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Before the Commodore 64, the IBM PC, and even the Apple I, most computers took input data from a type of non-magnetic storage medium that is rarely used today: the punched card. 225 more words

Classic Hacks

Punch Card Reader for the 10 Types of People in the World

Punch card data input is so 1890 US Census, right? Maybe not, if your goal is to educate kids about binary numbers and how they can encode characters. 290 more words

Misc Hacks

Chapter 18: You're Acting Like an Animal! - A Wisco Wedding Part 5

For what it was worth, Coti, Maggie and I enjoyed a nice conversation during the car ride back to the hotel. That is, for the short bits of time when we weren’t interrupted by Bill and Gretch’s sudden and obnoxious outbursts. 4,248 more words

A little history of knitting machines

I started writing a “page” to tell a little bit about knitting machines, and I got on such a roll that I decided it needed to be a separate post.   663 more words

Knitting Machines

Before we get too comfortable...

Lest anyone think I could focus on any one craft genre at a time…

Just when I have re-committed myself to pursuing the Master Knitter program, I got a tantalizing email from another knitting guild member offering up knitting machines and a garter carriage to anyone who might want them… for FREE.   877 more words


Hurricane's (kind)a-coming!

Hurricane on the way….hot coffee in hand…..son watching Sesame Street quietly next to me….I feel a post coming on!

I realized yesterday that I have stopped posting my WODs. 416 more words