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The Dream Weaver

A/N: Enjoy the flip of my last post. It’s been long and I forgive you if you have forgotten what it was all about. So… 249 more words

Short Story

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The Benefits of Becoming an International Student

Although some courses have a mandatory year of studying or working abroad, many students fail to consider the prospect of studying or working internationally. Spending part of your time at university overseas can be an eye-opening experience and can also be of great benefit to you after graduation. 551 more words

Work Experience

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Meet and Greet: 11/16/17


Evelina and I are presently en route to Florida so I’m going to run the Meet N Greet through next Wednesday!!  Be sure to share this post with your readers to get more people involved and more links shared! 114 more words


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Wonderful way to meet new bloggers courtesy Dream Big.

Is there anything you can't write about? ART FOR WRITERS

I’m guessing that most people have seen Claude Monet’s paintings of water lilies in his garden at Giverny, near Paris. He began painting them in 1899 and didn’t stop for the next 20 years. 392 more words

Inspiring Pictures

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The dispassionate genius of the great artist: “I caught myself…searching for the succession, the arrangement of coloured graduations that death was imposing on her motionless face” Read on!

Early Tips For A Good Thanksgiving Dinner

Tips for a good Thanksgiving dinner – warning: may contain fucking swearing

Here I am, back again with another one of my helpful Thanksgiving posts. Hopefully the one this year will top the one last year, or at least will top it with ice cream, whipped cream, honey, cinnamon and liquor. 1,160 more words


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Oh. My. Freaking. God(dess).  OK, my partner is across the 2100 square foot office building suite, wondering if I'm going to die.  OK, now he wants to know what's so funny.  Seriously, this was the funniest read I've come across in ages, and it's totally worth it!  He's totally funnier and rantier than I am.  Wait...maybe I shouldn't be showing you this.  Aw, what the hell.  Go read it and have fun  :)  <3

Narrowing down the PURPOSE of your blog — Live to Write - Write to Live

I had to re-blog this post by Wendy E.N. Thomas over on Live to Write – Write to Live

She totally nails home the critical point that your blog…needs a point. 66 more words

Creative Writing