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A Day Away from Hanoi

Nam greeted us early Tuesday morning; his brother, Viet, was busy that day (his joke, not mine…and I’ll sadly admit that it literally took me until the end of the day to get it). 892 more words

Vietnam Revisited - Mekong River 3-28

Kevin didn’t take his camera on our tour of the Mekong River delta, so as promised, here are my impressions.  Firstly, as he mentioned, the “sit time” in a bus was much longer than expected due to the fact that we didn’t dock in the center of Saigon as hoped. 752 more words

Vacations On Other Ships

Trip to Mekong Delta

We still had not visited Mekong Delta, but now got a good reason when our friends visiting were interested in seeing life on the big river. 1,082 more words

Sampan Kecil dan Botol Bersurat

Ada sampan kecil
Yang mengapung di atas air
Bersama sampan-sampan lain
Mereka bercengkrama
Mengikuti gerak komunal ke satu arah  295 more words

Jemari Peradaban (Muslimah)

Laut Banda

Rudi Fofid
Laut Banda

Kau beri aku altar biru
Pada bening hati
Kaca-kaca cair

Kau persembahkan musim-musim
Pada ombak perak

Kaulah relung paling dalam… 40 more words



Ashley took me to Sampa for happy hour post ADEX and I loved it! The food was super cheap and super tasty! I definitely recommend it but it does get quite busy! 27 more words

Foodie In Philly

Murder Sets Sail – 14

Last week Bill Maxwell and Larry Anderson met with Pakash who will be supplying the heroine that they are going to take to Jimmy’s boat. Today they are going to pick up the shipment. 1,617 more words

Paul J. Stam