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The Flipside

With each rejection a piece of my heart broke

With each rejection a tear streamed down my face

With each rejection a crack appeared on my picture perfect dream… 53 more words


Orang Jepang Menghargai Proses untuk Menjaga Kualitas Hasil*

Orang Jepang Menghargai Proses untuk Menjaga Kualitas Hasil*

*Oleh Joko Setiawan, A Social Worker, 32nd Trainee of ASEAN Social Welfare Worker’s Training Program by Japan National Council of Social Welfare (JNCSW/Zenshakyou) 434 more words


Teruslah berikhtiar

manusia itu makhluk lemah,

  1. Kena masuk angin jadi lemes
  2. Sakit gigi jadi puyeng g bisa tidur
  3. Ditinggal pacar jadi nangis
  4. Kena maceet ngomel
  5. Dll

Itu baru hal kecil, gmn klo dikasih problem yang lebih beraat. 178 more words


thoughts & things

1. It feels like a movie. Everything and everyone is moving fast in the city except me I’m at a standstill how I feel in New York City. 339 more words


Hustler's Creed

Hustlers don’t sleep, they take nap..
They know the world is big enough for us all,
but they also know that there is no-enough room to be comfortable… 61 more words


Purest Form Of Love

LOVE: Real or unreal, I don’t know… most used, yet the most abused… to the ladies, it is the beautiful unending story…and to the babies, it’s as simple as a smile or a little poke on the cheek… 316 more words


Do You Know My Best Meal?

The best meal I have ever taken was given to me at will. I never begged nor worked for it. I wasn’t told that bullshit “No Food For A Lazy Man”. 240 more words