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Menanti Hari

Malam ini udara terasa dingin, hujan baru saja menyapa diluar kaca jendela. Bicara tentang hujan memang seolah tiada habisnya, terkadang rintiknya menemani hati yang rindu,gelisah,khawatir, bahkan hati yang bahagia. 177 more words



What little heaven I have to hold upon my journey into the unknown, are memories in blue
The full view of spring from the thaw of the mighty maw of winter’s keep, a multifaceted jewel… 240 more words


Voids and Paradoxes

They promise to complete us on the whole but leave us hollow.

You know the thing about pain, it leaves you with void no one can attempt to feel. 217 more words



– Di titik seperti ini kita diuji tentang bagaimana menentukan prioritas, tentang bagaimana mendahulukan hal yang pantas.

– Memang terasa indah di dalam pikiran, tapi tak semudah menjalankan kenyataan. 77 more words

I Know, I Know, I Know

Try as you might,
It slips through the cracks
The illusion held tight,
Azure falls to black

These highs and lows

In lines I’ve dole, 79 more words


On Everything I Love

For the love of…

Find yourself inside silent hells, the furnace off a facet of a gem

Fascination for shine is enshrined in self; the clout, a bud with its stem… 147 more words


Myriad Of Fire

What I hold is a burning sword, sheathed in layers upon layers of the finest laces ever known to man

Heavily scented as heaven had vented, extinguishes the senses demented to a haze more tame… 250 more words