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Amplify: Ebola and Education on the Radio

With Weintraub Communications’ help, Chernor Bah, a youth advocate for (client) the Global Partnership for Education and a co-founder of A World at School, appeared late last year on the… 9 more words


Zane Lowes Last Show

BBC Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe hosted his last show last night. You can listen to it here for the next 30 days or so. Zane is movier over to Apple to work on what is likely to be the Apple Music Streaming Service.


difficulties of trying to be a " girl dj" and the sad story of sixties sexism on the airwaves and a girl who actually believed it!

What it should really say: Girl don’t be a DJ- if you judge musicians so poorly…long hair ..lazy … what are you “miss establishment `69″? 686 more words

Live and Local - 4th March '15

On this weeks Live and Local we were joined by Chris Stevens from Talk in Code and Alex Secker and Nick Pavone from Swindon Filmmakers Network. 40 more words


Working for the 'A' team

Unemployment is a thing of the past … now isn’t that a rumour. I thought coming out of two prestigious universities the country has to offer, with two degrees to my name, I would be in demand at every broadcasting agency this world had to offer. 301 more words