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Assalamu alaikum wr wb

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Pizza alla diavola

– 500 g aluat de pâine, 300 g passata de tomate, 250 g mozzarella, 150 g salam picant, 1 linguriță oregano tocat, 5 linguri ulei de măsline extravergine, sare, 96 more words


Hijab ❤ The Ayah

To all my sisters,

A reminder for me first, but just remember this ayah in the Qur’an about our Hijab.

O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. 27 more words


Lets start with Salaam 👋💖

Jazak Allah for following 💗

I pray Allah swt keeps everyone well this Ramadan In sha Allah


Damai Sejahtera Bagi Kamu!

SIRAMAN ROHANI | Kamis 05 April 2018
I: Kis 3: 11 – 26
Injil: Lukas 24: 35 – 48)

Saudara-saudari …. Pada suatu pagi seorang teman ditodong oleh para perampok. 482 more words


how far is peace?

how far         ?

how far is      ?

how far         ?

tupac said that there would never


how hard is peace?

how hard is peace?

how hard         ? 95 more words

Salam Scoreboard

Here is a fun way to teach and motivate kids to give SALAM to others and earn as much hasanat as possible when saying it! Introducing the …..  175 more words

Building Habits