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Nina Shea writes at Christianity Today:

As Christians in Iraq and Syria face what many (including the US State Department) call genocide, world leaders often struggle to summon the right words for the persecution. 63 more words


#NotATarget: UN to Discuss Civilian Strikes

Talk about a new normal.

In this era of war throughout the world, it’s a sad trend that there seems to be an attack on a civilian target that should be inviolate on at least a weekly basis. 409 more words


Baiting The Bear: NATO and Russia

Bear Baiting: Russia & NATO

Dispatches From The Edge

April 28

Aggressive,” “revanchist,” “swaggering”: These are just some of the adjectives the mainstream press and leading U.S. 1,858 more words


Political revolution & that inconvenient military-industrial complex

We have to see war — indeed, the very existence of the military-industrial complex Sanders refers to in his political platform — as making impossible social and economic justice and equality. Listen now!

African Americans

Hostilities in Aleppo have un-ceased

When last we checked in, America and Russia were scrambling to salvage a Syrian ceasefire that was beginning to look more like an aspiration than a reality. 404 more words


The killing of Dr Muhammad Waseem Maaz

From Syria Solidarity UK (posted 28th April):

The killing of Dr Muhammad Waseem Maaz

Via The Syria Campaign on Facebook

Dear friends,

I am Dr Hatem, the director of the Children’s Hospital in Aleppo. 274 more words

Human Rights

Potential jihadis monitored as fewer leave Switzerland

Intelligence report

May 2, 2016 – 16:02

Markus Seiler, head of the Federal Intelligence Service, presented his department’s latest report on Monday.


In its latest report, the Federal Intelligence Service (FIS) has said it is monitoring the social media activity of about 400 potential jihadis. 312 more words