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According to the Syrian activists and organizations 114 civilians were killed during combat actions all over the country on December 5, 2016. 27 more words



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I wish what many want to do to Assad, would do the same to piece of shit Per Furmark! 99 more words

Did The US-Led Coalition Give The Coordinates Of A Russian Aleppo Hospital To Al-Qaeda For A Missile Attack

This is becoming a familiar pattern. Every time Lavrov and Kerry appear to be making some sort of progress on ending hostilities in Syria, an unwarranted, and oddly timed attack on forces sided with the Syrian government occur.  1,017 more words

World At War

Russia, China veto UN resolution for ceasefire in Syria's Aleppo

Russia and China have vetoed a UN resolution that was jointly proposed by New Zealand, Spain and Egypt for a 7-day ceasefire in Syria’s flash-point city of Aleppo.  129 more words

World At War

The Clown of Aleppo: A Bright Spot with a Dark End

A 24-year-old Syrian who decided to stay behind is now dead because of an airstrike. Anas al-Basha, a former centre director for the civil society group, Space of Hope, was killed by an airstrike on Tuesday. 61 more words

Aleppo at a Turning Point: ISIS Slowly Being Pushed Out

ISIS is on its back foot in Aleppo as well as in Iraq. Aleppo has been the birth place of some of the most gruesome violence of the whole conflict and both sides are to blame. 56 more words