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Hurriyah | Chapter III

It was summer, she recalled, when she first met Sophia, the reason for her daily Jeddah College visits. Sophia was a very demure girl, well that’s what the society would say. 485 more words


The EU Referendum Bill: Taking stock

 The EU Referendum Bill completed its eventful passage through the House of Commons in September. As scrutiny begins in the House of Lords Alan Renwick… 1,732 more words

Elections And Political Parties

Separated with lines and curtains: A journey to Delhi

It was 2013 summer. My second semester in MSc had just finished and I was set to leave for a summer internship at IIT Delhi. It was to be my first visit to Delhi, and I was quite enthusiastic about visiting the national capital. 2,059 more words


The Relevance of Niqaab to a modern Islamic Woman

Not many people know the difference between Hijab and Niqaab. To be honest, Not many Muslims know the difference between Hijaab and Niqaab.

The term hijab in Arabic literally means “a screen or curtain”. 619 more words




The following is an interesting dialogue between a modern lady and an intelligent young girl (15 years) on the purdah topic.

MODERN LADY: Your father is keeping you imprisoned in the four walls of the house. 131 more words


Disclaimer to all Hijab related posts

I’ll be adding a lot of hijab related posts in the near future and so thought that a disclaimer makes sense.


I believe Islam is a pathway that is meant to serve human curiosity and personal growth in the most perfect way. 423 more words