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Importance of time

We see that nowadays many of us complain that we don’t have any free time, maybe that sounds true but in reality it is not true always. 417 more words


Read in the name of your Lord!

Before the revelation of the Qur’an. The knowledge and arts (education) thrived in civilisations across Egypt, Greece, China, Rome, India and Persia. There were not as many universities in those days as today but still very few university were present at that time but only restricted to the higher class of people, the lower class of who most were of the destitute did not have access to knowledge. 551 more words


'The Dough Is Resting'

Slow down and enjoy life. It’s not only the scenery you miss by going too fast – you also miss the sense of where you are going and why ― Eddie Cantor …
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L'importance de la croyance dans notre époque

Bismillahi ar-Rahmani ar-Rahim

Les musulmans ont souvent du mal à expliquer les crises de foi qui se manifestent dans la génération à venir. «Ils ont besoin de prier davantage» ou «ils sont ingrats» sont des réponses courantes et dédaigneuses, qui réduisent les crises à une médiocrité dommageable. 1,043 more words


My Reading List - Part 12

Written on 17th March 2019

1. The Quranic Phenomenon by Malik Bennabi

This is an excellent book that outlines the reasons Prophet Muhammad SAW is a messenger of God, and that the Quran is not written by a human being, written in scientific, historical, philosophical and psychological perspectives. 356 more words

For The Soul

Jangan sedih…engkau juga punya sebuah kisah cinta. Ada dalam Qur’ān. Ia memberitahumu betapa besar ALLAH mencintaimu.

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