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The Holy See

What can bring you to your knees, is often perceived as a joke ’til it visits in threes

Kneel and beg before a gun with rosaries; to a higher being, “please, keep bad karma away from me” 293 more words


Numb Are We, Pretend Lets

The main mural image from distant visions drunk off cherub kisses, glance star-crossed wishes

Few work’s exquisite, but your existence, seemingly a vivid visage of God’s fruition adorned in a starlit sigil… 193 more words


Confession And Cigarettes

Another round from the line too close for comfort

In front of a firing squad with pretty eyes and full lips

Blindfold for so long only in the end to find enlightenment​ 178 more words


Yes, Let it Go...

Let Go, of the fears that warn you,

for they are only shadows that haunt you.

Let Go, of the sadness that harms you, 195 more words


The Ventriloquist's Double

A light exchange, where as between a flint and tinder could bring forth roaring flames

You’ll be a forest maze where every blade’s ablaze with my name, for curses and praise… 154 more words


Of Wings Overhead

Penning on wings, hopes and dreams, through everything

May those fringes never fray as they traverse eternity

May feathers needlework on the breeze the heart of beginnings… 82 more words


Away From You

To be…

Away from you,
An ocean view full
Of gnashing gears;
The years unpursued

Over paid my dues
Upon the devil’s ledger
With cryogenic jewels… 108 more words