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battle poetry of life

The outcome is irrelevant
Your battle, is poetic enough
-Wesam El dahabi

Put on your warrior outfit and live.

Why are you waiting for a settling of your affairs? 73 more words


-i'm Arab, nine

-i’m Arab, nine

They want the exotic of you,
not the reality of you,
they fancy all things,
media propped into their minds.

If they could, 459 more words


Poem 5 of 40

The whole web
Is a web
Are you food for the spider?
Seeking attention
Listen to me
I’ve got the answer
Set yourself free?
Instant action… 75 more words



My elegy births a war

Though it conceived

An idea of hope.

And we wondered,

‘What was beautiful?’ ,

Growing through the loom

Of a departed life. 16 more words


Sufi poems of love, sung by Rajesh

Here a poem by Sufi Poet Amir Khusro (1253 – 1325)

Oh Khusrau, the river of love
Runs in strange directions.
One who jumps into it drowns, 193 more words


Poem 4 of 40

The situation is grave (yards)
The heart ones seem dead to the world
How wouldn’t they be, as guards?
To be other would be hypocritical… 80 more words


Poem 3 of 40

Amidst the clatter of impressible matter
The impossible space is all there is

Just before the irretrievable action
The impossible space is all there is… 44 more words