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Pride - The Greatest Sin

Salaam and Greetings of Peace:

“It has come in a report (that the Prophet said), ‘If you were to remain free of sins, I would fear for you what is worse than the sins themselves.’ When asked what he meant, he replied, ‘pride.’ 126 more words

Spirituality & Religion

A quote of Omar Khayyam (1048-1132)

Ah, make the most of what we may yet spend,

Before we too in the dust descend;

Dust into dust,  and under dust to lie… 10 more words

The Fool

Fooled by my own whispers such a wanderer am I
Seeing my own reflection dancing I blindly followed it
Lost in the jungle of my own dreams and nightmares… 108 more words


Book recommendation: The Music Made Me Do It

The Music Made Me Do It is an in-depth study of the problems associated with music from an Islamic and psychological perspective.

The author, Dr. Gohar Mushtaq, describes the harmful social, psychological and physical effects of music on individuals as well as society, citing well-documented contemporary research in the fields of medical and behavioural sciences. 189 more words

Islamic Books

Suleyman Dede's Urs

Today is the Urs of Shaikh Suleyman Hayati Loras (1904-1985). Suleyman Dede was a great Mevlevi Shaikh of Konya. He travelled to America and planted the seed of Sufism in many Western hearts. 120 more words



You must find something worth fighting for and once you have found it, you must fight for it.

About Religion 3 [The Journey]

Everyone in the village wondered where the old man used to go every month. The Mentor was used to leave the village for a couple of days and comes back looking tired but happy and content. 1,040 more words