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Predictions 6-21-18

I had a visual of the world, then a sweeping light crossed Africa from the north to the south.

“Such a surge of prosperity for so many.. 69 more words

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Texas Flooding

That horrible flood has arrived. Please pray for all those affected in Texas.

We need to work on the locations of some of these predictions. 76 more words

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Migrant Separation Policy Ends

It looks like its over! This horrible policy of separating children ends.

As the details came through we learn that the ‘cruel one ‘ chirping into the presidents ear, is Stephen Miller as the video shows, the world condemning the US include; the UN, the Prime Minister of the UK, and the Pope. 57 more words

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Mexico's Popocatepetl Volcano Erupts

This prediction has happened, two days after it was posted.

Predictions 6-13-18 “Pinto is starting to boil.. caution” That is a reference to the Volcano in Mexico. 85 more words

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2000 Children Separated from Families

This prediction has happened.

It tears at my heart to think that a nation I grew to love for all of its splendor as a beacon of light for the world would sour and head towards such a dark place. 83 more words

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Predictions 6-18-18

On 6-15:  “20.. earthquake.. so massive”

“Around 800”

At first I thought 8 was the magnitude but could also be the hour, 8 o clock.  197 more words

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New Jersey Shooting Spree

This tragic prediction has happened. My heart pours out for all of those in New Jersey.

I missed the opportunity to gather more details of this horrible attack. 52 more words

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