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The Relevance of Niqaab to a modern Islamic Woman

Not many people know the difference between Hijab and Niqaab. To be honest, Not many Muslims know the difference between Hijaab and Niqaab.

The term hijab in Arabic literally means “a screen or curtain”. 619 more words




The following is an interesting dialogue between a modern lady and an intelligent young girl (15 years) on the purdah topic.

MODERN LADY: Your father is keeping you imprisoned in the four walls of the house. 131 more words


Disclaimer to all Hijab related posts

I’ll be adding a lot of hijab related posts in the near future and so thought that a disclaimer makes sense.


I believe Islam is a pathway that is meant to serve human curiosity and personal growth in the most perfect way. 423 more words

The Tyranny of No Purdah

“When the Government explain why they want to wipe away these rules, I hear them say, “Of course, Government cannot really function in a purdah period.

431 more words
David Cameron

EU referendum - What David Cameron can learn from the West Wing

In the ‘West Wing’ there is a scene in which the White House Communications Director CJ Cregg describes how the President should be investigated for having allegedly hidden his multiple sclerosis from the electorate. 784 more words