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Blindsided Perspectives

We nod in synchrony
My eyes twinkle at the sight
They scowl in disdain
My back shown at their sight

I smile bright
Moving forward one step at a time… 92 more words


Time Capsule Of Spirals

Time capsules, with their ruffled and yellowing tatters

Folksy romp with it’s rustic charms to the heart of matters

Pen cap drum lines for innocence’s serenade uninhabited… 237 more words


I have stopped 

​I have stopped doing a lot. I no longer demand, expect, assume,think or even ask if things will ever change.

I have stopped and now I let it be. 140 more words


Touch me one more time

you touch me and suddenly

i disintegrate

into a heap of dust

and bliss


i can still feel your hands

(and eyes)

concrete on my skin… 31 more words


Fakta-Fakta PayTren

Sumber : IG @yusufmansurnew

1. PayTren alhamdulillaah. Sejak 2014, msh awal2, dah berusaha u/ menyesuaikan diri, dg peraturan eMoney BI. PayTren dah mulai2 misahin, nertibin sendiri, dan menyiapkan diri. 266 more words

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