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Wherefore the Swastika?

I am „not exactly“ a National Socialist.  I do not wish to be a culturally misappropriating anti-wigger.  I do have my own radical ideas.  526 more words

National Socialism

So the Aliens don't give a damn about ADL's list of prohibited time it'll be Pepe the Frog appearing in the the midfinger to Hillary.

It gives a sense of liberation from the above level, liberation from political correctness and the Anti Defamation League’s and the jewish-led Left’s cultural bullying and list of prohibitions. 174 more words


Robots in disguise, Excalibur, and…Nazis?

Just the other day, The Sun shared an intriguing image from the set of Transformers the Last Knight–The Sun as in the news outlet in the UK, not the sun that illuminates our solar system, you know what’s up. 202 more words

Swastika painted on sidewalk at Les Sherman Park

Residents in the Les Sherman Park area were shocked after finding hateful graffiti spray painted along the walking path.

People were concerned to find a swastika painted on the park’s sidewalk near the baseball diamonds on Sunday. 149 more words


Swastika painted in Regina park

Someone has spray-painted a swastika in Les Sherman Park in Regina.

A bright red rectangle with a black swastika painted over a white circle could be seen on the multi-use pathway near the park’s ball diamond east of Pasqua Street on Sunday. 192 more words

Local News

A National Socialist is Driving a Swastika and ‘Jew Lies Matter’ Sign Down the Highway (VERY VERY GOOD!!!)

A well-known neo-Nazi activist in Oregon is taking his message on the road — literally.

Jimmy Marr, who the Anti-Defamation League calls an anti-Semitic white supremacist activist, recently posted online pictures of his latest efforts — a truck emblazoned with signs reading “Jew Lies Matter,” accompanied by a swastika. 287 more words

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