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Dhikr and movement

Dhikr and Movement

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The soul or the self in itself has a trace of being superior, so the one who purifies his soul attains that proximity to Allah, as for the other who answers the calls of the self fits the description { إن هم إلا كالأنعام بل هم أضل سبيلاً }. 737 more words


Aaja More Nainon Mere Saajna

Aaja More Nainon Mere Saajna

Main To Tan Man Daarungi Waar Piya

Charagar Na Pooch Hamare Jigar Ki Chot

Pathar Bhi Toot Jaata Hai Kha Kar Nazar Ki Chot… 59 more words


Birds in Islamic Culture

Only a couple miles separated Mecca from invaders. Enemy plans to destroy the city’s temple seemed certain—but then the extraordinary happened. Daylight darkened. Masses of birds reportedly swooped in, nearly covering the sky. 1,308 more words


Agama itu untuk bekal hidup, bukan bekal mati ?

Santri                    : “Ini semua gara-gara Nabi Adam, ya Gus!”

Gus Dur                : “Loh, kok tiba-tiba menyalahkan Nabi Adam, kenapa Kang.”

Santri                    : “Lah iya, Gus. Gara-gara Nabi Adam dulu makan buah terlarang, kita sekarang merana. 971 more words



stone hearts grow and crumble
one on another when aliens and bearded
astronauts play the beatles
john lennon can’t recognize
the tunes unable to perceive… 36 more words


The Ascetic's Desire

Imam Ali (karamma-Allah wajhu) made a profound statement regarding what constitutes the innermost essence of zuhd (translatable as asceticism) when he noted that, “[z]uhd (asceticism) is not that you should own nothing; but that nothing should own you” 515 more words