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The beauty and sacredness of popular religion

The mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshbandi outside of Bukhara is a gorgeous and peaceful spot, full but not crowded with families making pilgrimage. A visitor can engage in a series of spiritual practices. 309 more words


corpul durere din fiecare om, Eckhart Tolle - adevar

ce este corpul durere? pai dupa Eckhart Tolle corpul durere este o entitate semivie, un tipar reactiv mental emotional, care locuieste in mintea omului si se hraneste cu emotii. 281 more words


Explanation of the hadith 'Preserve Allaah and you will see him in front of you' - Ibn Rajab (795 H)

The ‘Muftis’ (Deobandi) say :

(V1 NO 15 PG 4)



When the prophet says to Ibn Abbaas, ‘Be mindful of Allah, you will see him in front of you’, we understand that if  Ibn Abbaas is not mindful of Allaah, he will not see Allaah in fornt of him. 225 more words


Forgiveness Is

“What forgiveness is? Sufi replied: It is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed.”

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जीते भी व जाते भी पढ़ाया

सभी अपने कोई न पराया
कुछ ऐसा था आपका साया
मनपसंद करम ने विदाई गीत गाया
पढ़ना पढ़ाना अंत तक निभाया
छुटा हमसे मीठा शीतल साया

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Just How "punk" is Islam?

You want controversy? Try being Muslim living in the west. A western Muslim. Some would see such a title as a paradox. Others are more passive about it. 1,085 more words