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What's On My Steam Wishlist!

At some point, I’ll be taking snapshots of my gaming PC and posting them for you all, discussing what I want to do with it to get it to where playing a game won’t make it cry to mommy! 326 more words


Watch The PES 2017 Trailer

PES 2017 will be available for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC on September 13. 18 more words


Blazblue Central Fiction English Dub Still Possible ?

News has hit the internet about Blazblue Central Fiction not having English Dubbing duo to the fact it will shorten development time. Fans were taken back especially when Patrick the voice of Ragna chimed in saying if the game does good or bad it will not effect on how the decision will be made on English VO. 108 more words


Bioshock {Game Review}

When Bioshock came into the gaming industry in 2007 you might have thought, “Oh look! Another first-person shooter”. But as you start to play this gem of the seventh generation of console games, you realize this is something much greater than just your average run-of-the-mill shooter. 902 more words

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Aug 30: Releases

-Assault Suit Leynos for PS4 is out today in NA, and for Steam in NA and EU!
-Attack on Titan for PS3 PSN, PS4, Vita PSN, XBone, and Steam is out today in NA! 91 more words


2016.08.29. - hétfő


reggel haladtam kicsit A német doktorral. elég fura volt az utóbbi pár oldal, a főszereplő olyan dolgokat ajánlgatott a családnak akinél lakik, hogy én egyből elküldtem volna a francba, de azok mégis fontolgatják. 178 more words