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Vyrl Update

Congratulations to SHINee for winning the Hallyu Star Award!


Key INS Update

“얘들아 오늘 그냥 먹자 , 잠안오더라”

trans: “Guys, let’s have lunch today”

cr: bumkeyk


SHINee Concerts Names

the names of SHINee Concerts, the ones themselves named:

SWC1 – 떡국콘 (Tteokgukcon)

Tteokguk means rice cake soup. It is a Korean traditional dish for the new year. 146 more words


SHINee USA and Canada Tickets Go On Sale Saturday

Time flies, so don’t forget to mark the day on your calendar.

This February 25th, tickets for the SHINee World V are going to be released at 10:00 am local Venue time. 109 more words