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This page has been updated. Please share this page. This page reflects the very core of what we are trying to accomplish. 37 more words

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Texas Shooting in Taft

Is this the first shooting tragedy they warned us about?  Please pray for the families affected.

In mid month.. Texas.. the shooting in Dub len. 24 more words

World Predictions

Prediction: Mega Hurricane and Shooting Spree in October

The next hurricane hits the east coast climbing north.. it gets stuck sitting in the north-east creating epic flooding. Unimaginably destructive.

Original Message: I had a visual of one massive hurricane sitting on the east side of the coast climbing up the coast. 407 more words

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Hurricane Michael Rescue

This prediction continues to unfold. The family part of the prediction has unfolded and it’s good news against all this tragedy. Please pray and help out all of those affected by Hurricane Michael  260 more words

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Prediction: New Zealand Earthquake Now

I had a visual of two zeros arriving. “Times up” two different predictions are about to happen.

The first:

I had a visual of a map pointing to New Zealand. 153 more words

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Predictions 10-7-18

In mid month.. Texas.. the shooting in Dub len.

First will come the tropical storms and then the three hurricanes arrive.

“Boiling point reached.. ethnic cleansing .. 119 more words

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Indonesia Tsunami / Earthquake

Please pray and support those in Indonesia.

This prediction has happened.

As the facts come in more and more predictions resonate. Especially the first message, I assumed it was about Katrina, but now its sounding like the latter, the December 2004 Tsunami, It is so tragic what has unfolded in Indonesia,  and in many parts “Areas disappear.. 630 more words

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