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The Person

Maybe it was you
Or it was the time
Maybe it was just chance
But for whatever reason
I have chosen you

To be the thing, 34 more words


Jihad Against Yourself

Last time we posted the fifth word from the Risale-i Nur describing the significance of the ritual daily prayers and avoiding the great sins. The author gave a short story which revolves around two soldiers and their priorities in life. 541 more words


خبيث جهڙو خراب چهرو مليو ته ڪهڙو قرار هوندو ـ شاعري ـ حافظ نظاماڻي

خبيث جهڙو خراب چهرو مليو ته ڪهڙو قرار هوندو
حجاج جي پڳ مٿي تي پاتئين سکيو ته ڇا جو سڪار هوندو
نڪو ئي ٻانگون نڪو نمازون اسان کي نيتون نڪور گهرجن
پرايو کائي پڙهي جو تسبيحون انهي جو پڪ سان پگهار هوندو
جنين جي ڪنيت سدائين ڪرسيَ تنين کي ڪهڙو قياس پوندو
جتان پيو ايندو اتان پيو ويندو انڌي گهوڙي تي سوار هوندو
چوان ٿو آئون چنيسرن کي ڀلي علاؤالدين اسان تي آڻيو
اوهان جو پنهنجو معيار آهي اسان جو پنهنجو معيار هوندو
يزيدي فوجون هتي ڦرن پيون تڏهن ٿيو پاڻي اسان جو بند آ
امام وانگي اڃارو جنهن ڪيو خدا ڪندو سو خوار هوندو
اها ئي ڌرتي اهو ئي حافظ هميشه هوندا حبيب وانگي
انهن سان جيڪو ڦٽائي مرندو ٻڌاء سو ڪهڙي قطار هوندو ـ


Sufism: Rumi's Seven Spiritual Stages & the Nafs

The inner mystical dimension of Islam, Sufism, is one of the most widespread spiritual Islamic notions. Galal Al-Din Al-Rumi claims that there are seven phases every soul should undergo to acquire what he calls the… 570 more words


Indian Coffee, Works!

I come from the family of addicts! *Honest* Let me clarify before my family decides to disown me or throw me out of our home. Family addicted to coffee, coffeeholics, addicted to that steam rising from a hot cup of coffee, filter coffee and nothing less, mind you! 768 more words


Movement of Beauty

Connections of Condition

One Father

Three Mothers

Earth, Nature and of The Universe.

This Quaternity of Eternity

Holds and is embodied.

In my life

There are three children… 53 more words


The spy princess - Jason Porath

Jason Porath has curated profiles of awesome, less-known women in his book “Rejected Princesses.” One such woman is Noor Inayat Khan, a princess from the lineage of Tipu Sultan, who worked as a spy in World War Two. 206 more words

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