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From Love Letters of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Vol 1

Yesterday, in near hurricane conditions, Matt and Kate stood in the midst of an autumn garden and celebrated their love and exchanged their vows.

On October 4, 1840, 175 years ago today, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote Sophia Peabody, his betrothed a letter. 314 more words

Reflections About Love

Dosa Popmie

(Ini sebenarnya, sekadar obrolan yang lalu-lalu, tapi entah kenapa saya masih ingat. Bisa jadi kode semesta untuk saya menuliskannya. Baiklah).

Kamis beberapa minggu yang lalu, via obrolan Whatsapp, seorang teman di ujung sana menyebut soal ‘proses’. 563 more words

Di Sekitar Kita

Montezuma's Castle

Gazing up the 900 feet of sheer limestone cliff, I am looking at one of the oldest apartment buildings, Montezuma’s Castle, just 52 miles north of Prescott, Arizona. 267 more words



Hues of colors playing far away
defying darkness

as they fiercely proclaim
the approaching dawn…

Curious and vibrant

bouncing through fields
with fierce authority

as natures bows… 54 more words


I Do, I Will, I Have ~or~ How wise I am to have instructed the butler - Ogden Nash

This poem was read yesterday at the celebration of the marriage of Jon and Morgan. Both were a little anxious about the ceremony, but there is no doubt about their connectedness and love. 335 more words

Reflections About Love

The Bridge Across Forever ~ Richard Bach ~

This is an excerpt from The Bridge Across Forever, by Richard Bach. Katie and Andrew used it as a reading during their ceremony this afternoon. A beautiful reading at a very beautiful wedding. 188 more words

Reflections About Love

Black is a Woman

—sitting alone in the corner of a coffee shop. Not the hip ones, in which some people take pretentious photos of the interior design or the fancy cup of coffee that they don’t even like. 249 more words