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Were we mere blank slates?

In a tale of human progress and a defence of progress, people learn from their parents and their parents’ parents, and who, after trials and tribulations, wind up committed to each other. 1,652 more words

Real Beauty Of Islam

A Call to Depth

Why do you continue to

Only skim the surface of the

Ocean of Being?

What hinders your

Diving into the depths?

Dive deep to the very floor. 14 more words



A Sufi holy man was asked, “What is forgiveness?”

He said, “It is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed.”

*nature sculpture I made w/ bound wire, Hydrangea flower, rat tooth & quartz crystal


30 Daily Ramadan Prayers 2017/1438


Ramadan in the year 2017/1438 begins Saturday, May 27th, so here once again are the 30 Daily Ramadan Prayers (duas), which are posted each year.  1,263 more words

Spirituality & Religion


Terror can be linked historically to territory.
Suicide fighters such as Tamil Tigers, the Kamikazes of Japan fought for territorially based conflicts.
The current wave of so called terrorist outrages around the world post the Twin Towers and other buildings demolition in America in 2001 have opened a door to the dissonance of conspiracy theory because of a lack of a physical territorial provenance to trace intention for these and consequent events. 217 more words


What is known

What is known is only of any use as a vehicle to take me to what I don’t know. We all know this, but somehow conveniently forget this primary reason for existence – to come to know. 597 more words



Precious is the personal identity in the immensity of One consciousness. Consciousness is the ocean that contains the invisible and the visible Universe.

The brain does not generate consciousness, it is the arbiter of how the articles of that which is precious to the heart meets the One consciousness in the interface of a conscience. 180 more words