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More of Town Center at Disney Springs

I was able to finally download all my pictures.  I dont know what happened the other day. I thought they would have downloaded – but at least I still had them.   159 more words

Music, Mayhem, and Motors!

Whether you are showing your ride at the latest car show, attending a gig, or having a beer at your local pub, Kustom Kreeps will keep you lookin’ good for whatever adventures await this season! 238 more words

Sourpuss Clothing

Shakespeare - Romeo & Juliet

These are two Coats of Arms I invented for a Mod V Rockers school production of Romeo & Juliet waaaaay back in 2009. Just dug them up and figured I’d post them as it seems to be apt…one more coming!

Review Post: Between Us by Ella Fox

Between Us by Ella Fox is NOW LIVE!

Grab your copy of this amazing rocker standalone at the following retailers:


Amazon UK:… 2,201 more words

Love Story

Its been 3 years since the last time I saw the NESkimos

And somehow, its still just as awesome.

Here for example is me, my friend Dan, and Wily, Dylan, and Bruce from the NESkimos. I am the guy with the glasses looking like an idiot.   60 more words


DITZ - Rupert Grint

‘Rupert Grint’, from the new Brighton-based noise rockers DITZ, comes as fresh as a simile  that has a degree from Goldsmiths. Dark, rhythmic but not lacking in melodic prowess, DITZ’s new tune showers you in atmospheric mire, like when one of your favourite cartoons that has that one scary episode (here’s to ‘Hey Arnold’). 188 more words