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I bought these pants at a thrift store in Provincetown last year and they got lost in the back of my closet before I ever wore them. 55 more words


Lines of Defense for Limiting Risk Exposure to Prohibited Businesses

By Patrick Waterman          August 15, 2016

Ecommerce payment gateways usually prohibit doing business with companies selling counterfeit goods, drugs, get rich schemes, and adult entertainment.  Why?   942 more words

This skirt is not photogenic.

I bought this fabric about 8 years ago, gave it to my sister, she gave it back – when I was in my ill-fated ‘Bowline phase’ – and it has eventually become this very un-photogenic maxi skirt. 170 more words

Self Drafted

Summer Stripes

Summer – a time for vacations, family, friends…and heat. Summer sweat is an inevitable foe during these few months; however nothing that loads of deodorant can’t fix. 348 more words



When I need some sleep, Marseille style.