktu kecil males belajar? Salah sih pertanyaannya, mestinya: Siapa yang waktu kecil gak males belajar? Soalnya kalo nanya siapa yang males, gue rasa hampir semua orang pasti waktu kecil pernah males belajar. 1,525 more words


If You Talk Enough Sense, You'll Lose Your Mind

All fanciful lies told from the sanctum of a inseam
You’re not the adventurer you’ve told her you’d be
Your stride is as crooked as your spine’s integrity… 192 more words