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France often tries to escape its less glorious history, yet even during the debate this spring, between the future President Macron and the contender for his throne to be, Marine Le Pen, the issue of the Vichy regime was tabled for a minute or two. 465 more words


Man Charged With Scrawling Swastika, Anti-Semitic Slur On Staten Island Garage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A man was arrested and charged Thursday with scrawling a swastika and an anti-Semitic slur onto a garage on Staten Island. 138 more words


Staten Island Neighborhood Shocked After Swastika, Anti-Semitic Graffiti Are Scrawled On Garage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — For the second time in a week, a south shore neighborhood on Staten Island has been hit with hate and targeted with racist graffiti. 340 more words


WW2 facts you probably never knew

Hi everyone, well it seems my recent post about the weird and wonderful side of WW2 never materialised!? So I thought I would introduce it again. 284 more words

When Children Repeat our Hate Speech

The world crashed down before I even had my first cup of coffee, before actually I had even turned the coffee maker on. We had only donned slippers and robes moments before, just out of bed, I’m not sure I have even visited the bathroom yet, surely I must have or I would have lost control of that function right there on the steps as my grandson uttered hate speech. 1,035 more words


The Soviet Swastika

I was surprised to find the topic “Soviet Swastika” being discussed on different pages on the Internet. Some used the visual evidence as illuminating proof for the sinister identity between Communism and Nazism. 77 more words


Owning what divides us

My 10-year-old tells me he likes attending Friday night services at our synagogue because of the cookies served afterward.

Despite his eating more than the two or three treats we’ve agree on beforehand, I’m glad he’s also digesting important lessons about community values by being there. 1,173 more words