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Heavenletter - Jadilah Cinta Yang Begitu Kalian Inginkan

Heavenletter #6142 disalurkan oleh Gloria Wendroff, dipublikasikan 18 September 2017
Be the Love You So Want

Tuhan berkata…

Satu dari hal-hal yang paling sulit di dunia bagi kalian, Manusia-Manusia Saya Sayang, Kekasih Hati Saya, adalah untuk melepaskan. 611 more words


False Bottoms

No longer do I not seek praise, I demand it never come. To what do I owe this pride in my heart and my preference of self over others? 104 more words


Not Shaken

Disappointed… of course… deterred from believing He is coming soon.  Not a chance.  My Lord is not slow in keeping His promises 2 Peter 3:9. 47 more words


Natural spiritual journeys

Hmm I guess this question is not a wired one of todays happenings and everyone, everything has its own reasoning behind what they do and believe in. 686 more words



So I’m sat here three days after coming home, I’ve still not eat meat and stuck to my lemon and ginger tea and black coffee of cause. 665 more words


The Community of God: Nehemiah's Garden

I am too often more comfortable complaining about the world and its problems, or even just my own, than I am getting up and doing something about them. 618 more words