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750words March 24 2015 ~ Punch Cards and Angels

Earlier today I read a blog post by Ken Decroo (Baja Moto Quest) about a dear friend Ken had lost to cancer and I started thinking about losses and the blanks those who go leave behind, like punched holes in a ticket or those cards stores hand out where there’s maybe twelve numbers and when all twelve are punched you get a free skein of yarn at the knitting store, or a free carton of smokes at the cigarette store, or a big discount on whatever at wherever. 731 more words


Arduino Reads Punch Cards

Punch cards were a standard form of program and data storage for decades, but you’d never know it by looking around today. Card punches and even readers are becoming rare and expensive. 254 more words

Classic Hacks

Man Can’t Put Off Haircut Any Longer

Arthur Mannigan of Blofeld, Virginia, determined this morning that he can’t put off getting a haircut any longer. Arthur initially decided to try and wake up early on Saturday morning to get to Supercuts before the weekend rush. 239 more words


Tweet Messages from Punch Cards

It all started with a conversation about the early days of computing. The next thing he knew, colleague gave him a stack of punch cards and a challenge.  249 more words

Classic Hacks

Child's Ribbed Hat Any Machine

It was a rainy cold day yesterday and I had an area in my knitting room to clean up. I came across this little hat in an “In Knitters” book, Volume 5 No. 329 more words

Brother Knitting Machine

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I have always admired the variety of items that come off of cckittenknits knitting machines.  I am re-blogging this one in the hopes that I will do this someday too!  Thank you cckittenknits for sharing with us!