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Milya kar...

​”Teri zyaarat mera haq hai,
Mera haq na kha, menu milya kar”

Teri ibaadat faqt ik farz hai,
Mei jogi banjawan gar tu milya kar. 212 more words


Bab, the Door to Knowledge and Understanding

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

From our brother, Suhaib Webb:

Years ago, I sat at Dar al-Ifta in Cairo reading with a teacher, and he asked, 300 more words

Spirituality & Religion

To Seek God, Abandon Your Seeking

My own free rendering of a ghazal by Muhammad Iqbal:

Majnoon ne shehr chora, tu sehra bhi chor de
Nazzaaray ki havis ho, to laila bhi chor de… 366 more words

" Bahayakah Sufiyah "

Fatwa Ulama

Fatwa Al Lajnah Ad Daimah lil Buhuts Al ‘Ilmiyyah wal Ifta’ 2: 86

Apa itu sufiyah dan apakah ajarannya membahayakan agama? Apa hukum duduk bersama orang-orang sufi?

166 more words

Whirling Dervishes and Tanoura Dancers

Meditation and Entertainment 

The original Whirling Dervish dance was – and is – a dance mediation. However, the whirling dance has long been adapted for entertainment as well, with the performers using multicolored, multilayered, skirts that are manipulated to create optical illusions rather than spiritual enlightenment. 523 more words

Arabian Nights Entertainment

Saint Khwajah Abdul Khaliq Ghujdevani and Al-Khidr


In the Name of Allah Most Mericul Most Beneficent
Hazret Khwaja Abdul Khaliq al-Ghujdawani (qaddas-Allahu sirrahu)was born on 22 Sha’ban 435 AH in Ghujdawan near Bukhara (modern-day Uzbekistan). 328 more words


Sufi Whirling- What is It? Can You Do It?

  1. What is “sufi dance”?

This dance is a spiritual practice (known as Samâ) and is related to “spiritual hearing” in sufism. This whirling or spinning style dance is sometimes referred to as the dance of the “Whirling Dervishes” but there is an important difference. 622 more words