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Why video games are the new IQ tests

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Gamers won’t be surprised. We and our colleagues have discovered a link between people’s ability to play video games and their general intelligence. Our research, published in the journal PLOS ONE, can’t establish whether playing video games makes people smarter or whether being smart makes you better at video games (or some other explanation). 359 more words


Top 10 Worst PS3 Games

I don’t like this overwhelming wave of negativism that surrounds the video game scene nowadays. If a game doesn’t sell in Call of Duty numbers, it’s a failure; if a game doesn’t reach an 80 score on metacritic, it’s a waste of time for anyone. 1,520 more words


Assassins Creed II - Dead Floating Enemy Glitch

There is currently a competion going on over at via referring people so in order to try to win myself and replace my old laptop I’d use it as motivation to make more content starting with a redo of an old Assassins Creed II glitch I found, its still done with a phone but its far more watchable than the original was. 301 more words

Let's Play Trails of Cold Steel (105)

Chris and Michaela join Class VII in a playthrough of Trails of Cold Steel! The Legend of Heroes is a criminally underrated RPG series that deserves more attention, so why not embark on a 100% AP playthrough? 26 more words

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10 Years Later, the Promises of Assassin's Creed Still Linger

*Moderate to heavy spoilers for every Assassin’s Creed game up to ACIII follow.*

2007 was a very different time – George W Bush was still President, Soulja Boy was relevant, and LOST was in the middle of its third, arguably worst, season. 2,226 more words

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