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Over 100 Al Qaeda fighters killed in ‘major’ US air strike in Syria, defense official says

The US Air Force conducted a second “major strike” in consecutive days killing over 100 Al Qaeda fighters at a training camp in northern Syria, a defense official with knowledge…


Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer & m o k r o ï é Team Up To Shed Light To The Aftermath Of War In “Because”

Electro trip-hop duo, m o k r o ï é, and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer, Sergey Ponomarev, teamed up to shed light to the destructive aftermath of the war that is going on around the world. 165 more words


Lebanon , Beirut /   29 May 1988 / Original caption: A soldier waits at his post after deployment of Syrian soldiers in the southern suburbs. On the building behind him hang photographs of Ayatollah Khomeini and Hafez al-Assad /  Image by © Maher Attar

Obama last strike kills over 100 al Qaeda in Syria

The strike took place at a training camp west of Aleppo, near the Turkish border. A US B-52 bomber, along with armed drones, dropped 14 munitions on the camp, the official said. The…


Discovering secrets: new traces of crimes in Aleppo have been found

A mass grave of soldiers was found in one of the destroyed schools in the eastern Aleppo. It was announced by the Deputy permanent representative of Syria to the UN Munzer, Munzer in a letter to the Secretary-General of the world organization and the Security Council on January 20. 128 more words


Syrian refugee dreams big after scoring singing gig at Bell Centre boxing match

Matt Mardini knows precious little about the ring prowess of Quebec boxing prodigy Steven (Bang Bang) Butler or his Ontario opponent Brandon (Bad Boy) Cook. No matter. 985 more words


US Intelligence Summed Up Obama's Presidency

According to US intelligence sources, during Obama’s presidency 117 civilians were killed in different countries along CIA and Pentagon’s special operations. It was reported by Associated Press on Friday. 97 more words