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Demonstrations of Power

​”This message of gaining release from outer systems of thought and opinion is simple and it works without directly confronting the legitimate outer governing forces in any way – just leave them be – look to your own change individually and then let Faith bring you together in groups as your personal interest and volition deem necessary, joyous and practical to share your social requirements and spiritual experience – to share and to grow.” 414 more words


Judging/Labeling Someone You Don't Know


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wbt.

This conversation was taken from another post of mine in 2014 because I feel it is relevant to this blog post, insyaAllah. 1,182 more words

The Guarantee

(Mulla Nasrudin Story)

One day at the King’s court, the King turned to Nasrudin and said, “Mulla. Since you are constantly reminding us of how clever and wise you are, tell me this: can you teach your donkey to read?” 222 more words


Love in a Time of Vitriol – Narratives of Inclusiveness

The closing ceremony of Apeejay Lit Fest 2017 took place at the iconic St. John’s Church which is situated at 2/2, Council House Street, BBD Bagh. 454 more words

Just Penned!! - Secrets Unveil Like That

Secrets unveil like that
From nowhere like the flame
Gives light to the thirsty souls
Dies away speaking in smokes

Void springs back
To keep the secrets intact… 83 more words



Seorang ulama dari Suriah bercerita tentang do’a yang selalu ia lantunkan.

Ia selalu mengucapkan do’a seperti berikut ini,

“Ya Allah, berilah aku rezeki sebagaimana Engkau memberi rezeki kepada bughats.” 465 more words


The New Water

(Sufi Folktale)

One day, the mysterious prophet-saint Khidr told the world, “In a few days, all water throughout the earth from natural sources will disappear, and be replaced with new water that will make people crazy when they drink it. 168 more words