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As I endeavour to wash away my dirt, I truly know how dirty I am. Forgive me for thinking I was clean while I was bathing in a room full of squalor and disease. 167 more words


Opening Day Khutbah for Masjid al-Rabia (December 2nd, 2016)

Yesterday afternoon Masjid al-Rabia, a woman-centered LGBT-affirming Muslim prayer space in Chicago, opened its door for the first jummah service. I delivered the opening day khutbah on connecting lessons from the tradition to the liberation work we do in the world. 1,364 more words

Lama'at (Divine Flashes)

Expressions are many
but Thy loveliness is one;
Each of us refers
to that single Beauty.
– Fakhr al-Dīn ‘Irāqī,

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Music maestros ~ Listen to the sounds of India (and the Sindh)

Meet some magical musicians who’ll transport you to the heart of India (and the Sindh).  Sit back, relax and listen to the unique sound of incredible India. 819 more words

Understanding India

Refleksi Diri

Siapakah ia yang berjalan dalam sepi?
Gerangan apakah yang membuat ia begitu tersendiri?
Atau mungkin menyendiri?
Siapa pula peduli?

Aku hanya melihatnya,
Dengan mata kepala, 16 more words


Swirling of galaxies

Amidst swirling of galaxies,
Resonation of harmonies,

Deep within this cosmic music,
Inscribed was a note of silence!

As I listened, I drowned, as I drowned I discovered, as I discovered I dissolved, as I dissolved He manifested!

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