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Cultural Definitions: The Swastika

It is important to note the difference in cultural definitions of the swastika, especially in regards to the time period in question.

The word swastika comes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being.” (see “

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2 March 1918 - Swastika

This photo taken today, shows a mechanic painting a Swastika onto the wing of a Thulin type D aircraft.

The Swastika, in blue, was idea of Count von Rosen of Sweden, whose family crest included the swastika (which can be seen on a delivery crate). 118 more words


Woven Sampler (2148-589)


woven sampler; textiles






Red background color, with one edge badly frayed. There is a large central diamond with serrated edges, comprised of concentric blue, red, and white bands. 35 more words


Reichmark Bond Protester Giving Up?

Outside 101 is a bit like Hyde Park Corner in London. Lots of “interesting characters” on soap boxes. This man was previously pictured protesting Germany’s alleged refusal to reimburse Reichmark bonds… 160 more words


Secret of Swastika

Jainism is the one of the oldest religion in India. A swastika is their symbol of good fortune. Though it is treated as a holy thing in Hinduism and Buddhism too. 201 more words


Swastikas and Acts of God

It looks a bit alarming at first glance, a Len Deighton, or Jack Higgins scenario, where the bad guys have won the war. No need for alarm. 860 more words

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