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Along The Beach - Ancol

Losing a family member really shocked me. I never think that the impact will be huge and deep. Two week after the death, a dear cousin took me to have a good walk in the morning. 197 more words


Olio - Novotel's Second Homerun

Olio is Novotel’s Italian restaurant which specialises in everything Italian. I had previously been invited to the square for its lavish Sunday brunch which consisted over a zillion dishes. 1,682 more words


The Pea Pod Boatmen of The Shennong Stream

The Peapod Boatmen

The Peapod Boatmen

The Peapod Boatmen

The Peapod Boatmen

Shennongxi Stream, China

These are the “Pea Pod” boatmen of the Shennong or Shennongxi stream in China. 324 more words

Travel Photography



In Vietnamese the Mekong River delta is known as the Nine Dragons delta, due to the nine branches the mighty Mekong splits into as it empties into the sea. 1,223 more words


Hong Kong - Aberdeen and Stanley Market

So I already told you about some cool sites in Hong Kong, but some other popular destinations when visiting are Aberdeen and Stanley Market.

Aberdeen is located on Hong Kong Island and is a well known for it’s floating village and floating seafood restaurant that are located in Aberdeen Harbor. 305 more words

Vietnam | Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) & The Mekong Delta

Ho Chi Minh City is our first stop in Vietnam. After checking in at Lê Duy Hotel we have a little free time before dinner. Some of us decide on showers and naps while others wander into town in search of croissants and other snacks. 1,126 more words



When I travel I prefer to leave the plans pretty loose so that there’s plenty of room for spontaneity. My travel buddies to Suzhou (pronounced like Sue-Joe), a water town just west of Shanghai, were much the same way, and while we didn’t have any specific missions, our one, collective objective at some point was to go for a boat ride in the canal. 1,592 more words