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Sony brings the Playstation Now service to the PS Vita and the PS TV

While Sony’s mobile business is spiraling down into more and more losses, its gaming division is doing particularly well, with its PS4 outselling the competition two to one.  121 more words

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Overcoming 'gamers block' and how depression can affect playing videogames

I’ve experienced so-called “gamer’s block”, which is sort of the videogame equivalent of ‘writer’s block’ wherein you lack enthusiasm to do something specific such as writing or playing video games, many times in my life and I generally put this down to suffering from severe depression for the last 3 years or so, however anyone who plays games regularly can experience “gamer’s block” and the causes are often unclear and much debated. 595 more words


PES 2016 Demo coming August 13th.

Pro Evolution Soccer 16 only comes out on the 18th of September 2015 but Konami have revealed that you can play the game a month earlier via a free demo. 211 more words

Assassin's Creed Rogue: Abstergo IS Ubisoft!

Having picked up a copy of Assassin’s Creed Rogue the other day, you can imagine that my subsequent days have been filled with hiding in hay stacks and perching on top of buildings. 1,044 more words


Now Arriving: Games of August 2015

Congratulations! You’ve made it out of the summer doldrums. While we’re still a far cry from the crazy release schedule that this fall and holiday promise us, August brings about a sense of renewed energy from the games industry. 265 more words


Lost Dimension Review (PlayStation Vita)

Lost Dimension is a newly released tactical RPG published by Atlus and developed by Lancarse, the same developers in which brought notable titles such as Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, as well as the first two Etrian Odyssey games to life. 1,620 more words


Review: Dishonored

(I actually finished this a few months ago, and have been tossing up whether it is even worth doing reviews for such old games. But I figure maybe I’ll do one that someone has not played, and maybe someone can discover something new, so why not, eh? 574 more words