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A Water World – a kaleidoscope of colours - Day 3

Day 3

For those wishing to rise early at 6.30 am every day there was a Tai Chi class on the top deck – I never made it in time! 394 more words

Spring 2015

Mekong River Cruise - Days 1 and 2

Cambodia to Vietnam – lands of contrasts but where religions co-exist with no prejudice – young boys of all religions can be sent to the Buddhist monks to be taught basic skills and they can choose to remain as monks or leave when their family requires them for rice harvest, or they feel sufficiently educated or old enough to return to their villages to take up normal occupations. 1,228 more words

Spring 2015

Waterfalls ( Big vs Small)

Here are two photos , both of which show waterfalls.

One was taken at the Niagara fall, the water was crashing down in all its mighty. 82 more words



Even wisata di Taluk Kuantan, Kabupaten Kuantan Singingi, sekitar 160 kilometer dari Kota Pekanbaru, ini masuk dalam Kalender Pariwisata Nasional. Pacu Jalur mengandung nilai budaya dan olah raya, serta digelar sekali setahun guna memperingati Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Indonesia. 140 more words


Thing-a-Day - January 1 - origami sampan

Day 1 of the Thing-a-Day Challenge

Origami sampan (instructions here)

Materials: dyed abaca paper (made 5 years ago from “old” pulp that didn’t take the dye properly, so made cool mottled and flecked pattern) that has been sitting in my basement waiting for a purpose. 38 more words

2015 Thing-a-Day

Vietnam Adventures (6th December 2014 - (9th December 2014)

Day 3 (8/12/2014)

2nd breakfast buffet at Queen Ann hotel today! They tweaked their menu a little, so the variety was not as boring as I expected hehe. 998 more words