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(In response to a challenge, you know who you are  … with apologies)

In Lunar’s pale glow
leather clad heroes gather
Moon Rockers night gig


#BookReview: A Stone in the Sea by A.L. Jackson

Title:  A Stone in the Sea

Author:  AL Jackson

Genre:  Contemporary Romance

Series:  Bleeding Stars Book 1

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Book Review

Adventures of One #4

Nothing of major drama this week, just a solid event of high energy and good times with random strangers as rock band Ghost came to the Manchester O2 Apollo. 362 more words

paint it black - the rolling stones

March 17th is not just St. Patricks Day. It’s my old man’s birthday. When I think of my Dad enjoying himself I think of him laying down in the living room with massive headphones on, a long curly lead running from his cans to the big silver stereo record player and radio combo unit with the neon dial. 325 more words


Another night in Kingston city.

In my 20s I could go out any night of the week and find multiple lounges to listen some strong lyrically driven reggae music or some sweat inducing sexually charged dancehall music, find a various range of sexy bodied women that you could “wine up pon” for hours, have a couple drinks get a nice likkle buzz, then go home contented even if you didn’t get a number or a little more… 945 more words


Concert review: Guns N' Roses ablazin' in Singapore


SINGAPORE: It finally happened. It’s no longer a fanboy’s dream. On Saturday (Feb 25), Guns N’ Roses played their first ever concert in Singapore. 768 more words

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