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A team of doctors across the world is helping the only two medical professionals left in one besieged town in Syria—via cell phone.


Earlier this year, a Syrian American orthopedic surgeon was shopping with his two toddlers at a Walmart in Grand Rapids, Michigan, when he heard the familiar ping of a notification from WhatsApp, the encrypted messaging service: A teenager had been shot in the leg and the bullet had passed straight through his tibia. 1,995 more words

Suspected Kurdish militants fire rockets at Turkey's Diyarbakir airport: Report


ISTANBUL: Suspected Kurdish militants fired rockets at the airport in Turkey’s main southeastern city of Diyarbakir on Saturday (Aug 27), sending passengers and staff scrambling for shelter, Dogan news agency said, but there were no immediate reports of casualties. 260 more words

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Μεγάλη νίκη της συριακής κυβέρνησης: Η Νταράγια και πάλι ελεύθερη

Η Νταράγια η πόλη σύμβολο αντίστασης κατά των ισλαμιστών απελευθερώθηκε και τυπικά σήμερα με την αποχώρηση και των τελευταίων ισλαμιστών μισθοφόρων που την κατείχαν επι 4 συνεχή χρόνια.


The Dumbed-Down New York Times

By Robert Parry | Consortium news | August 27, 2016

In a column mocking the political ignorance of the “dumbed-down” American people and lamenting the death of “objective fact,” …

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The Eurasian Round-Up for August 28, 2016

Over the past week I’ve been making a transition from sitting around my home town to moving to another country. There was a long flight and then a week-long training session. 1,199 more words

US helps Erdogan rescue ISIS yet again - M.D. Nalapat

These days, Turkey is to ISIS what Pakistan is to the Taliban, and in both cases, it is the US which is allowing itself to become the facilitator by the Ankara and Islamabad regimes in command. 853 more words