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From the Archives: Abida Parveen

First of all: thank to all of you who responded so encouragingly to my previous post in which I mooted the idea that perhaps the time had come to close down this particular creative outlet.   238 more words


Wibble wobble 

The wobblers are out and their talking about Biddah,
They’re pointing fingers and calling me a sinner,
You can’t sing his name they said,
And you can’t wear pretty pins on your head. 230 more words


Just Penned!! - Wandering in Thy Brace

Tambourine thunks
Thumb thumb thumb
At the banks of a river perennial!

There crackles the fire on woods
Swaying a hip with air

The serene giggles of the river perennial… 90 more words



If talking could actually do
Then there surely would be nothing left to talk about
Only doing gets things done

If writing could actually do… 104 more words


Union of opposites

Travelling through the calamity of past events
Rocks from outer space
Or missiles from inner space
Destruction happened anyway
Consciousness survived, or has it?

Components of consciousness… 256 more words


Saifuddin Quthuz di Tengah Bangsa Kalah (Kebangkitan di tengah Keterpurukan)

Oleh: Ust. Budi Ashari Lc

Semua sebab kejatuhan Daulah-Daulah Islamiyyah ada pada kita.

Tetapi, semua sebab kebangkitan perlahan mulai terlihat.

Para ahli sejarah Islam, khususnya DR.

2,190 more words

a touch of doubt

always place a touch of doubt
hiding behind faith
if there is an answer for everything
from where shall questions come?

know that it is quite in order… 94 more words