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Scrapbusting circles

Remember Venn Diagrams?

I am away for the weekend, so have attempted to be a grown-up and scheduled a post. Wahoo! We will see. Hopefully I won’t bring the universe to a sticky end. 142 more words

0381. Il silenzio

Abbiamo tracciato scie, le abbiamo infiammate tra le risa.

Occhiate taglienti, profonde come il lago, percorrono le forme

mostrando il contrario di tutto.

Vecchi libri prendono muffa. 49 more words


Lego Dimensions: Gremlins Team Pack

In the summer of 1984, I was 13 years old.  It was a great summer for movies, but one day in particular stood out.  I pulled together all my friends and worked out a carpool to the local cineplex for a double feature of… 646 more words