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The Nazi Appropriation of Symbols

This post contains swearing, and is quite long. You have been warned.

Now I did promise that this blog wouldn’t be political. I’ve long had a tendency towards writing about politics and current events. 1,814 more words

Religion And Spirituality

In Japan, Swastikas Are Symbols of Good Luck and Health, Not Hatred and Nazis

In Japan the swastika is called the manji (卍). It is an ancient symbol of good luck and well-being.

The symbol was on maps in Japan to denote Shinto and Buddhist shrines and temples. 261 more words


'This is Nazi f****** America!’: North Carolina woman confronts her neighbour over Swastika flag

A North Carolina woman got into a heated argument with one of her neighbours after she pulled over to demand why he was flying a Nazi-themed flag on the front of his house. 758 more words


A Swastika Dialogue between Foreigner and Finn

In Finland, the swastika continues to be an official emblem of the Air Force command. It is also used in some other parts of the Finnish armed forces. 251 more words

Company pulls swastika 'peace' shirts after backlash

(CNN) — An online retailer tried to “reclaim” the swastika by creating colorful t-shirts to promote peace, but ended up pulling the shirts after weeks of backlash. 113 more words


Company tries to prove swastika is a 'symbol of peace,' faces backlash

A European company named KA Design wanted to redefine the swastika as a “symbol of peace.” But their plan hit some obvious roadblocks.

The company released a line of clothing with rainbow-coloured swastikas, in an effort to reclaim the meaning of peace and prosperity the symbol held before Adolf Hitler adopted it as a logo for his regime. 368 more words


T-Shirt Company Vows To 'Keep Fighting' Amid Swastika Controversy

LOS ANGELES ( – A California-based online retailer has stopped selling a line of T-shirts and sweatshirts featuring a swastika with the words “Peace” and “Love”. 291 more words