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Shrines Of Shame

Hushed missives, in black envelopes
Unheeded squeals, in vanquished souls
How faith dwells deep, in misspent hopes
Who pay to fear, womanhood’s tolls!

How one become, all feminine forms… 72 more words


How I Started Purdah

Most of the time, when you ask someone how they started observing purdah and what inspired them, you get to hear many inspirational stories. My story doesn’t even fall in that league. 806 more words

Good Words

1. Behind The Orange Punjabi

Credit for this story line goes to the author of Burning Embers but the writing is all mine. New story, hope y’all enjoy it.

July 2017… 1,074 more words

Behind The Orange Punjabi

Purdah Dari Matamu Pula?

Zara selalu baca komen-komen mereka yang anti wanita Islam memakai purdah tak kira dari muslims sendiri atau non muslim. Tapi kat online kita tak tahu orang yang  sebagaimana yang suka menentang wanita berpurdah. 645 more words

Zara Lee