Label » Spiritual

Travel of the Wind

The wind travels everywhere;
Egypt, Greece, Sumeria, anywhere.
I wish I had the knowledge from
The wind in its best song…

Tribute to the Lady - Part 2

Woman of divine light,
Goddess with infernal might.
Beauty and wisdom at all,
If you need Her, just call.

Tribute to the Lady

Cloaked in splendid white light,
Was the Lady, was my soul.
And when the truth approached,
I escaped, and left the dream.

Better Rules

I know you could get there

for so much better rules


kurung pandang = kurang..

Sejumlah hal yang dulunya gw anggap “oke”, sekarang malah gw pinggirkan jauh2.. Kenape ye kok dulu gw bisa “culun” begitu ??.. Bisa jadi gara2 hal2 di bawah ini: 369 more words